USA&Canada: Buy E-M5 and save up to $450 on lenses (And Los Angeles Time E-M5 article)


Image courtesy: DSLRmagazine.

USA and Canadian readers can enjoy the next new Olympus deal. If you buy the E-M5 you can save $150 on every m43 lens you buy with it. You can buy up to three lenses and save $450 in total! To download the pdf go on Amazon (Click here) and than click on “get forms” and than when the pop up opens click on “Olympus Rebate Form” to download the pdf. A link to the E-M5 at Amazon is here. You can do the same on BHphoto (Click here) but there seems to be an issue when you try to download the pdf.

Meantime the Los Angeles Time published an article about the E-M5: “The Olympus OM-D E-5 with its retro look, is a great choice for someone moving up from a compact point-and-shoot who wants the feel of a full-size DSLR, but doesn’t want the size or weight.

DSLRmagazine (Translation here) compared the camera with the Samsung NX20. Samsung the giant against Olympus the traditional small photo company. On paper an unfair comparison…

More E-M5 bits: Olympus OMD EM5 M for mount street photography (TheF8blog). E-M5 pics from Frank Rückert (mind the horizontal scroll-bar). Olympus E-M5 first impressions at Shotslot.


E-M5 preorder links:
Amazon, Adorama, B&H, Jessops, Amazon UK, Amazon Germany, Amazon France, Amazon Japan and Digitalrev.

E-M5 Case:
There is the official CS-36FBC Olympus case. A leather half case from Hong Kong. A full leather case with strap from Cina. Than we have half cases from two well known producers, Zelenpol, Kaza and Gariz.

E-M5 Batteries, and other things:
The Olympus GS-4 strap and the DSTE E-M5 batteries you have to use with an extra charger. There is an E-M5 car charger a new E-M5 LCD screen and a Front Cover+ Top Panel.

  • mahler

    It is ironic that the electronic giants nowadays often produce the ergonomically better photographic tools than the “traditional photographic company”.


    GH2 vs. E-M5
    NX20 vs. E-M5
    GX1 vs. E-P3

    Traditional Olympus is not even able to design reliable eye cups, good working lens hoods, and resistant body paint (my experience with E-M5).

    So all this juxtaposition of traditional company vs. electronic giant is plain nonsense. Panasonic, Samsung, and Sony are able to make very competitive photographic products and are generally more innovative than the traditionalists (not referring to Olympus here).

    Small and traditional should stand out by quality and good usability. I am not sure that Olympus gets that fully.

    • +++ The electronics companies have more experience designing interfaces, with user interaction and ergonomics with a wide array of devices. Aping 1970s camera style, while a nice idea on some levels, ignores ergonomic advances in the 40+ years since the original OMs were released. Faux SLR is no better than faux DSLR.

      I like the OMD and some it’s great features, but wrestling with it’s convoluted interface seriously detracts from it’s usability. It’s a real shame.

      • importance of ergonomics is getting overrated nowadays. To a certain point i can understand certain needs for it, but most of the time i just think we are all have become too spoiled.

    • Walter

      Never used a Micro Four Thirds product, but my Olympus DSLR’s (E-510 and E-30) have been *very* nice ergonomically. Easy to hold, easy to carry, and easy to use.

    • Esa Tuunanen

      Olympus should have horizontal grip available separately without vertical grip for cheaper price than whole grip set.
      With that E-M5 is better to hold in hand than GH2 which is very hard to keep in hand for longer without accidental button presses. Though otherwise there’s nothing to celebrate in E-M5’s tiny size retro body.

      With GH2 I almost need manual for finding where in menu hell Panasonic hid 2s or 10s self timer delay selection while yesterday it took precisely two seconds to find same setting in Canon enthusiast DSLR I’ve never handled before.
      That kind things are the difference between bulletpoint engineered consumer product and enthusiast camera.

      Shouldn’t be too much to ask from mirrorless system bodies of 2012 to have at least same level of controls and ergonomics as 2004’s fixed lens camera.
      Compared to best fixed lens EVF prosumers from time before cheap entry level DSLRs every single mirrorless body is plain uninnovative on screen menu hell P&S or entry level mess copying too much from film era.
      It’s time to offer truly digital age alternative of Digital Single Lens Mirrorless for DSLRs limited by design choises of World War 2 era tech.

    • Ronan

      LOL what? Nikon/Canon beat Sony/Olympus/Panasonic completely. They aren’t even in the same league!!!

