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Vitaliy Kiselev launches the project Lenin and Stalin (+ his own new website)


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The GH1/GH2 hacker Vitaliy Kiselev hasjust launched two new hack projects on his own website (
1) Project Lenin:
The goal is to hack all current un-hackable GH1 cameras.
2) Project Stalin:
The goal is to hack the GH2 and to add 25p video recording. But there are also many other features he might could add (60p? 4:2:2 colo space?).

He also started a long discussion (divided in three parts) about the future of the camera world involving Thom Hogan, Mitch Aunger and…me :)

Links to the current GH cameras:
GH1 at Amazon, B&H, Adorama, Olympus US store, FocusCamera, eBay. Read or add your user rating on 43rumors (Click here).
GH2 at Amazon, B&H, Adorama, Olympus US store, FocusCamera, eBay. Read or add your user rating on 43rumors (Click here).

  • John

    those are pretty bad names for his projects, i expect the next project to be named after Hitler :(

    • leendert


      very strange choice!

      • Peterson j.

        stalin killed more than 50 000 000 (50 million) people, including my both grandfathers and their brothers.
        i hate the stupid guy for using the name!

        • Sokrat

          50 millions? Why not 100 or 150 or 1 billion? Take a look on real numbers of USSR population (and remember about killed by Hitler):

          • Let’s just say put it simpler: Lenin and Stalin combined have killed so many innocent people that now it is simply impossible to count. And obviously people who tried to count back then, shared the destiny of the counted.

            Otherwise, I do not see any problem using the name in the context. The guys were a$$holes, at least let their names to serve some peaceful purpose now.

          • Peterson j.

            google it!
            historians are speaking about 50 to 70 millionen humans from 1924 to 1953. men, women und children. funny to take the name of a murder for a projekt…?!? …funny for stupid small assholes !

        • Do

          Stalin was without doubt a mass murderer and his name should never be used in a positive context. But it’s a severe corruption of historical facts to count any deads of the 2nd World War as victims of Stalinism, because the nazis – and the people who supported them – are to be blamed for all people who died in this war since they planned and begun this war. Also, I am very thankful that the Red Army liberated my country from the nazi plague.

          • John

            > the nazis – and the people who supported them
            > – are to be blamed for all people who died in
            > this war since they planned and begun this
            > war.

            Read about the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact:
            The war started with both Germany and the USSR attacking Poland. The USSR just waited a few more days for political reasons.

            > Also, I am very thankful that the Red
            > Army liberated my country from the nazi
            > plague.

            Some countries (Czechoslovakia, Hungary) were “liberated” a few more times over the next 50 years :( Sure, you can argue that communism was not as deadly for some nations as the victory of Hitler would be, but it poisoned people’s minds way more permanently.

          • Do

            P.S. If you count the victims in the same way as the “anticomunists” do, you can get similar numbers fo both capitalism (via the results of imperialism in the third world) and christianity (colonialization was always justified as christianization). The difference is: neither communist nor capitalist(conservative,neoliberal) nor christian ideologies demand that people have to be killed. In contradiction, nazism in it’s very core openly demands the murder of certain groups of humans.
            And: No nazism, no 2nd world war. It is as simple as this.

          • Hitler and Stalin had a pact and basically went after Poland together, splitting it. And by now, there is enough historic indication that Stalin would have invaded Europe had NAZI Germany not attacked Russia first. In fact, after WW2 you can see what happened to all bordering states of Russia, they got invaded – not liberated. And in the aftermath of that, Stalin killed tens of thousands across the UDSSR to get rid of any political opposition.

            There is NOTHING good about Stalin and the communism put in place by the Russian communist party.

    • Stalin caused Russia to lose the race to be first to land humans on the Moon, because Stalin’s “Great Purge” greatly decreased the lifetime of Sergei Korolev, who was the only person in Russia capable of leading the race.

      (He was, as his biographer James Harford says, just another “egregious example of the incredible stupidity, not to speak of callous cruelty, of the purges of Joseph Stalin”)

      • Sokrat

        You know nothing about USSR history. Stalin caused Russia to win the race for life, because without Stalin’s industrialization Hitler’s “Barbarossa” plan would succeed.

        • Sorry, but Stalin was a mass-murderer with very few individuals being more diabolic and effective in murdering people. There is absolutely no justification to defend Stalin against historic facts other than primitive and backwards Russian nationalism.

          • Daemonius

            Germans would freeze to death in Russia without Stalin anyway. :) Hitler was doomed to loose from beginning.
            Unless you have 1 bilion ppl like China, you cant conquer world. And even they would have problem doing that.. though, they will conquer world anyway, just not by violence, but by money and economy.

            Choosing this kind of codenames is bit tasteless.

          • Sokrat

            Learn the real facts – do not allow politicians to fill your brain with their propaganda. “Democratic leaders” in ex-USSR killed a lot more people for their own enrichment then Stalin did for state development. There are more prisoners in USA now then ever was in Stalin’s USSR. Learn the facts!

            • amband

              he chose those names as he’s probably Jewish, like most of the Soviet and Bolshie murderers. Strangely, Stalin was not a chosen one

    • Bob B.

      Perhaps he could bring the project names into the new millenium….
      Project Madoff
      Project Gaddafi
      …..might be better choices. :-)

    • Yes, Lenin is still on verge of being unacceptable, but Stalin is clearly over the line.

