What are your questions to Panasonic?


Like I will do for Olympus I am going to collect the questions you have for Panasonic.

Write a comment to this post and add your questions to Panasonic!

  • Est-ce que des focale fixe ois à f1,4 ou f1,2 sont prévues ?
    Et éventuellement (bien que ca m’interesse moins) des zoom ois à f2,8 en ouverture constante ?

  • setu

    Will you ever make a PRO m4/3 system or a PRO Lumix system?

  • MP Burke

    My question would be (as many have already said). please, please can we have some fast prime lenses, something prestigious and aspirational, like the f0.95 Leice lens. Mt suggestions would be: first a proper standard lens, optimising quality rather than size, such as a 25mm f1.0 or f1.2 with O.I.S. Second priority would be a fast general prupose wide angle, e.g 14mm f1.4, again with O.I.S., to maximise the capability of the camera in low light, and give us some control over depth of field.

  • Jules

    @MP Burke

    first, 1.4/14 seems like overkill for such wide lens. On such wide angle, you are not going to get much shallow DoF worth to talk about, low light performance is probably good enough at the already announced f2.5 and then there is the whole issue of image quality.
    You know, for most practical purposes, 1.7 is fast enough on the 20mm, now imagine 14mm..
    No one makes such fast wide angle. …Well, if Panasonic designs one with proper CA correction that is sweet at f.4 and not out of price, why not. I am not holding my breath on that..

    second issue is the OIS. On the market, you hardly ever see anything faster than f2.8 having OIS, VR or whatever they call it. There is a reason for that. Actually two. First, its near useless at max aperture, which is the reason you want a fast lens. Second, the price increase, size increase and overall complexity is not exactly linear with the speed increase. Be ready yo pay serious cash for a feature you may not really need…

    Now, yes, I, you, we all want fast primes!

    2.5/10 : please!
    2.5/14 : in the pipeline
    1.4/25 : please!
    1.4/50 : please!
    1.8/85 : please!
    2.0/135: please!
    2.8/200: please!

  • Jules

    oh… on my daydream wishlist, the two last primes, 135 and 200mm may have OIS ;)

  • Please update the Lumix L1. Give us a built in viewfinder, classic style with a thinner body . Basically, a more affordable digital Leica. If you built it they will come!
    Thank you,


  • Ruedi

    Some people are interested in bigger sensors, preferably fullframe sensors, inside small bodies like the GF1. Are you working in this direction?

  • FRED

    A FAN.

  • FRED


  • FRED

    WITH 4/3 LENSES,????

  • Sinnerman

    Leica, Leica, Lecia…keep those 4/3 lenses coming please!

  • mpgxsvcd

    When will we have the following?

    1. An auto and Intelligent ISO that allow us to choose a minimum shutter speed.
    2. A fast(ie: F1.7 or below) 30mm-50mm m4/3s lens.
    3 An F2.8 35mm-70mm or F2.8 14mm-35mm zoom.
    4. A true 1080p @ 24 FPS and 1080p @ 60 FPS video mode.

  • R

    I know this has already been asked, but a fast “prime” lens about 45 or 50 mm, 1.4 or 1.8.

    To put this in perspective, Nikon sells a 50 mm 1.8 lens for $125, perhaps $100 on the street. This is the D type, which does autofocus using the camera motors. IF we had to add a motor inside (built in motor) it only adds some $30-40 (based comparisons between D and G/AF-S nikons). NOTE, this is a Full Frame lens, no even DX (APS-C). Thus, a m4/3 50 mm 1.8 should be able to be sold, profitably, well under $100. I confidently predict enormous volumes for such a lens. The Q is would Panasonic be willing to be bold, and also “cannibalize” the expensive “Macro” 45 mm lens it sells.

    If we add O.I.S. into the lens, it gets a little bigger, but still should be sub $130. Heck, $150 and still most people would buy it.

    Other “wish list” items have been stated.

