Weekly 43rumors readers pictures roundup.


Ekah Chi‎
Fishing in the Sky. E-M5 with 12-40mm at 35mm, f4, and 1/400s.

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2) All 43rumors readers pictures can be seen here: facebook.com/43rumors/photos. Like the pictures you like and chat with the authors if you want to know how they took the shot!
3) The most liked pictures and some pics selected by myself will be posted weekly on 43rumors

This is the weekly selection:

Michel Mayerle
Olympus E-M1, Zuiko 75mm f/1.8
natural light only

Juan Freire Lestón‎
A m4/3 wedding…
Coming soon at..

Scott Götz‎
One of the finest surfers in malaysia. Neezam Azzez
Panasonic G6 + olympus 45mm f1.8

Sabine Acahaya
Pirate Queen
Some people mentioned that my images for the weekly pictures were photoshopped. Well, this pirate queen is straight out of my E-M1,
the unchanged JPG was exported from LR in FB size with my logo but is otherwise unchanged.

Nikola Danaylov
Toronto, Canada ·

Ilya Varivchenko
Masha, OM-D EM5, 45/1.8

Nick Stevens‎
E-M5, 75-300 mm
Taken at Central Park, NY

Nick Stevens‎
EM-5, olympus 60 mm macro shot at f/4.5

A Creative Edge in Photography by Robert Watcher‎
The cathdedral at central park, is the largest in Central America. It is huge. A project began a year and a half ago to repaint it. I noticed this fellow was not wearing shoes. I was told that all have to work in bare feet so they don’t scuff the white paint. Can you imagine how hot that gets when the sun is beating down at 34 degrees +
Olympus E-PL5 w/40-150 compact lens

  • Polanski

    Please explain why a m43 camera was necessary to take these pictures. You could take the same pictures with a D3300, a 100D or any other APS-C camera. So why buy a m43 camera? Is there any rationale for choosing m43? You have to justify your choice, otherwise you come across as irrational.

    • Guest

      Please explain why an APS-C camera would be necessary to take these pictures. You could take the same pictures with an E-PM2, a GX7 or any other MFT camera. So why buy an APS-C camera? Is there any rationale for choosing APS-C? You have to justify your choice, otherwise you come across as irrational.

      • Yun

        Please don’t include GX7 to compare cause it’s simply beat those entry level DSLR

    • J

      Perhaps it is because they happened to be carrying a m43 camera when they had an opportunity for the photo. If they happened to be carrying a casio APS film camera they may have used it instead.

      Lots of nice photos this week. Thanks for sharing.

      • OR because they didn’t want to carry a heavy, bulky DSLR kit, they left it at home and used their iPhone.

    • maybe because you think rational only and not use emotions. Hell I did shootings with either 3 basic formats but i never thought the rational way, as I think they are all good to do the photos i have in my mind..

    • terminator

      Please explain why a m43 camera was necessary to take these pictures. You could take the same pictures with a 5D Mark III, a D810 or any other FF DSLR. So why buy a m43 camera? Is there any rationale for choosing m43? You have to justify your choice, otherwise you come across as irrational.

      • Yun

        Because of Revolution .
        You don’t need something big to deliver big pics .
        It simple as that .

      • King

        Please explain why a m43 camera was necessary to take these pictures. You could take the same pictures with a Leaf Credo 80, a Phase One IQ280 or any other medium format camera. So why buy a m43 camera? Is there any rationale for choosing m43? You have to justify your choice, otherwise you come across as irrational.

      • Anton B.

        As I yelled to the guy who built my house: “Please explain why a a grey hammer was necessary to build this house. You could build the same house with a black, red or orange hammer. So why buy a grey hammer? Is there any rationale for choosing a grey hammer? You have to justify your choice, otherwise you come across as irrational.”

        He left and never came back.

    • SmallMax

      You made my day! I’d use a Phase One at least or wait for an even better camera before taking pictures. Only the ever ‘best’ shall suffice…

    • BdV

      How rational is it to choose photography as a hobby or job anyway?
      But I enjoy being irrational.

    • Mike

      M43 is better than Nikon DX and Canon EF-S due to more choices of body sizes (including very compact ones) and more/better native lenses.

      Wake me up when Nikon or Canon have some wide angle and tele primes for their APS-C cameras.

