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What Panasonic and Olympus should do in 2019 according to Dpreview


This is what both companies should do according to Dpreview:


Olympus – we feel for you. You were among the first manufacturers to create a modern mirrorless camera, and now, a decade on, you’re the only brand that doesn’t (or isn’t preparing to) offer its customers a full-frame sensor. We know that it’s been a tough few years for you guys over in the camera division but we’ve got a few ideas for how you can disrupt things in 2019 and beyond.

Olympus – in 2019 we wish you would…

  • Start making small cameras again. Maybe an updated PEN-F?
  • Update the OM-D E-M5 II.
  • Simplify your cameras’ menu systems, please!
  • Add PDAF to your lower-end PEN and OM-D cameras.
  • Add a large sensor to the TOUGH range. You already make the best rugged cameras, why not go one step further?


As you prepare to enter the full-frame market in a few months, we can only imagine that things are pretty hectic in your Osaka headquarters right now. Hopefully you’re not working the engineers too hard, and they get a little downtime to read DPReview, because we’ve got some suggestions that we think might really help Panasonic out in 2019.

Panasonic – in 2019 we wish you would…

  • Ditch field-sequential EVFs, for good.
  • Either fix DFD for video, or use PDAF instead.
  • Now that you’re in the L mount alliance, how about making a full-frame 4K video camera?

You agree with this list?

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