      The OM-D beats the latest offering by the other companies, and it came from Olympus, so high five for them. They surprised a lot of people!

      YOUR OM-D wasn’t good, guess what!? I had a bad D3 and a bad SB-900 awhile back. Does that mean Nikon sucks? LOL no. It is frustrating but i’m sure the company took care of you. Leica did when my M8 had paint that bubbled up and so did Nikon.

      • I couldn’t disagree more with Esa. GH2 is the best camera I’ve handled in my life, and I’ve used close to a hundred. The ergonomics of it are great, the button positions are perfect and make too much sense. The Q-menu is a blessing. The touch screen is a savior in some situations. The timer is ridiculously easy to set up and the menus are great. The feel of it is so easy to carry yet there are plenty of places to hold it. I’m not tiny, I’m 6’1″ and wear large sized gloves in winter. It just works for me perfectly. I will be buried with that camera. My least favorite camera is the Nikon 5D which hurts my hand after a 2 hour shoot and has too many buttons; and and Canon for having frivolous buttons on both sides of the screen that aren’t in the same spots between models.
        My three cents.

        • The GH2 is great in that it offers plenty of real controls…but I have to constantly check settings to make sure i haven’t changed a setting here and there accidentally just because handling the camera…I’ve missed quite a few shots because of that. And don’t get me started on the menus. They just suck. Big time. I don’t get what is so difficult in designing (or COPYING!) an intuitive menu. Any of my canon cameras are super easy to use. Nothing convoluted. Everything falls into place intuitively. You almost don’t need a manual, unless you want to start fiddling with the custom settings, which are a royal pain.

    • Ronan

      GH2 vs. E-M5
      NX20 vs. E-M5
      GX1 vs. E-P3

      E-M5 wins on both counts and so does the E-P3… your ‘point’ is null. I see more people with the Olympus cameras in Paris, NYC, Toronto and Montreal, the 4 cities i’m in very often. Ask enthusiast about the Pen series, they know what it is and are VERY happy with it.

      Ask people about the new ‘retro’ camera… yes THAT Olympus.

      I rarely support companies like this, unless they pay me, but Olympus did VERY good with the Pen series and the new OM-D. They showed you do not need a Nik or Can on your camera to be good.

      You can keep your sony nexcrap with the horrible choice of lenses.

      • Mike


      • You see more people with brand X than with brand Y and those people are satisfied, therefore brand X has the best ergonomic.

        Thats probably not what you meant, but thats how it reads.

    • Miroslav

      Mostly agree.

      I don’t look at Olympus as “traditional photographic company”. They’re nowhere near “two old guys in the garage”. Those days are long gone. Their portfolio is varied and they are as much consumer electronic company as is Panasonic or Samsung, albeit smaller. The tradition is in the names and shapes of their cameras and in the company museum, but everything else is functioning in the same way as at Sony or Canon, from R&D to aftersales.

  • Anon

    The only money-making lens after rebate is the 45/18, just saying…

  • Incessant Troll

    oh please please buy our overpriced stuff before photokina! wouldn’t be overpriced if they didnt have to pay off the gangsters. olympus lost me as a customer trying to sell me the 12mm for $800. if it was smaller and weather sealed i would buy the BS that it is premium; to me $650 isn’t a deal.

    • Ronan

      Dirt cheap after shooting Nikon pro-glass. I sold my spare 70-200 and bought the 12mm 2.0, 45mm 1.8 and the pana 17mm 1.7. I had change for a very nice restaur with the gf and then STILL money left over.

    • Mike

      True idiot. Like only olympus has had a few bad apples
      on its payroll.

      As for the 12mm, its the only m4/3 lens i own and Ive been shhoting with it exclusively for 4 months. The build quality is excellent and images ridiculously sharp and contrasty. It is priced fairly for a pro optic. Stick with cheap glass if you cant handle it.

      • Ronan

        EXACTLY! See smart people on the internet do exist! Thanks Mike!

        I’m tired of the BS from morons that wants EVERYTHING NOW, SUPER CHEAP, AND ITS THE BEST OF THE BEST FOR EVER!!!!

        Kids those days woah…

        If they want to complain about pricing… look at Nikon One line up… now that’s a big WTF! and their poor sales shows it. Consumers have MORE tools available to them to better gauge their purchases. Watch out big C’s… we aren’t the dumb idiots from 20 years ago.