    • Roman

      Please explain why a full frame or medium format camera was necessary to take these pictures. You could take the same pictures with a GX7, Nikon V3 or Canon EOSM or any other mirrorless camera. So why buy a larger sensor? Is there any rationale for choosing FF or MF? You have to justify your choice a completely anonymous poster, otherwise you come across as irrational.

      • Tore Hansen


        • BdV

          I think you replied to the wrong comment.

    • The Real Stig

      No you couldn’t.

    • Polanski

      None of you gets it. If there is another camera with the capability to take similar pictures, then you have to justify your choice of camera. If a camera is necessary to take a certain kind of picture, then your choice is understandable, because it was the only choice you could make. But as soon as there are at least two alternatives, a rational justification and explanation must be given. You can’t just choose a camera because you like it on some emotional, irrational level. Every choice in life must be the result of a careful analysis of all available options.

      • The Real Stig

        You don’t get it.

      • Dave

        Of corse some get it. The Phase One comparison is not convincing, since it costs factors more, while the smallest Canon APSC cam comes cheaper than many m43 cameras. Price is an argument, indeed. Why did I buy the E-M1 and leave my FF quite alone: Weight, rugged body, blazing fast af, excellent I mean really astounding IQ almost like FF, full control much better than DSLR e.g. focus points all over screen, touchscreen, small lenses, the impression that the E-M1 is created by photo-idealists not by marketing, tool for creativity that does serve not dominate, surprisingly flexible RAW-files that I can push far; against weak battery life compared to dslr. Everybody might have its own list of arguments, mine lead to an OM-D.

      • Anton B.

        >> None of you gets it

        Sorry, you are the one that doesn’t get it.

        >> If there is another camera with the capability

        Do you really think that the camera is the one taking the picture? Here is a little clue for you. All cameras costing more than a tiny amount of dollars can take all of these pictures when in the hands of a competent photographer. Again, any DSLR, any M4/3 and the vast majority of compact cameras can take these pictures. The camera is a tool, the photographer takes the picture.

        Your question is like walking past a beautiful house and shouting: “What hammer did they use to build this house? A rational justification and explanation must be given”.

        The only thing your question says to the world is that you are ignorant. Please don’t troll (bud please do read and try to learn, and even post a question or two, but with a bit more humbleness) in photography discussion groups before you learn a little bit more about photography.

    • MikeK

      What a dumb comment. Who said that an m43 camera was “necessary”?

      • Polanski

        But if it wasn’t necessary, then there must be some other reason for choosing it. What reason? Every photo should be accompanied by a description of what equipment was used and why.

        • MikeK

          A description? You really are one funny guy…
          Selecting a camera system always is a compromise. Once you’ve decided, you have to do with what you have – even if it is a compact P&S.
          Do you see now, why your asking for a description is totally “irrational”?

          If you’re really interested in features and advantages of m43, just read a few reviews or watch some videos about this system. Just to mention a few: size & weight, broad selection of lenses and bodies.

        • Flavio

          What in the world do you care what equipment and settings were used in a pictures? Other than for learning from others how to use your equipment, the other reason must be a pissing contest in your case…how sad!

        • Jack

          I don’t understand why you come here asking these questions. There are millions of web sites where photos are on display, with no descriptions of the sort you claim is necessary. Why did you choose to come here and annoy the visitors to this specific site? Seems to me that you have an anti-m43 agenda, that you’re just here to troll.

    • DoctorBob

      “You could take the same pictures with a D3300, a 100D or any other APS-C camera.”
      Could you? You’ll have to provide evidence if you make claims like this, otherwise you come across as irrational.

    • I’ll justify mine, if you justify yours.

    • bozo

      I’m sorry but you’re offtopic, ’cause this post isn’t to justify the use of a type of camera compared to another…

      Here you have some pictures that happen to be taken by talented ppl with m43 cameras… Sure those talented ppl could have taken nice pics with other cameras…
      Wonder why?
      Maybe because talent doesn’t depend on gear…

  • BdV

    My favorite of this roundup: the fisherman.

  • Scott Goetz’s photo about Neezam Azzez. Again a fine example how to use the mzuiko 45mm. I cant believe myself that I picked a portrait with a man.

  • Jimbo

    Fantastic selection of pics this week!

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