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Look at that: Use the new Apple Watch as a viewfinder for the Olympus AIR!

[shoplink 54641 ebay][/shoplink]

This is highly likely the most compact solution to have a working screen on the [shoplink 54641 ebay]new Olympus AIR[/shoplink]. Just clip the [shoplink 54642 ebay]new Apple Watch[/shoplink] on it! It really looks cool :) posted these pictures from the 4th PC Hack meeting. Haruhito Fuji created the new Watch APP called “AirRecipe” (on iTunes here) to sync the AIR with the Apple Watch. Here is the video that shows how it works:

You can buy the new Olympus AIR at Amazon, Adorama, GetOlympus, BHphoto and on [shoplink 54641 ebay]eBay (www shipment)[/shoplink].

[shoplink 54641 ebay][/shoplink] [shoplink 54641 ebay][/shoplink]
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