    Oh, can you also be realistic and honest in not just announcing a camera but also widespread availability? At some point, people get frustrated and move on. And if you do have a breakthrough camera in the works, then it has to be known, else Samsung, Sony, and even Nikon/Canon may jump into the Mirrorless world.


  • R

    Oh, to second the wise comments as above, what are the odds of meaningful FIRMWARE upgrades or options?

    E.g., ability to set a minimum shutter speed with iA? For moving subjects, that is a must. In fact, one could even say one wants a combination of shutter and aperture, to be set either as min/max (as appropriate). That’s nothing but software/firmware.

    Also, the ability to modify bracketing options. And, a killer need (missing before) – ability to combine timer and bracketing – which is often done for tripod shots (one click).

    Thanks (owner of 4 panasonics, but not yet m4/3 – thanks to the good UI and overall quality).


  • dunc

    Time lapse functions for m4/3 as in the LX3 would be really useful.

    Using old MF lenses has been really popular on m4/3 but currently the Panasonic line relies on lens based stabilisation . Perhaps the more expensive models could use sensor stabilisation to attract the ‘legacy’ market. I belive nikon does this with for example the cheaper d5000 with lensbased stabilisation and d3 etc. with in body.

    The small and light format of m4/3 make them more suitable for outdoor/adventure photographers. But currently there is no weatherproofed version of any Pany camera. With Olympus saying they want users to move from m4/3 to 4/3 this could be included in Panasonics pro line.

    The GH1 has been bought by many people just for video. How about a camcorder in the shape of a camcorder with a m4/3 sensor and mount. DSLRs are definiatly ergonomically designed for video.

    I really hope there is a better LVF for the GF1/2 coming.

    What is Panasonics longterm plan with m4/3 and video over the next five years as new competitors come into the market?

  • henrik

    Please consider the following:
    – wide angle and normal lenses *with* O.I.S.
    – fast bracketing for HDR (-5, -3, -1, 0, +1, +3, +5 very fast)
    – fast bracketing for eDOF (enhanced depth of field): five pics with manually pre-defined various focal points. In Photoshop CS4 these pics can easily be combined to look as if *all* areas are in focus
    – a very small camera still with articulating lcd, but (to minimize weight and size) about no video capabilities; articulating lcd is essential for photography, low weight is somewhat essential for hobbyi photographers, video is not essential
    – reduced pixel count to improve dynamic range (DR is more important than low noise). 6 – 8 megapixels are enough.

  • Brady

    1) Do you plan to start supporting the professional market?

    2) Do you plan to make a 300mm f2.8 with extension tubes? Aviation, Nature, and Birders would flock, I mean flock to m4/3 if you did.

    3) Do you plan to make a 35-100mm f2.8. I would take a 50-100mm a f2 or faster

    4) Do you plan on improving your flashes? A radio based wireless triggering mechanism would be fantastic. If you don’t have the resources then contract with Nikon and have them make it for you. Their flashes are much better and the same price. Theirs use light based wireless so a radio based system from Panasonic would be fantastic.

  • DonTom

    When will Panasonic introduce time lapse on any camera? It’s a deal breaker for some of us….we are sick of using rubber bands!

  • DonTom

    To R above: not sure about the G series, but my 2 year old TZ4 can do bracketing on the self timer with one push……

  • eno

    1. Fast Glass that draws beautiful images! That is why I bought my L1. A lens that preformed as well as the best Canon had on offer. Glass that is under 2f. The 20mm 1.7f looks great. A lens in m4/3 to replace my now worn Leica 14-50 mm F2.8-F3.5?

    2. Dynamic Range rather than high Iso – at over 1600/3200 does it matter so much? I would rather have more Dynamic Range in the image. Fast lens can also make up for “only” 1600 Iso.

    3. Value and performance: Great glass and quality cameras at less than Leica/Full Frame DSLR prices. I am happy to more than standard “consumer” level but the quality should be there. Not digital “tricks” (read “art filters”).

