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(Updated) Very important Olympus MicroFourThirds prime lens poll! YOUR vote counts!



Officially Olympus has no MicroFourThirds lens roadmap. It will depend from the demand of the people what kind of lenses they will make as first.

That’s why 43rumors wants to start a very serious poll. We want that YOU choose the future Olympus MFT lenses!

How to:

1) You can select a maximum of three primes. On some focal lenghts you can choose between getting a highly portable tiny lens or a little bigger fast lens.

2) You can vote one single time only. Your IP-address will be stored. We can delete your vote if you want to redo the voting.

3) Feel free to add some possible focal lenght by commenting this post. I will quickly add your proposed lens as option inside the poll.

4) The results will be sent directly to Olympus Japan!

Please invite everyone to vote! More we are more Olympus will take us seriously!!!

UPDATE: We added the 7mm, 20mm and 25mm (2.0 or above) lenses. Because they have been recently added we will apply a multiplying factor.

UPDATE2: This poll will stay on the top of the 43rumors page at least until monday. Our first goal is to reach 1.000 unique votes. More we are and more Olympus will have to listen to us!
UPDATE3: 1.000 voters reached. Next target is 1.500 voters.
UPDATE4: Zoom poll will follow after finishing the prime poll.
UPDATE5: Should we send the list to Panasonic too?

Place your bet: What's going to be announced?

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