Valentin Sama’s prediction


Our friend Valentin Sama wrote an article with his prediction about all digital camera makers. It’s a mix of rumros and speculations. In short:

He expects a new E-P2 successor and new Four Thirds cameras

He expects the 25mm f/1.4 lens and a neww brighter and at the same time compacter zoom lens.

To read the full prediction list click here (google translated text).


One more thing: If all works fine I will soon have a very BIG rumor for you. let’s hope the trusted sources can confirm the new hot rumor!

  • Did he say new 4/3rds cameras? Now that is speculation. ;)

  • M

    A very BIG rumor must be the re-issue of the Bigma 50-500 for m4/3!

    • leendert

      I use the Bigma on the e520. But in the same price range the Canon 400 F5.6 or Sony 70-400mm are much better.
      I hope olympus, Panasonic or Sigma make a 400mm F5.6 prime for m43 (Price something like €1500).
      A M.Zuiko 70-400mm with quality like the Sony 70-400mm is cool too!
      I will buy this lenses!

      • M

        That was a joke…

        A lens that is 40 times larger than a PEN and weight 25 times as much would be laughable.

        • leendert

          Yes the Bigma is to big and heavy. (and not good enough)

          a 400mm F5.6 on a body like the GH2 is no problem…
          And with the cropfactor 2x, this similar to a expensive 500mm prime of Canon or Nikon. But more compact and lighter.
          very good for a traveling wildlife photographer!

      • David

        omg NO! This is possibly the last lens m4/3 needs. If you need that focal length, use the 4/3 version. Just.want.a.portrait.lens.

    • Boooo!


      Pfft. That’s for kids.

      How about the 300-800 Sigmonster? (Which was actually available in the 4/3 mount.)

  • Bob B.

    No..No…the big announcement is that Micro 4/3’s is going to have a new sensor that has incredible hight ISO performance and full dynamic range capabilities!!!!!!
    That is what the format needs, badly.

    • reverse stream swimmer

      For that we would need a 16:9 aspect ratio sensor with 40 Megapixel cut from a size of 36×20.3mm.

      It will break the historic bonds from Four Thirds, and to be innovatively renamed to: Micro Sixteen Ninth, MSN!

  • WT21

    I just want an EP3 (better LCD, shut off MF assist with half-press, reduced AA filter) and the Panny 25/1.4. I’d be happy with that (assuming the Panny lens is any good, which I’m sure it will be).

  • E-P2 successor: that sounds like an interesting proposal. Maybe this is the mature E-Px body we’ve been waiting for. If they manage to put a good sensor there (at least GH2 like), and come up with fast-ish autofocus it could be a winner, because its clear by now that Panasonic is not going anytime soon for a new rangefinder styled body. I hope this time olympus gets all important variables right.

    Brighter, smaller zoom. Now thats cool! m43 badly needs a serious BRIGHT all around lens (not another kit lens, or another slow zoom). Lets hope that materializes in the near future.

    Finally, it is quite obvious the 25mm 1.4 is a reality. I don’t know how many people that have the 20mm would buy it (they are so close in fov, the 20mm is so good, and so many people have it). If it performs like the 20mm optically, i think i would buy it anyway, i feel much more comfortable shooting in that focal length…

    • Bob B.

      I have a 20mm f/1.7. Based on the way Panasonic has been making their new lenses “less than”…I would not go for the 25mm 1.4…it may have a plastic mount!!!!!!! LOL!
      The 20mm is a great lens and small. Keeping the micro in Micro 4/3!
      The new 12mm Oly sounds promising to me tho…. then I will sell my 14-45mm kit zoom…and buy the 12mm if it lives up to the hype.

      • We’ll see. I see a 25mm 1.4 as a key player in m43 due to its classic focal length and bright aperture (the largest of any native m43 lens so far), so I don’t think panasonic will bring a lemon to the market. Quite the contrary, i expect (hope?) its on par to the 20mm. Even if it was bigger than the 20mm (which it will probably be), as long as its not huge, it should do the trick. For me at least.

        I’m also excited about the 12mm (my favourite wide angle focal length, wide enough to make it “pop”, not that wide so as to distort heavily). Will it be zuiko branded? :)

  • Nathan

    We keep getting teased with “BIG NEWS, BIG RUMOR” and yet nothing special has happened in quite a while. I wonder of Olympus has such an information blackout that speculation is louder than their own communications channels.

    If so, that’s a system they need to fix pronto. They already have a Fourth Man situation, with them sitting behind Canon, Nikon, then Pentax and possibly Panasonic. They need to energize people and introduce something quite revolutionary- or at least tease at it.

    So far, in the two years I’ve been reading this site, nothing really exciting has happened. There have been new camera models, but these have simply addressed concerns people had on day 1 of the E-P1 launch. Things like flash, wireless flash control, and LCD size have been dealt with, but their lack SHOULD HAVE NEVER HAPPENED which is what the market was communicating to Olympus.

    Imagine how successful the E-P1 would have been if it had the beautiful pop-up flash and EVF that the E-PL2 or E-PL1 had, and what the current 4/3 lineup might look like if they had built those and then innovated in some way. Possibly, their camera business wouldn’t be losing money for them.

    I suspect that old, timid men run the Olympus imaging division. You can spot a company that is out of ideas because none of their ideas are stunning and none are outright stupid or foolish. They’re all adequate and they blend into the background. They need a new Maitani. Someone who might produce an unsuccessful camera, or a stunning and resounding success, depending on how well his vision of a photographer’s needs meshes with reality.

    • AndyOz

      Totally agree with you Nathan. I have been waiting for an exciting Oly product with built in EVF – hopefully rangefinder style with EVF in top left and with some good manual controls.

      Come on admin – just post the rumor anyway and put an FT2 on it.

      • Nathan

        At this point, though, even building in the EVF and releasing it as a new product is insufficient. Some additional utility is needed beyond just doing what the market is clamoring for. A good camera company says “here you are sir, and take a look at THIS as well!” and produces the camera with the requested feature and a bonus feature that the developer thought of with his own magnificent brain.

        When is THAT going to happen?

    • Miroslav

      Agree, but you could say that for Nikon, Pentax and Canon mirorrless as well. Maybe we’ve been spoiled by fast pace of development in another consumer electronics branches, such as PCs or mobiles? Or are we expecting these traditional camera companies to up their pace and follow Sony and Panasonisc’s model replacement speed?

  • WT21

    I’m with AndyOz — post it anyway. If I can’t have a real new camera (still shooting with my EP1), then at least give me a dream to live off of, lol.

  • dracore

    Panasonic GX-1? Dual-sensor! Incredibly shallow DOF? Crop factor 1x!

  • Sambob

    @Nathan ,. Well said. Best reply I have read here in ages.

  • anon

    Oly’s probably not making tech hipsters dream much for sure, but they produce capable, robust cameras. They target photographers, that’s it.

  • There is nothing here that we did not already know before. This is at least this months message, next month will be a new message :)

  • Thyl

    Nathan, I concur with you on the frustratingly slow progress of the Olympus range, and also that spirited camera designers should come up with more than just aleviating deficiencies of previous models.

    Where I don’t agree with you is on the concreze examples of EVF and built-in flash, which clearly shows that requirements differ, and that Olympus should provide a more modular, system-like approach. The XA had flashes that nicely integrated with the camera body when needed.

    Imho, Oly should re-activate such approach, eg by providing a universal mount on the left side of cameras to which accessories can be mounted that extend the length of the camera, but integrate into its shape. The top hot shoe is just not the right place. And these accessories should be daisy chained, i.e.stackable (eg a mini flash and and EVF or OVF at the same time).

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