    4. Micro 4/3 is a very smart system – keep thinking about it and keep it evolving. Someone mentioned a square sensor. Would that not be a cool way to push up pixel count and give photographers something more to work with? Keep that nice camera handling and ergonomics in place. The smart bounce flash from the L1.

    5. Again repeat the question:”Why the old G(F)1 sensor in G2/G10 and not the significanly better one from GH1 (see DxO Mark measurements)?”

    6. Weather proofing – if you can take it anywhere – that might mean any sort of weather.

    7. HDR Setting that is smart, avoiding images that look radiated.

  • Bill, that’s not really a question for Panasonic. But the answer is simple: size. Micro4/3 cameras are way smaller than DSLRs. If size is an issue, get a Micro4/3. If size is NOT an issue, get a DSLR.

  • AdrienZ

    Do you plan to integrate GPS photo tagging into G or GF cameras?
    This a function I’m highly waiting for.

  • nobody

    The 7-14 is a great lens, while the 14-45 and 45-200 zooms don’t reach that level of image quality. They are rather slow, too.

    When will I have a chance to buy a high quality 14-45, say f2.8-4? And a high quality 45-200, say f3.5-4.5?

    I know, like the 7-14, they wouldn’t be cheap, but I’m willing to pay for good quality.

  • J. de Vries

    Instead of bringing out a lot of new camera’s. You should finally bring out the lenses.
    I currently waiting for over a year here in Holland to see the macrolens in the shops.
    I almost regret buying your systems, for it seems that you will not bring them out annytime soon.
    In February it was stated that they would come out in April, and yesterday, it will not be out till June.
    Without the lenses the camera’s are useless, so please do the lenses first.
    I got a G1 camera with the two normal lenses that come with it. This set i bought in November of 2008

  • Somebody

    Are there plans for Bridge-Camera users for superzoom lenses like 14-280 ?

  • classicus46

    List of POSSIBLE improvements to G actual series (G1, GH1, G2 ) through firmware updates:
    1- Improved Exif data recording lallowing third party lens naming through an input menu in custom modes instead of “no lens”.
    2 – More custom modes to be user defined with the same naming possibility as above to be able for instance to have different modes suited to different lenses or situations.

    List of improvement to a new camera version:
    A – Tethered mode of acquisition through IEEE 1394 FireWire or even better WiFi, with full camera control on the computer.Not just a hi-resolution live view on a screen.
    B – Quieter shutter action.
    C – Shutter closed for sensor protection before lens removal.
    D – Alternative eyecup for glasses.
    E – Panorama mode.
    F – Infra red or radio remote control.

  • Erik

    My Panasonic wish list :-)

    GH1 sensor
    In-body Image Stabilisation
    High resolution External View finder

    m43 Lenses:
    50mm (at least f2, f1.4 would be nice)

    Same specs as LX3, but 1-2 steps better high ISO performance

    Under water camera case for LX3/LX4 and GF1/GF2+20mm

  • What a plesaure to meet someone who thinks so clearly

  • David Chambers

    Panasonic has started to make outstanding products – suitable even to pro photographers. But your repair division needs to be more informed and more customer oriented. On a recent trip to Kauai, I encountered a tropical rain storm. I was shooting with a Panasonic GH3 that on your website promises sealed against dust and splashes. I did not want to take chances so i put the camera back in my protected backpack along with an OM-D that I had as a backup that day. The GH3 died – the battery door seal was defective. Ultimately, Panasonic replaced the camera under warranty but not before their customer service representative argued with me that the GH3 was not a sealed camera. I had to escalate the issue and it was appropriately resolved, but really, can Panasonic get a little more customer oriented in their communication and also train their service representatives to know what the camera is advertised to be able to do? While the outcome was good, the process needed dramatic improvement… ps – the OM-D remained fully functional, but I really missed the GH3 for the remainder of that trip.

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