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(UPDATED) Fuji X100 preorders at Amazon. GF2 in Stock. Nokton auctions.


Fuji X100

Amazon is again accepting preorders on the Fuji X100 (Click here).
One more thing: Best Sale Price (Click here) says it has two X100 in Stock! This must be a mistake! UPDATE: I have been told the two cameras have been really shipped! Incredible!
You can also preorder at Adorama (Click here) and subscribe to be notified at BHphoto (Click here)

Panasonic GF2

The Black GF2+14mm pancake is in Stock at Amazon (Click here). UPDATE: out of Stock yet!
The Black GF2+14-42mm lens is in Stock at BHphoto (Click here). The Red GF2+14-42mm lens is in Stock at BHphoto (Click here).
The Silver GF2+14mm pancake is in Stock at Adorama (Click here). UPDATE: out of Stock yet!

Voigtländer Nokton 25mm f/0.95

There are more Voigtländer Nokton 25mm f/0.95 auctions than usual on eBay (Click here).

Olympus E-PL2

$50 Instant rebates on the E-PL2 at Amazon, Adorama and BHphoto.

  • In addtion to taking pre-orders for the X100, Clifton Cameras(UK)are also taking pre-orders for accessories such as case, adaptor ring/lens hood and EF20 flashgun etc.

  • Mark

    I suppose it’s important for websites like this, that the store has an actual link to the pre-order. I’ve always been able to pre-order things from my store, before they even have the stuff on the site. I did that with the 5DmkII, six months before deliveries started.

  • Is there any chance to see it with a 28mm f/2 (35mm equiv.) someday ?

  • GreyOwl

    If enough people demand it then Fuji would have to give it some thought I would think.

  • Ismael

    The X100 is an amazing camera if anything because by itself it’s bringing life to a whole company. Just noticed that the Fuji forum at DPReview is becoming more active again (it was almost dead) while the Olympus forum is shrinking (now you only find there threads about the E5 and the death of the system and the company), and the FourThirds forum is clearly dominated by Panasonic (to the point that some people ask the staff to separate both brands).

    Given their bad financial results Olympus desperately need a camera like the X100, something unique and special that differentiate them from Panasonic and that is targeted to serious amateurs and pros, even if the sales are low (they can compensate with larger margins). I don’t think they can survive by releasing more ‘me-too’ models or by targeting the low end market alone. While we may not be legion we can sell many cameras for them at no extra cost (why do you think a company like Nikon can amazingly sell their -everyone-agrees-with-this- crappy compacts? Because of big discounts and… because the brand is seen as the choice -or one of the main choices- of pros and serious amateurs, something that drives sales down) Hey, even Leica can survive targeting a very small market!

    Yes, this may be the year of Olympus: bring something unique or go away. I’m already saving for a X100.

    • cL

      You have to remember The Rule of Three and Four and Rat King strategies when doing niche market. Currently Fuji is the rat king, serving a market nobody serves because the pie is too small to begin with (you convince others the market is crap in order to rat the other competitors out of the market and grab the whole pie for yourself). If Olympus joined in, Olympus must make sure it can trump Fuji by at least four times the size, in which case, Olympus would be the new rat king and Fuji would be finished. If not, everybody dies, because the pie would not be large enough for both to survive. And that’s what happened between Intel and AMD. The market has two rat kings so they both had to sell far below a healthy profit margin. Since Intel has so much more money all it had to do is giving AMD a long painful death to rat it out. Once it dominates, be prepared to convince the US government it’s not monopoly…. It’s not a fun market you want to be in unless you want to be ruthless.

      Just let Fuji be the rat king, so at least someone would survive to serve a market nobody wants to do. At least Fuji is not charging outrageous price like Leica. Consumers are better off this way.