      • jim

        Or why not,

        Bush snr, &
        Bush Jnr,

        Whats in a name?

        He’s doing the work he can call it what he likes….

    • Nah, it’ll be Khruschev.

    • grmlfz

      absolutely inacceptable names.

  • I wish somebody would hack sony NEX cameras. These little wonders have such potential, that could be unlocked with just a firmware update, not to speak of the possibilities achievable by a FW hack… The NEX and the comming NEX C sensor are miles in front of the historical HW used in the m4/3 system.

    • Igorek7

      Pablo, you give a dangerous advice. See the case of Sony against PlayStation 3 hacker George Hotz.

    • Sokrat

      No! M4/3 should have some advantages. ;)

    • > I wish somebody would hack sony NEX cameras.

      The hacks wouldn’t be able to add more physical buttons – thus IMO pointless at the moment.

      Otherwise, Sony is probably the least hacker-friendly company you can find out there. Hey, they have sued companies out of business for selling their own products.

      As APS-C goes, you have better chances to petition Samsung to make the NX line more hacker-friendly. (I personally root for the NX in the APS-C mirrorless race.)


    I been waiting for this. The GH2 has so much you can do it to improve it. Like the 4:4:2 uncompressed format that can be put onto the memory card insted of through the HDMI port.

    ETC (Extra Tele Converter)- improve the zoom range while improveing the mega pixeles.

    Bring it it on!

  • Miroslav

    “discussion about the future of the camera world involving Thom Hogan, Mitch Aunger and…me :)”

    “Andrea (AP) author of rumors sites, such as

    Wait, wait, Andrea should be the admin of SAR, and you’re Alejandro, am I right :) ?

    • admin

      Right. I told him it’s a mistake.

  • Sam

    Good interview, thanks for the link.

    In terms of name for the project, it’s his work he can call it what he wants.
    If it’s a wind-up he’s really good at it ;-)

  • mpgxsvcd

    Or maybe Vitaliy is looking at it this way. The projects are meant to take down a dictator(ie: Panasonic). His goal is to rise up against tyranny! Right now Panasonic is being very tyrannical with their proprietary batteries and omission of key features(25p and 60 FPS). They could have done both of those things but they left them out for reasons that do not benefit the consumers.

    I don’t think Vitaliy was praising those people with the names of the projects. He was setting himself up for the challenge of rising up against the impossible. If this truly is the case then I see nothing wrong with it.

    • Jules

      I would not speculate on such intentions.

      But speaking about closed system, it would be interesting to see what happens to the market share of the first manufacturer to open up their firmware, to provide a dev tool kit and to open an online app store.

      • jim

        YES – whole hartedly agree….

        Its about time to start looking at cameras as somthing more like computer capture devices… rather than somthing seperate to computers!

        Oly had the SDK for all cameras untill the E-P1 came along???? why stop it when you have just made a camera that could utilize it beyond anything hinted at so far!

    • HMR

      Maybe names like Everest and Kilimanjaro would be better choices and he could “conquer” them……….

  • Very interesting. Thanks for linking.

  • kaotage

    Nevermind the name of the project.

    Main thing is there is the project.

  • New Deal

    Should have called it “Reagan” and “Bush”. Now there are some really terrible individuals who forced their will on the masses…

  • Breen

    The problem is that lot of people in Russia still don’t believe that Stalin was a murderer. Russian communists worship him almost like a god. There is a joke about Stalin:

    “Stalin was visiting school in Moscow, one kid came to him and asked for a candy. Angry Stalin kicked the kid, beat very hard. Next day Russian newspaper printed big photo of the Stalin and the beaten child with subtitle: He could kill!(With the meaning that Stalin only beat the child instead of killing it).

    I understand that this joke may be difficult to understand for some people but not in post communist countries.

    Vitaliy Kiselev should learn some history..

    • > He could kill!

      Better translation would have been “Very kind person. Think, he might have just killed instead.”

      > The problem is that lot of people in Russia still don’t believe that Stalin was a murderer.

      But he is also a popular subject of anecdotes and an internet meme. And on the internets he is more of a meme than a deity.

      > Vitaliy Kiselev should learn some history..

      Getting stuck in the history is not the same as learning the history.

      The young generation of Russians got over it already.

      They had to live through many f*ck-ups – in course of USSR’s fall. They have seen enough of the “history in making” to be bothered by what have happened 2 generations ago.

  • Rex Luscat

    At least he didn’t use Sheridan or Sherman!

  • PEN

    Putting the questionable project names aside, the apparently unedited discussion is still interesting and reveals much about the people. TH seriously needs to edit himself.

  • Befürworter

    Adolf Hitler in einem Atemzug genannt mit Lenin und Stalin?!? Ihr seit doch völlig krank…

  • Max not Marx

    Want the truth? read the statistics here about Lenin, Stalin and Mao and similar Marxists who are the worst perpetrators of Genocide in all the history of the world with no equal coming even near to being close. All to further their “revolution” which will only get worse in the future through the UN, IMF, OECD, WORLD BANK, GLOBAL MILITARY, GLOBAL COURT, GLOBAL LAW ENFORCEMENT.

  • amband


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