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Weekly 43rumors readers pictures roundup…


Ilya Varivchenko‎
Nastasya. Olympus PEN-F, Panasonic 42.5/1.7

1) You can share your pics by using posting on our 43rumors Facebook page (Click here).
2) All 43rumors readers pictures can be seen here: Like the pictures you like and chat with the authors if you want to know how they took the shot!
3) The most liked pictures and some pics selected by myself will be posted weekly on 43rumors

This is the weekly selection:

‎Олег Леонович‎
Lumix G7+15mm 1.7


‎Алексей Борода‎
Moscow and Muscovites (Olympus OMDEM1)

Flo Merlet‎
Eurpoean Parlement in Strasbourg during an open house day.
E-M5 II + 9-18mm @11mm, Art 5 II filter

Martin Strasser‎
I hate rain
OM-D E-M1 II + 40-150mm 2.8 PRO

Clint Douthitt‎
Old Presque Isle Lighthouse, MI

‎Andreas-Joachim Lins‎
Hippies Never Die
Olympus M1 // Leica DG Nocticron 42,5mm @F1.2 // ISO 200 // 1/6400s

Martin Gallego
Aricia cramera
Olympus E-M1 MKII + Sigma 150 macro

‎Brandon Jackson‎
Shot last weekend using an OMD-EM1 with an adapted 14-54 2.8-3.5 II lens. Shot at 5.6 with studio strobes. Main light is a 22″ beauty dish with a grid, hair light is standard reflector with a 7″ grid. Post done in camera raw and Photoshop.

Jannes Boonstra‎
Lizard / E-M1 + 40-150 pro

Frank Rückert‎
” Snail-Killing Flies ” – Melierte Schneckenfliege (Coremacera marginata)
PenF – Zuiko2,8/60 – 1/13Sek. – F/4 – ISO200 – Focus-BKT –

‎David Terao‎
Taken with an Olympus 30mm f/3.5 macro lens on a PEN-F. Exposure 1/13 sec @ f/8 and ISO 400.

Vincent Tsai‎
GX8 with Leica Nocticron 42.5mm f1.2

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