US stores: New low price for the E-PL1 and GH2 (And the 12mm SLRmagic in Stock).


We know the GH and PEN series will be updated in August/September. So it’s not a surprise to see again some price drops on those cameras. The E-PL1 body now sells for $149 only at Amazon (Click here). And the GH2 with 14-140mm lens price dropped down to $1149 again at Amazon (Click here). Notice that there are only three kits left in Stock.

And all these lenses are on the lowest price ever: Panasonic 45-175mm, Panasonic 14-140mm, Panasonic 14-42mm, Panasonic X 14-42mm, Olympus 14-42mm.

  • spam

    It can’t be easy to sell a E-PL1 today at any price. GH2 is still pretty competitive though.

    • Terry

      I actually liked the E-PL1 better than the Oly cameras with the scroll wheel.

      • spam

        I liked the E-PL1 too. Plasticy, but smaller, lighter and with slightly faster focus than E-P1. It was first with an EVF-port too, but that doesn’t prevent it from being fairly obsolete today.

        • snaps

          manufacturers have done a great job of convincing people that their cameras automatically stop being useable after a few years. It has the same basic sensor as the e-p3…not cutting edge, no, but obsolete? As in it can no longer adequately serve its original purpose?

          Come on, this thing is cheaper than your basic compact point and shoot, its a pretty nice deal!

          • spam

            It’s cheap yes, but body only. If price was the only consideration then I’d consider it. IQ is OK, but newer cameras are much nicer in use.

            Also, the E-PL1 isn’t the only mirrorless on sale. Olympus, Panasonic, Samsung and som older Sony models are available at good prices. And there are post about deals on new and refurbished models every other week.

            Comparing it to a basic P&S don’t make much sense IMO. I’d get a P&S if I wanted something small and pocketable even if it was more expensive than a mirrorless. You pay for different set of features with P&Ss and cameras like E-PL1.

  • Lars

    i bought a E-PL1 two years ago and it´s worth next to nothing today.

    i can sell my DSLR for 70% of the price i bought it for in 2009.

    m43 is like burning your money…. :(

    • ProShooter

      Thats a stupid point of view. A camera is a tool that you use. If you want something that keeps its value buy gold and not a camera.

      Not to mention that the value of old m43 cameras tend to depreciate quickly because there is always newer and better gear coming out in little intervals. One does no longer have to wait 3-4 years for an update for a specific dslr. I’d love it if there would be a new model every 6 months or less, even if it means my old camera will have next to no resale value. What kind of crummy photographer cares about something stupid like that anyway ? I’d rather use the gear and am happy about the images I took (and the money I made with them :-) )…

      I bet that if the prices stays the same over the years people would whine that the old gear is still so expensive..waaaah… :-) I’d rather see it cheap so everybody can get into the system…

    • Not really. My money stays in my wallet, my E-PL1 comes with me and takes photos. It’s GAS that burns your money……
      I bought my E-PL1 for about $700 with the kit lens, sold the kit lens for about $100. So even if it’s not worth anything now, it’s cost me $300 a year, so far. I’ll still get another year from it, brings it to $200/year.
      What DSLR did you buy in 2009 that has only lost 30%? How much in $ does that 30% equate too? It would be nice if you could back up your comment with the name of the camera and some figures, otherwise you will probably get attacked for trolling, which may be unfair….

      • Pei

        A Nikon D90 body is $1000 in late 2008. Almost four years later it is going for $499~$650 used on eBay. A D700 is $2799 in late 2008, $1669 and up on eBay used now.

        • So, I would have lost $100/year on the D90 vs $200/year on the E-PL1. Not really something to cry about!
          But I would have lost $250/year on the D700….

          • ab

            Depends what you bought it for… But your point is rock solid, if you are talking about depreciation.

    • snaps

      I spent $449 on mine with the kit lens as soon as it was released. I did not buy it as an investment. Now after 2 years of use, I have spent around $100-150 a year to use the camera. Not bad!

      If you want to make money on your hobby,try collecting antiques, or playing in the stock market. Get as far away from technology as you can, before you waste your money! :P

  • Pei

    From the $150 camera to the $800 camera they all have the same IQ. Olympus really needs to trim the product line and put more 16mp sensor into cameras. That begs the question however, will the new lowend PEN use the good 16mp or old 12mp. Cannot have a $450 camera tkae the same picture as a $1200 camera.

    • @Pei, I like that the low end PEN takes the same image as the top end. Most cell phones have the same call quality, you just pay more for the extra functions that a smartphone gives you. Same with the PEN line.
      There were trade-offs with the E-PL1 that I was happy to put up with at the time. Of these, the one that has frustrated me the most is 1/2000s as the fastest shutter speed.
      I’ll probably buy an E-M5 next year, but may spend the money on lenses instead. The 35-100 interests me, and I’m hoping Olympus brings out a similar lens. I’m printing out some landscapes at the moment I took with the E-PL1. I’m finding that with a little PP, and some help from a good lab, I can go to A1 size very easily.
      It is too easy to get carried away with GAS, but you need to keep coming back to output. WIll this new camera (or lens, or whatever) make my images more useable? Usually, the answer is no.
      There will be several more PENs this year, and they will probably match the IQ and IBIS that has arrived with the E-M%. That’s the way Olympus does things. I’m picking there will be a PMx or PLx at $500, a Px at $700, and a PF at $900 with an EVF in the corner….all with the same sensor, IBIS, and image engine.

    • BLI

      I think it is pretty obvious that a new PEN will come with the sensor of the E-M5, or else their business plan of letting technology from high end cameras trickle down makes no sense.

  • Ken B

    I think it is good that the price has dropped as it may help sell more bodies and get people on the m43 camera trail. The more people using m43 the better

    My EPL1 camera has gone down in value as well, so my son now has it.

    My EM5 will drop in value as well but that’s life

    • Pooh_bear

      Totally agree on the point that having cheap mft cameras around is a good thing for Oly. I bought an epl1 under a year ago and have been loving it. It introduced me to mirrorless cameras and i have now invested in a voigtlander lens and an omd. The epl1 gave me the chance to see what i thought of the system without throwing down piles of cash and now i am diving in :)

  • m43333

    They keep manufacturing E-PL1 and are still making money. it can’t cost more than $50 to manufacture this POS.

    • caver3d

      No, YOU are the POS for making an irresponsible comment like that. Troll.

  • Doug

    Admin: You mention the SLR Magic 12mm being in stock, but no link….

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