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What the hell. Noktor is back! And allied with SLRmagic??? (+ Noktor on eBay)


Suprise! Last week Noktor announced that they went out of business. But today they sent a new twitter message. Also their website is back online. My speculation is that SLRmagic will take over the Noktor business. And one more news. You can now find one Noktor lens (Number 0026) on eBay (Click here).

Who is SLRmagic? A chinese company (Hong Kong) that currently offers manual, cheap and not high quality lenses. They have the (only) advantage that you can use them without the use of any adapter:
35mm f/1.7 (Click here to see that lens on eBay).
26mm f/1.4 (Click here to see that lens on eBay).

  • Kolen

    The common thing they both share is, they rebrand cheap quality lens and make them expensive in price. That’s all.

  • Zamani

    I wouldn’t call the SLE magic lenses “not high quality”. I’ve shot with the 35 1.7 and alot of pros couldn’t believe it wasn’t pro glass.

  • TC

    I have the SLR Magic lens as well and I love it! Most of the shots my friends thought were good was by their 35mm 1.7 and i can only speak for their great customer service. the Noktor was never in stock the past 2 years. hope this is about to change!

  • TC

    Their lenses are much welcomed to the system! They do the retooling and we do the shooting. Life is short…you know?

  • D

    I have the 35mm f1.7 and its great if your subject stays in the middle of the frame. It looks nice when you’re shooting people or plants because the corners are blurred but good luck shooting groups of people or landscapes with that. That said, it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg and there is a time and place for it so its not all bad. I hope the Noktor is closer to SLR Magic prices, then I might actually consider it. The original price was just too much for me.

    • Jim

      0.95 cant be done for cheap…go get yourself an xray lens if you want cheap but i suggest you get the hyperprime instead as xray lens has terrible coating and no aperture blades and weighs a ton

  • Ad

    The Noktor 50/0.95 is priced at $799. IMHO that is outrageously expensive compared to e.g. a Nikkor 50/1.2 which I expect to be have better IQ.

    • Tim

      check good old eBay! a similar lens that needs to be modified costs $1550 after shipping. I think the Noktor 50/0.95 is accurately priced and a good deal. Futher, the 50/1.2 is not a 0.95 lens. You can’t really compare apples to oranges.

    • M Jesper

      I think that NoktoR is outrageously expensive because it is a toy lens compared to the NoktoN. The Nikkor 50/1.2 does not have that good center performance at 2x crop wide open, really. But more importantly F1.2 being absolutely no comparison to F0.95. You must have noticed the price, size and all other differences between as little as F1.4 to F1.2. So how can you seriously compare it to F0.95 like that difference is negligible …

  • Sam

    Anyone know what the limit is in terms of aperture when dealing with digital camera sensors because there must be a limit where all that extra light literally melts the sensor?

    f0.125 lens that you can’t point at any light source would be an excellent idea to bring out and sell to people obsessed with fast lenses…

  • wife

    I’m surprised they didn’t change the name to:


    I agree with you Kolen. And I wouldn’t trust any company (Noktor) whose chosen name is too deceive people.

    • Jim

      Noct-Nikkor and Noctilux are here to deceive people as well you are suggesting? stay away from nikon and leica as they sound so similar! Noktor is just another name. i do not like lumix too much either as i sounds like the luna or the moon. a name is just a name. i would get any camera or lens if its good in specs

  • rUY

    The 35/1.7 and 26/1.4 (which actually 25/1.4) are worth only US$30 with mount if you buy it yourself from the CCTV equipment retailer. I think SLR is not as rip off as Noktor. when people more realize what was those c-mount CCTV lens, the value goes down. which are totally market driven.
    Even though some people here are so supportive to those SLR or Noktor, I really doubt whose they are…. are they from…..?

  • George

    admin we got it
    you got a free lens from them but enough is enough
    stop pumping these useless companies that even doesnt have a real website

    • admin

      WoW George! You got me.
      No really George, you don’t know how wrong you are. But is there a way to prove you that? Also many other websites reported the news. And you want me, the one talking about m43 stuff to not post that news? Think a bit on that and you will realize that what you are stating here is bullshit :)

      • admin

        Example: CNET Aisa, Quesabesde, Noisycamera, Photorumors all reported the news. I cannot do it? And to blame me you try to pass that ” I got the lens for free” sory? Damn did I pay for the lens, including the 120 Euro extra Taxes. Total was something like 800 Euro :(

      • TR

        Keep up the good work admin. I love my SLR Magic 25mm 1.4, and I learnt about it because of this site so thank you. I don’t care at all that it is a re-mounted c-mount – it means one less adapter for me. I am interested in news about any lenses with a M43 mount or even other lenses which are good to use with M43.

      • chon

        Bullshit. Like all blogers with affluence, you get pay every time you place a product. Yeah, not everyone’s a sucker. And those other shills that gloat about those crap lenses in the comments are your socks. Here’s the problem with that: no disclosure, and no disclosure = scam.

    • You’re being unfair to admin George. This posted rumor starts out with “what the hell” and then goes on to describe SLRMagic as a Hong Kong ebayer. He also says that these lenses are of a low quality and that the only advantage to them is that you don’t need to use an adapter. What is your problem? The only thing that I might have added in this rumor is that they’re unsuitable for still photography unless you just want the center of the image to look reasonably sharp but everyone must know that by now IMO.

      • Mr. Reeee


  • Nick Clark

    I’m sorry but I’m with George on this one.

    How dare report news about 43 lenses..? This is obviously corruption and bribery at work. For that matter, I think Admin was out of line reporting the release of the Panasonic G3 – clearly they were bribed.

    • Miroslav

      Completely agree. And I bet he’s right now testing the new Nokton Magic 70mm F0.85 MSC OIS lens on a payed vacation in the Maldives – just for posting this.

      • Jim

        probably testing a rebranded kowa f0.75 but that lens is no good.

        im still wondering if we will see any Noktor lens this time. i doubt hardly any were manufactured during the pre-order. sounds like they have a plan. i for one is on the wait list for the Noktor. Does anyone know if we need to sign up again?

  • ronin

    I like the look of this 35mm 1.7 small light and cheap will put it on my list

  • More options are always a good thing! I considered the SLR Magic lenses but decided to save ~$50 by buying a generic 25mm f/1.2 with cmount to m4/3 adaptor (and macro ring) off eBay. Very quirky, and not a pro lens by any stretch of the imagination, but not bad for $50! I’ve already gotten my money’s worth out of it… Best of all it makes my GH1 a very viable “walk around” cam for times when I’m not devoted to shooting.

    Great job on the site Admin. Keep it up!

  • Cteve

    slr magic + Noktor is like: shit + crap
    same ol’

    but thank to the admin for posting the news anyway. :)

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