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Voigtländer 25mm lens sold out for months!!!


dance and fast lenses (GH2 + 20mm 1.7, voigtländer 25mm 0.95, 35mm 1.4, 50mm 1.1, kern-switar 26mm 1.1) from Seb Farges on Vimeo.

I have bad news: The Nokton lens will not be available for the next months! It is completely sold OUT! Cameraquest just updated the availability status: “The new Voigtlander 25/.95’s will be in short supply. Cosina Voigtlander seems to have hit a nerve with customer demand, as orders to the factory far exceeded the first production run. Cosina was only able to fill half of my initial 25/.95 order. My November and December shipments of Micro 4/3 Voigtlander 25/.95 lenses were sold out BEFORE arriving at CameraQuest. My 3rd 25/.95 shipment is expected in February. The factory has not been able to meet the demand. My back order with the factory exceeds my 25/.95 deposits, however I can not predict how many 25/.95’s I will receive in February. That depends upon both lens production and the total factory 25/.95 orders received.

And yesterday Adorama removed the Voigtländer preorder page…Click here to see….an empty page :)

The only good news that I can give you is that there are a few lenses in acution on eBay (Click here).

  • DonTom

    CV is on to a really good thing with this lens, I really hope they produce it in other focal lengths. I found them on the shelves in Kuala Lumpur, was very tempted but decided to run with AF and bought the Panny 20mm. I would jump on a 35mm in the m43 mount for sure, maybe also a 50mm.
    I wish Olympus would pay attention, and do a run of the original PEN F lenses in MF, with updated coatings etc. Guaranteed winner for them I’m sure, it would really make the PEN a desirable system for the many retro enthusiasts out there!

  • Brilliant dance! & brilliant filmed! Grtz R from The Netherlands

  • Agent00soul

    If this doesn’t convince Olympus and Panasonic to release a fast normal prime ASAP, nothing will.

  • Hello, Olympus marketing guys! Got it? There’s obviously a huge demand for high quality prime lenses, so what about dumping your “yet another novelty fisheye” project and starting to design some serious stuff? Thanks for listening!

    • naturfokussiert

      +1 :)

  • The Voigtländer Nokton is a niche product; so you can’t really say there’s a huge demand, just that demand is greater than what Cosina Voigtländer anticipated. But I am sure that high quality AF primes from both Panasonic and Olympus will follow. Probably not quite so extreme as the Nokton though; that’s an awful lot of glass for the AF motors to move around quickly.

  • Voldenuit

    I had the good fortune to test the CV 50/1.1 on my GF1 a while back and loved it! Now to save up those pennies…

    • good luck saving! I own the 1.1 too, its a great lens!

  • One sold on ebay this week for $1400.

    • And the $1400 one was even sold as “Used” too. Two more are up for bid, already at retail price, with days to go.

      This is making me seriously consider selling mine. How much is it worth for me to be without my favorite lens until production catches up?… hmmmmm.

  • Mr. Reeee

    This is at the top of my M4/3 wishlist… between the GH2 and the Pana/Leica 45mm macro lens. I certainly won’t pay eBay ransom prices for one!

    Hopefully Cosina will see fit to crank out a few more in their next run.

  • People want very fast lenses for GH2. I hope Panasonic will understand that one day.

    • safaridon

      Well isn’t Pany reported to be just about to release a 25/1.4 and fast 12-50/2.5-3.3 lenses? I think the positive reception to the CV lens answers the many critics who questioned Panys wisdom of coming out with a fast 25/1.4 since too much overlapping with 20/1.7 lens but then this is what the lens preference polls indicated they wanted and are backing that up in buyinb the fast 25mm lens from CV as soon as it became available.

      Looks like many are think of using this as a portrait lens rather than getting a 50mm?? For video on either GH2 or G2 or GF2 with ETC this means a X4.3-4.6 magnification of lens with no loss in IQ or speed or ie effective 115mm/f1 or with the fast 50mm effictive 230mm/f1!

      • “25/1.4 and fast 12-50/2.5-3.3” are still rumors. Not officially announced yet, but I hope that rumors are true.

    • Jules

      Fast lens is desirable, don’t get me wrong: I desire that lens.
      But I do not project my desires to “people”. Lets be honest. The same people may very well buy affordable bang for the buck lens, light and compact lens, or stellar lens that defies pixel count when comes time to print large.
      I am willing to bet that there is also a market for rugged weather sealed lenses, even if they are not fast.

      Panasonic understand very well what “people” buy. They got numbers…

      • I mean “many people”, not “everybody”.
        Number of what? As far as I know, Panasonic has never produced and sold lenses as fast as Voigtlander lenses. If they got from numbers from other manufacturers, they should have checked Voigtlander, whose m4/3 fast primes are sold out for months according to the news.

  • it would be interesting to know the actual numbers involved here :)

    … and even more interesting to see some other lenses from Voigtländer … like a 12mm?

