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US and UK deal: Free accessory on E-M5 purchase.


In US you can grab a free accessory when purchasing the E-M5.The full deal details are available as PDF on BHphoto (Click here). The same deal can be grabed on Amazon too (Click here).

In UK you get a Free 2-Part Leather Case + Battery Offer (ePhotozine). In the rest for Europe the price of the E-M5 has been lowered. In Germany you can get it for 200 Euro cheaper at Amazon DE.

A new OMD camera is expected to be announced by end of this year.

P.S.: The first “used” SLR Magic 25mm f/0.95 lens is on auction on eBay (Click here).

  • Cheetos Ortiz

    I prefer the 45mm 1.8 lens or grip over these accessories. If not, then I am waiting for a price drop before I’d buy one.

    • PannyBoom

      I cant wait for that deal to hit the usa! this deal blows

  • Matt

    any one of these really should have been included with the overpriced camera to begin with.

    • MPS

      Have you used it, to say that it’s overprice? (I had a silver kit on day one for 1000€ but it’s worth every cent, even at full price)

      • 850, 900 with kit lens would be a fair price.

      • Incessant Troll

        i have not used one, and i will not use one. its just one man’s opinion really. just like your opinion. dont get all butthurt because some people refuse to pay over $600 for a lens that does not come with a lens hood or pouch an does not even match the camera color you have, for those that prefer black

        • mjr

          Anything will be overpriced if you don’t have the money. Just buy something cheaper instead of complaining about the price.

          • Matt

            So people with money can’t complain about price? Logic fail.

        • MPS

          Troll, my facts are: i dont need a pouch since my lenses sit in a good bag. I buy hoods from China and they work perfectly. What I photograph never cared about the color of my camera. And lately my cameras are masked with paper scotch tape since I walk in bad places. I’d like to receive cameras and lenses for free. (Try one, it’s not that bad)

          • Fish

            +1 for a calm and rational response to a rude comment. People can judge for themselves which person sounds more “butthurt”.

            • Matt

              Calling people names is calm and rational? I wasn’t trolling. Opinion, and general consensus when the camera was released up until it started dropping down in price. Anyways.. getting the camera, and adapter, and two grips… may as well get FF.
              Sorry i pissed off the fanboys. You can go back behind your blinders now.

      • Matt

        Yes, I have used it. It’s severely lacking ergonomics. You pretty much need a grip to hold it.. and thus when you end up buying two grips just to make the thing handle decently, it’s ridiculously overpriced.

        • MarcoSartoriPhoto

          I bought the grip (THAT is expensive, not the camera, in my opinion) only because I use a lot the “heavy” Voigtländer 17.5mm and Zuiko75mm. It’s not necessary at all with all other primes.

          We could apply the same whining to Pagani cars. Or Ferrari. Or to Porsche. Or BMW. Or AlfaRomeo. Or Honda. Still there will be those you call fanboys ready to spend their money (easily or hard gained) on those cars.

          An irrationally overpriced (in EU) camera is Sony RX1: even Sony president admitted that he was surprised about its price. (I agree it stands alone in its niche though) And look at how much its lens hood costs. And the OVF. And the gripper. So it seems the boat is getting crowded.

          As far as being calm and rational, calling “Troll” a guy whose nickname is “Incessant Troll”, can’t be considered rude.

          • ISO 1638400

            Yeah, Marco. Sometimes a new car has poor stock tyres and you have to spend more and change them up to better performing ones. Does that mean the stock ones are useless and prevent you from driving? No! Does that mean the manufacturer and car dealership ripped you off? Probably! But the driver makes the choice to upgrade and get better grip (tyres) over the standard option. He bears the cost on himself, unless the manufacturer or dealer comes to the party and gives you some sort of better offer to replace or upgrade the tyres at a better price. All this complaining and whining is wasted oxygen. People have many choices but some want everything for free.

  • Jack

    The OM-D is overpriced even with these silly accessory deals. When the OM-D price was announced the yen was near an all-time high against the US dollar, at around 78 yen to 1 USD. Now it’s back to 2008 levels at 97 yen to 1 USD today. That’s a huge difference. All the camera/lens makers hiked their prices in the past couple years due to the strong yen but have not lowered their prices back down. The OM-D is still selling at launch price.

    Wait for more price drops – don’t encourage high prices.

  • Why to hell never such offers in Switzerland?

    • duque

      +so much I can’t write that many 1’s

      we never get any deals what so ever like that.

