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VERY IMPORTANT MESSAGE: Adjustment of the large sensor compact camera rumor


Weeks ago we posted a rumor about a possible large sensor compact camera with fixed lens (Like the Sigma DP2 or Leica X1). This rumor came from two known sources and two new sources. That’s why we posted it with a very high FT4-FT5 value. For 3-4 days I have been talking with many sources because we are receiving conflicting reports about that camera. And finally the clouds are gone and the sky is clear:

It seems that some of the trusted sources received pieces of WRONG information. When we post a rumor with FT5 value we do that because a (trusted and reliable) source claims to have seen specs and/or the camera. That happened but apparently some of the sources made a BIG mistake. For obvious privacy reasons we can’t tell you what happened but I hope you will understand that I did post the rumor with my most honest intentions. So what did happen? Their pieces of information were correct but the combination of the single puzzle pieces have led to a wrong picture. The truth seems to be the following:

1) The LX5 is coming by the end of July and not by the end of August -> ok…that’s even better :)
2) The compact camera with large sensor will be announced early September (and not now). The compact camera won’t have a fixed lens! It is a MFT camera. And yes, it is the most nice camera Panasonic ever produced (that’s subjective…but everybody told me so!)
3) There is still a surprise going to be announced by late July…after the LX5 announcement! We are working on it, but I can already tell you that a relative compact camera with advanced video capabilities is going to be released.

Sorry again for the confusion, but I hope you understand that these things can happen when you are dealing with rumors.

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