  • SRF

    Demand for this lens is being driven, in part, by the AF100. For an AF100 owner (who spent $5000 on the body alone), this lens is a bargain. It’s far cheaper than a PL mount prime lens, it requires no adapters, and the optic and build quality are first rate. Serious filmmakers don’t care about autofocus and they care only so much about zoom lenses. So, while it may seem like a niche product for m4/3 photo community, it’s one of the best things going for the m4/3 digital cinema community.

    While m4/3 started as a format for photographers, it has grown into a format that now has a dedicated cine-only camera. You can’t say that of Canon or Nikon. Indeed, many of those buying into m4/3 with the GH2 do so precisely because of their frustrations with the moire and aliasing found in Canon and Nikon HDSLRs. The owner of this blog understands that, but sometimes I think some of the commenters forget it.

    • Voldenuit

      Definitely a big video component driving the sales of the 25/0.95.

      FBW is useless for serious videographers – they need manually coupled focus for pulls. Something Panasonic *hasn’t* realised yet.

  • che

    Look, i dont get it, they sell actually 50mm with a f/2.0 for almost 1000 bucks or euros here in EU. WTF I hate that nobody actually says how much you get of DOF equivalent with this lens. ITS NOT 0.95 its most likely 1.9 mathematicly correct. And they are just jumping on the bandwagoon with all this hype with a PEN and GF GH to get more money ot of us. If you look in the past all cameras and even consumer level 35 durring 60s and early 70s came with 1.4 1.7 1.8 and 2.0 kit lenses like say 50mm 1.4 fd manual lens. And where not so expencive (at least economy was stable). So for actual 50mm you need 0.7, and we all know how they made those lenses worthy instead of this cheep things nowdays. I have a PEN but they actually have the nerve to put f/7.0 to 11.2 equivalent. No wonder it wont focus properly. So i say FUCK to them all. Back in the days you had ONE PROFESSIONAL CAMERA per brand for 10 years like Canon F-1 or Nikon F wich are much better that we see nowdays. By the time wee came to the 80s and mid 80s with an AF systems everything has gone to crap. and one more thing is that all of it was FULL FRAME 35mm and you could make pro photos (depending on your creativity and knowledge) with almost anything in available light (lenses wher mostly all pretty good) SLRs back then were not much bigger than rangefinders even my A-1 is not much bigger than PEN. And now real pro full frame camera is plastic more sensitive and heavier and bigger than anything. thay say how the ff is expensive to make because of the loss of material in cutting the sensors from circle plate. Didnt they figure to try to make a square plate :) Just buy real film camera and shoot with it as it is still availablle and wait for afordable FF equivalent to what wee once had. And to be back on topic, for your m4/3 buy old cheep FF lenses in good shape with a cheep adapters and save your money.
    Im reffering to the admin of this site to always include 35mm equivalents so the newcomers can have an idea of what actual specs are on are precious mft cameras :)

    • Steve H

      I think what excites people is the light gathering component of the f/0.95 more than the DOF. DOF is going to be insane, anyway, it’s how fast this thing is that gets people excited. And, unless I’m totally misunderstanding things, this lens is way faster than any other m4/3 lens out there.

    • deniz

      you can still shoot film you know. its not banned or anything :)

    • Just goes to show… you’re never too old to be filled with teen angst.

  • Joey

    wow, looks at feet and shuffles away from the crazy person :)

  • che

    Steve H am i missing something in this specs…
    deniz unfortunatlly its almost like that i mean now i have to develop color film properly i must go 50 km to do that and to buy film too and i could do it in a negboourhood just a few years ago…
    hd72 hmmm… really… well just maybe i live in a developing country where i learned to know who is iping of who and how. and Btw You are wrong about my age too. I’ve tried to help but sorry for my expression of dissatisfaction and strong words.
    Joey dont you think you’re a bit labeler huh :)

  • -1

    • I know, I’m “feeding the troll”. I apologize.

      Che, I’m sorry it makes you so upset that the film world doesn’t translate into the digital age as well as you’d like. Unfortunately for ALL of us right now, the options for full-frame performance are not small & cheap. We all deal with whatever compromises we can live with, whether it’s cost or size or quality. That’s not to say the available options are all rip-offs.

      Best of luck with your continued “developing”.

  • che

    look i am industrial designer by education and i know what can be done and what can’t and how much it costs to develop produce and market it alongside with a marketing costs. actual costs of any DSLR to produce are not more than 20 to 30percent of its market price, and actually compacts are maybe more expensive to the company in terms of pofit per unit. But exactly why do we need more than 1 model of prosumer, compact per 1 and 1 pro per 2 years by brand and im not only talking cameras, and i am generous here.
    Btw if you comment on this keep it respectful and prove your point with something real. And change your act.

  • chris

    i dont get it..

  • cteve

    That’s good and bad news indeed.

    Makes me think I should get some lenses here in Korea and sell them on Ebay and make a sweet 400-500$ profit! lol!

    Here in Korea this is where you can buy it:

    it’s selling for approx. 950$ (tax inc.)

  • Great video but the music….!!!!!

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