    • Economies of scale, perhaps? New York city has a bigger population than all of Switzerland. How many people are in the market for a new camera or lens? If you are in Switzerland, you can very easily and quickly buy from a neighboring country that has better deals.

  • Chris

    Admin, any rumours about an upcoming 12mm prime, or a ’75-300 II’-style price drop on the Oly 12? Sorry it’s OT, just trying to decide whether to get the Oly 12 now despite it straining the camera budget.

  • Wen

    EM5’s image quality is amazing for it’s small sensor size, but there’s absolutely nothing special about it when compared to APSC cameras, right now NEX-6 with better image quality only cost 2/3 of a EM5. The value of IBIS only make up for it’s small sensor at best. D7100 has better AF and video control over d600 but still sell for less, because IQ always comes 1st.
    Now lense, full frame f2.8 standard zoom is priced around $2000, and aps-c ones are much cheaper around $1000-$1200 which is same price point as the Panasonic 12-35mm/F2.8 for MFT…ouch

    • ISO 1638400

      “EM5′s image quality is amazing for it’s small sensor size”

      See, that’s where you and many others should just put a full stop. Stand back, take a few deep breaths and read that statement over a few times. Maybe then, you will begin to understand why some value the system of Micro Four Thirds.

      What’s the point of always comparing a smaller format to larger formats? It’s insanity and a symptom of acute psychosis.

      Should I compare my commuter hatchback to a rally car because they are both cars and both have engines? It’s psychotic fantrollboys who don’t get it. Working professional photographers use cameras from several systems with all different sensor sizes. They pick the right tool for the job. Why carry around a MF camera to the kid’s soccer match or to the restaurant. Conversely, they are not going to take a 1/1.7″ compact to a critical landscape shoot with thousands of dollars on the line.

      The point of cost is also relative. Some base value for dollar based on volume or amount: size, power, performance, features etc.—the more the better. “Why pay more for a hatchback when you can get a sedan for less? You get less car for more money!” Well, what if I just prefer to drive in a hatchback? What if that’s more suitable for me? What if that’s all I need? What if it’s actually my second or third car? “Oh, but it’s overpriced for what it is.” Maybe it is. Maybe it isn’t. Maybe I’ll just take another car today. If I feel like it.

      • Wen

        such a long reply…hats off to you sir!
        The bitter truth is, although my hatchback (yes I drive a hatchback just like you=)has better fuel consumption and interior than a rally car, it does not mean you can sell it for the same price.
        I fully appreciate the size/weight benefit of MFT, but it does not mean you can sell it at a much higher price than APS-C cameras.
        It’s perfectly normal to get defensive when others talk trash about our beloved cameras, but we as consumers all benefit from lower price, do we not?

        • ISO 1638400

          I wish for lower prices like most do. But I think most camera systems are actually quite affordable anyway. If one is serious about a hobby, they will set aside money for it. Photography as a hobby or work is less expensive than music I think, or car racing, not to mention golf.

          m4/3 is quite expensive for many products but other products are affordable due to discounting and lack of popularity. I buy at the lower end of m4/3. It is not my permament long-term system. I’ll still deciding on that.

          Here’s another analogy. High end smartphones are quite expensive for what they are; some costing as much as a good consumer midrange notebook PC. Smartphones cannot compare in performance and overall productivity to notebooks or desktop computers of the same generation, except in some unusual circumstances. And like computers and cameras, their prices freefall very quickly because of rapid updates and fierce competition. A typical high end smartphone can lose half of its value in one year. But yet the smartphones serve their purpose. They make up for their shortcomings compared to larger computing systems by being immensely portable and usable. They are unobtrusive and available with you on the go. A smartphone replaces many devices, giving it further value. And many now could not live without them for their work or social life.

          Some people are prepared to pay a higher price for this, others are not. Same as with my example of the cars. And what about some units and apartments costing more than some houses? Price often does not have a reasonable, logical explanation. Sometimes it just is what it is. It is up to the market (the consumer) to decide. Supply and demand will change the prices.

          • Wen

            smartphones and notebooks are different products so it’s not exactly a fair comparison, one can even argue smartphones are more useful compared to cameras like em5 and still sell for less, so let’s not go there.
            What I’m talking about is objective value, not the “I like it so I’m prepared to pay more” value. Anyway I just checked reviews of em5, nex6, and xe1 on dpreview, not surprisingly, em5 has the lowest point in value(performance-price ratio) section. Well, at least I’m not the only one.