        • Incessant Troll

          haha you two sound like you’re competing for the Olympus employee blogger of the month bonus. why would i pay 1000 for an em5, and 650 (with discount) for a 12mm when i can buy a k-5 and 16-50 both used for 1500 and get more sensor, more versatile lens, and weather sealing. if you can call me some variation of stupid I’m sure the gangsters will compensate you generously

          • Lets see how much the E-M5 will be, second hand, two years after release. And if it holds it’s value, that’s only testiment to the product.

            Although APS sized, both the K5 and OMD sensors are made by SONY.

            “haha you two sound like you’re competing for the Olympus employee blogger of the month bonus.”

            Well, you sound like an ex-employee blogger, bitter about the scandle that directly or indirectly left in “out in the cold” because you now don’t get a hundred dollars for a review from a site/blog no one visits.

            I’d like to see you build glass of the 12mm quality.

            EDIT: Admin, why have you omitted the HTML tags? Italics no longer works…

    • babbit

      What other 24mm equivalent lens with an F2 aperture can you find for less than $800? The only one I can find is the Sigma 24mm f1.8 at $550 and that lens is nowhere near as good as the Olympus. All other 24mm lens is over $1k regardless of system.

      • Have you seen the SLR Magic 12mm T1.6 (f1.4) native M4/3 lens? It’s quite a nice lens and only $599.

      • Incessant Troll

        how about 14mm + DMW-GWC1 for about 300? 22mm and f2.5 for 500 less and you don’t have the guilt of supporting organized crime. however unpopular it may be with fanboys trying to justify their purchase and olympus employees – my original point still stands. thank you and good night.

      • Jeff

        How about Samsung 16/2.4, a gem of a pancake which I picked for £160?

  • > Samsung the giant against Olympus the traditional small photo company. On paper an unfair comparison…

    It doesn’t feel like that. Having followed Sammy for few years now, I get the feeling that they have chosen to be underdog no matter what.


    – poor PR. Review sites do not receive the cameras for review.

    – poor JPEG engine. In low ISO situations it is OK, but in ISOs higher than 800 NR takes heavy toll on IQ. So one has to shoot in RAW.

    – RAWs are large-ish. Due to poor JPEG engine, it’s better to shoot in RAW. Makes cameras slow-ish.

    – RAWs are cooked. New firmwares support 12-bit RAWs what made them smaller, but also it appears that the FW has introduce banding into the RAW from images taken with native lenses when adjusting exposure compensation.

    – Limited customizations. FW is simplistic, targeting upgraders from P&S and compacts. Though owners say that most of the time features of FW are sufficient. (Notable high-lights: no control over NR applied to the JPEG’s; no option to disable the in-camera lens correction (to avoid the banding issue).)

    Pros – only one: nice selection of pancakes. (OK, some say: good IQ at low ISOs + high MP makes it a nice landscape camera.)

    In the end: I’m not even sure why I follow the Sammy developments. All bits and pieces are there – and were for many years – but Sammy seems unable to put them all together properly. (Unlike e.g. the Galaxies or the TVs or the laptops.) Those who said that Panny does better microwaves apparently were not aware of the Samsung’s NX cameras…

  • Adriaantie

    Damn look At that picture. Why should i buy em5. It is THE Same size as à dslr with à big and better sensor.

    • mahler

      Wrong, the E-M5 is significantly smaller that even the smallest DSLR. The image you refer to, does not show any DSLR for comparison. It is the mirrorless Samsung NX20. Samsung’s flagship mirrorless.

      • SamshootsAll

        Obviously, adriaante never saw the size difference between OMD & a DSLR!

        • Horacio

          I think the fact here is nx20 same size as omd but nx20 comes with APS-C sensor, or am I wrong?

      • Adriaantje is trolling here for months now, pathetic person…

    • Ronan

      TROLL! He/she posted that same crap a couple days ago. Everyone showed him pictures. Troll is trolling. Or maybe retard is retarded…

      • mister_roboto

        I miss Pablo- at least he was entertaining for a troll.

  • Stevey

    Why is it an unfair comparison ?

  • JP

    Samsung and Panasonic, and Sony for that matter, have nothing as good as OMD.

  • st3v4nt

    I see more and more people bashing on OM-D comparing it with all aspects. It is either due to the fact that OM-D become a threat or they just hoping Olympus will reduce the price significantly. OTOH Olympus keep neglecting customer need for affordable mZD lens and keep releasing expensive new mZD lenses (was 12, now 75) just because their 17 mm sales not too good. More 45 mm price point please.

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