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US deal of the day: Demo 75mm f/1.8 lens for $799!


The Olympus 75mm f/1.8 lens is certainly the best performing Micro Four Thirds lens to date. That’s why it is almost impossible to see price drops on that lens. But I finally found a way to save $100 by purchasing one of the eight available lens sold right now by CameraLand on eBay (Click here). And you also have nine 60mm macro Demo lenses (you save $50). These are “Demo” lenses and here is the original text from Cameraland: “As one of the largest Olympus dealers in the USA we are happy to offer this great lens at a super price. We recently had an Olympus event and these were opened and demo’d for the day. They can all pass as new and come with a 1 year USA warranty“. Sounds great!

To get further notifications about eBay deals on that lens save that Slidoo eBay US search. And here is the Slidoo eBay Europe search with two lenses sold for 797 Euro in France.

Why is the lens so good? Just read the reviews at Tyson Robichaud (Click here), DxOmark (Click here) and ePhotozine :)

  • Bob B.

    Best deal I have seen on that lens…It’s an incredible piece of glass…so if you were thinking about it…just go for it!!!!!!!

    • admin


  • Fish

    Just 4 available now.

  • Fish

    Just 4 available now.

  • Fish

    Sorry for the double post. I think that 43rumors will help sell these lenses much faster than the 30 days set aside in the auction.
    It makes me wonder how many more lenses Oly would sell if the regular price was set at $800 instead of $900.
    This is a great deal either way. Even more so when you consider that after eBay fees, paypal fees, and the free US shipping, cameraland is only getting $750 (or less) for each of these lenses. It wakes me wish I was in NY and could go make a deal in person.

    • peevee

      After fees and shipping I would be surprised if they make even $700.

    • MikeS

      I’ve bought a few things from them, including my E-M5. They don’t seem to haggle, however, particularly for things that are in demand. Small store, decent guys; Adorama is my mainstay, though.

  • I try to do most of the model sessions with the 45mm, but the 75 is still tempting. I use my Helios 40-2 now sometimes, but it takes the pace out of the shooting rythm due to manual focusing, which can be annoying at times when you switch between af and mf lenses.

    • MarcoSartoriPhoto

      This lens is outstanding. Maybe a little bit odd in its focal lenght, but it’s really razor sharp, much more than Zuiko45mm.

  • camaman

    So DEMO lens is now considered new value?
    Only 12% discount, while it is probably more used and manhandled than any other…

    They are still making a profit.

    • MarcoSartoriPhoto

      It depends. In my fav store owners (and customers) pay a lot of attention when trying lenses and cameras.

  • Anonymous

    It’s a 400.00$ lens, with no hood, so why would anyone pay 800$ for it?

    • Anonymous

      Yeah then knock off another 100$ at least, for having to get it in silver. I’d pay 200$ and that’s it.

      • Free!

        I want it for free! LOL

    • moops

      I feel stupider for having read this

    • Anonymous

      Canikon turd!

  • Mar

    Money much better spent on this than the unfortunate 12mm f2…

    • Optical1

      You must have received a bunk copy of the 12/2 lens. My copy is sharp all the way down to 2.8 with very little loss at 2.0. Worth every penny IMHO.

  • Uberzone

    If they really can “pass as new” then why not just sell them as such.

    • Bob B.

      umm…because they are honest???

    • Fish

      I wonder if Oly sets a minimum price they are allowed to sell new lenses at, only letting them discount past that if they are demos. The reason I wonder that is because there were initially only 8 lenses for sale and they have added five more since this post went up. Either way, it is a fast way to move 13 lenses.

  • cuius
  • true homer

    yeah…800$ for a 1.8 prime…a steal…

  • MFTfan

    Another ebay user recently offered up factory refurbed Olympus 75mm lenses for $699 with a 90 day Olympus warranty. He sold a lot (8 to 10 I think) one week and then sold another lot a week or two later. I managed to snag one. I don’t know why Olympus doesn’t include a pouch and lens hood when Panasonic and Sigma include one with all their lenses. Especially for the price that Olympus is charging. They would sell so many more if they would price it at $500-600. Its a fantastic lens.

  • jimmy

    i dont think this is such a “deal” i just missed out on one from an ebay seller for 680 because i lost signal on my phone and got sniped!

  • Dwaine Dibbly

    Dang! I paid $829 for a refurbished one from Cameta on eBay ~3 weeks ago. Good to see that more are becoming available, though.

    • Dwaine Dibbly

      I should add that I also got a 3rd party lens hood made by JJC (or was is JCC?) which is identical to the Oly part. It works great and is half of the Oly price.

      • Fish

        Amen. I dont think Oly should get a single cent from hood sales. They want to stick it to us? Give it right back.

      • Bob B.

        I agree…it’s a great lens…but @$900 it should DEFINITELY include the hood for God’s sake! I bought a 3rd party hood that was great quality and matched the lens perfectly @ considerable savings, too. I would not buy the Olympus hood no matter what the cost, because I will not support their inappropriate policies.
        Love the power that the web offers consumers.

        • I happened to have a 58mm metal screw-in hood from an old 135mm lens lying around. It has a 58mm thread at the front again so the cap goes on front of the hood. Oh, and it gives that silverly thing a nice black nose :-)

          Not including a matching hood with a lens like this is totally silly, but easily solved without rewarding that policy.

  • Lol-WHUT?

    Best performing MFT lens to date?? You kidding me? Panasonic 12-35 would like to have a word with you…

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