            • MarcoSartoriPhoto

              Wen, this is not a race about who scores a better result in a DXO chart or whatever test. To me this is not photography. Everyone can take a picture with a smartphone or a Hasselblad, but the point is why the consumer chose it. Nex6 is less expensive? Ok. Buy it. Be happy with it, I know it’s a good camera. I like Nex cameras, personally I don’t like Sony lenses. But I like the Zeiss ones…except for their top price and size. Or a Leica lens, but still the price is not friendly..

              I love how Fuji reacts to customers’ feedback, I love their lenses quality and new XTrans sensor, but to me its AF is still slow for my needs and that’s the reason why I didn’t get an EX1.

              Yesterday I was in Venice with some friends, visiting exhibitions and doing some street photography: two of them brought their brand new Fuji system. Other two had m43 cameras. Me too. One of them told me that the mirrorless system was refreshing: now he always carries around his camera. BUT for his work he will need his DX-1.

              About the reselling value: as ISO already wrote, tech gear loose value really fast. Lenses are different, at least until the system is alive.

              If I had a lot of money to invest I would choose diamonds, as far as I know they’re the only thing that doesn’t loose value in time.

              Also, writing a long and friendly reply is some kind of investment. :)

            • ISO 1638400

              You are approaching camera buying as though you are buying shares or investing in a financial portfolio. Looking at the best dollar value and return on investment is a sound approach to planning one’s financial future, but taking this same approach to photography and our camera purchase can rob us of much of what photography can bring to us. The return on investment with our cameras is from its images. Not with its specifications and hype sheets, affirmations of others, review scores or monetary value.

              Photography and cameras are highly subjective and emotional pursuits. Yet these emotions of ours needs to be tempered with some objectivity, what some might call a good dose of reality. That’s where the approach of looking for the best price-to-performance ratio will come into play. I always try and buy the best I can afford, whatever products they may be. For important purchases, I do my research and price comparisons beforehand. But I think it’s important to not get caught up in best dollar value as the determining factor of our purchases.

              If the best camera in the world with the best sensor in the world was selling for $100, surely every camera gearhead and photo enthusiast would buy it, right? Perhaps. Why would we not? Yet if there was something I didn’t like about the camera, that caused me to not want to use it, that annoyed me enough, I wouldn’t buy it even for that price. Other than for a “Why not? I’ve got nothing to lose” mentality, I could use that $100 for other things.

              The problem we have in the photoforumblogosphere is too many people taking a scientific and mathematical approach to photography. Overanalysis, overresearching, overcomparing. Overdoing the methodologies of determining Image Quality, which itself, despite being able to be measured objectively to some degree, is a highly personal judgment: since we bring our own prejudices, influences, aspirations, ways of seeing the world to our view of the image.

    • true homer

      Thats what I call knowing the cost of something but not the value. Where was it that you saw that the nex 6 sensor was better? And in what? Noise control? Sure, theyre also incredibly soft. Theres also no lenses to choose from.

      The ff f2.8 zooms are twice as expensive as the panny zooms, sounds fair to me. And reviews show that they are equally as sharp or in some cases sharper than the ff counterparts. Also, what aps c 2.8 zooms? The 2 or 3 that exist dont hold an unlit candle to the resolution of the panny zooms. Look it up, there are other sites besides dxomark

      • Wen

        “Thats what I call knowing the cost of something but not the value” cost is a fact, but value changes based on needs. It might be a good priced camera for you, but you can’t say the same when considering the whole camera market.

        “The 2 or 3 that exist dont hold an unlit candle to the resolution of the panny zooms.” dxomark: pretty much the same score. Photozone: Canon EF-S 17-55mm f/2,8 has better optical performance and value.

        • Lisandra Santiago

          Cost is actually relative. Spec for spec and performance both the gh3 and the omd far exceed the nex 6. Compare it to the nex 7 if you have to.
          And where did you come to the conclusion that the 17-55 2.8 was better? The panny 12-35 resolves 1000 more lines in their test, if 200 more lines means a “significant difference” what does 1000 lines mean?
          Again, the cost wnd the value are 2 different things

    • Anonymous

      Thats what I call knowing the cost of something but not the value. Where was it that you saw that the nex 6 sensor was better? And in what? Noise control? Sure, theyre also incredibly soft. Theres also no lenses to choose from.

      The ff f2.8 zooms are twice as expensive as the panny zooms, sounds fair to me. And reviews show that they are equally as sharp or in some cases sharper than the ff counterparts. Also, what aps c 2.8 zooms? The 2 or 3 that exist dont hold an unlit candle to the resolution of the panny zooms. Look it up, there are other sites besides dxomark

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