      • George

        Cl your comment is a very good reading, but you are missing an important point. Oly is already a rat king @ E5 segment. I am calling as segment because same as X100, it is a very small market. It is a market where E5 priced $1600, IQ & DR is around entry level DSLRs, ISO is even nowhere near entry level DSLR but just because it has a weather-proof body fanboys calling it as a Pro Cam. Couple of months ago there were rumors about E5 was the last 4/3 camera, there is no glass for the past 2.5 years, still no lens faster then f2. So it is basically a segment with only 1 cam on it. And Oly is the rat king there

      • Ismael

        But I didn’t say Olympus need to release a X100 competitor, just something unique that appeals to the middle and high end markets, much like the X100 is doing. But in no way it has to be a rangefinder style camera nor have a fixed lens or manual controls. All I say is that it has unique and, call it it you will, PRO. It can be a mini E1, or a rugged G2, or… I don’t know. All I know is if they come with another overpriced plastic underfeatured me-too toy, they are dead.

        • cL

          Something unique is something Olympus hasn’t been doing lately since the release of E-P1. I think maybe they’re out of ideas. 4/3 has been great because its lenses are class leading, but they gave up on it in exchange for a market they don’t have the absolute advantage of. Olympus is good at optics, but not good at marketing…. Don’t fight in a market that marketing is very important, which is lower end of the market. In that market, they need to label a f2 lens, over-spec it so it says f1.4 on it so people like George would buy it with premium price. If you gave him an honest f2 lens, usable wide-open, he would threat to give away his hard-earned money to another company.

          Fuji is very baffled that x100 is received so warmly. Olympus can try something very innovative, but it may or may not be accepted this way. It’s a gamble. Wasn’t the original 4/3 very innovative? My E-620 has everything the competitors have and then some more. Some companies talk too much, but do too little and others the other way around. Be a smart shopper.

          I personally think Olympus should start making medium format cameras the size of a FF and user-friendly like a consumer camera. Probably too expensive to develop and be prepared for massive marketing cost. That’s not something Olympus can do right now, unless they’re committed to lose some money in the short run.

  • zeejay

    Why does Amazon changed ‘pre-order’ of Fujifilm Finepix X100 to ‘add to cart’. What does this mean? Shipping soon?

  • admin, why the obsession with the X100? It has no connection with 4/3 or m4/3. Unless you know something, of course.

    • admin

      Two reasons:
      1) Because Fuji is a 43 member
      2) Yes, I know something I am going to post this week ;)


      • TR

        Admin, most of us see the interest. I’m glad it is here. I am very interested in the camera and it will make me think before buying another MFT body. Also very interested in the impact it will have on MFT.

      • MadBadger

        Admin, thanks for posting about x100! I don’t own m43 camera yet and and I am planning to buy x100 which should be enough for now. That said, I’ll probably also buy a m43 some time in the near future ;-)

      • Thanks. I’m curious.

        • Inge-M


      • Simon

        Somewhere I read (dont know the source anymore, sorry) that Fuji got help from another 43-Company with the construction of the X100… perhaps Oly was this company and – one hand washes the other – got help with a new viewfinder system for their cameras but therefore has to wait with their announcement until the x100 is on the market… okok… that’s just dreaming ^^

      • > 2) Yes, I know something I am going to post this week ;)

        The suspense is killing me. ;)

  • John

    I and at least 7 others ordered the “In Stock” camera from “Best Sale Price.” They sent me an email saying that due to the federal holiday on Monday to expect delivery in 5 to 7 days. I ordered expedited shipment so I sent back an email asking how they were shipping and when it would ship. I also asked how they obtained 8 cameras when it hasn’t been released to the public. Finally, I asked what version of software it had. I don’t have any response to these questions yet from “Steve” the person that sent me the email.

  • Joe

    Lots of REALLY bad reviews of Best Sale Price over at ResellerRaitings.

  • GreyOwl

    Have just checked Best Sale Price on ResellerRatings and words fail me on their reviews, it’s just as Joe says. It would seems that a large pinch of salt might be needed…………..

  • MP Burke

    I find it surprising that there is so much interest in a fixed focal length camera. After the fuss has died down and there are some X100s in the shops I will have a look through its viewfinder, just to satisfy my curiosity. It would be nice to think this viewfinder technology might find its way into a future M-mount non-reflex camera.

  • Cteve

    Yep! since the Nokton 25mm f0.95 is still hard to get, I decided to sell mine.
    You can check my EBAY auction if interested:

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