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(UPDATED) Olympus market roundup.


Below you find some of the refurbished European Olympus camera/lens auctions via Olympusmarket:
Black Olympus E-PL1 with kit lens Olympus 14-150mm lens Black Olympus E-PL1 with double lend kit Black Olympus E-PL3 with kit lens Red Olympus E-PL1 with kit lens Silver Olympus E-P1 with kit lens Silver Olympus VF-3 viewfinder Black Olympus E-PL1 with 14-150mm lens Blue Olympus E-PL1 with kit lens White Olympus E-PL1 with kit lens Olympus E-5 body


  • Al

    Hey, man, while I really love your site I also REALLY wish you would just link to the video/picture if it is of this nature. When I opened your site my 6-year old was standing right next to me…

    • Will

      Whatever you do don’t allow your kid to see a nude body. My boy did and he’s never been the same. Therapy twice a week and he started smoking to calm his nerves! I do feel like the post was entirely to show boobies with little value to actual camera related posts.

      • Chris K

        Everyone is entitled to raise their kids the way they see fit, within legal limits.

        What’s out of bounds for your kids to witness? Lets say for the sake of argument you’d have a problem with a video of a vivisection being shown to your kids. How would you feel if you went to, say, slashdot, and the front page had just such a video?

        I have no problems with nude photography, but I DO have a problem with people who push their beliefs on people, which is what you’re doing.

        Keep up the good work, Admin. Next time just toss us a NSFW tag, please. :)

    • Farrukh

      +1 Not what I was expecting to see when visiting this site!

      • Only surprise :-P

      • Henrik

        + 1,5

  • flamingjune1967

    Video is inappropriate for a tech/rumors website. totally NSFW!

  • No comments yet! Wives must be watching. Opps, just got caught.

  • ght

    They’re nekkid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I don’t think Europeans will have a problem with that video. And most Americans won’t either. If you don’t want to look at naked people don’t watch it. Just in case it’s still not clear what you’re gonna be looking at let me tell you- naked chicks!!!!!!!!!! And they’re shot with a GH1!

    Thanks for all you do Andrea!

  • rUY

    it is hard to keep the camera steady with GH-1 without a tripod in this situation……probably, EM-5 do a better job for this……

  • Alyson

    Actually, this is why I bought my GH1 to begin with and how it often gets used. Wondering if this was standard or hacked firmware?

    • street

      What kind of gear are you using now?

  • Ha, well that was weird….Anyway got my EM-5 today and Panny 25m 1.4 happened to magically arrive out of the blue the same day. All I can say after a few hours of playing is wow wow wow. I say all of the following as a complete and total NON-OLYMPUS M4/3 HOMER!! I’ve been a Nikon guy my whole life and have been working in pro video production for years now, this is my first entry into the m4/3s world. I’m not going to say it beats the IQ of my D7000, but its damn damn close…and the reason I got the OM-D was to take over for my D7000, sell that and upgrade to the D800 for my Pro landscape work and have the OM-D as my main carry-where-ever-I-go camera. I was just too sick of carrying around a big heavy camera everywhere I went and finally kept finding myself leaving it at home for this reason.

    I’ll post more of my thoughts later as well as some image samples and RAW experiences with the newly released Lightroom beta, but I just have to say the image stabilization in this camera I think is the BIGGEST thing people are undervaluing. This is a complete and total game changer IMO and offeres something that no other camera on the market can even come close to. Just outstanding. The noise issue, again as everyone has said already, its the first thing I noticed when I turned the camera on….after about 20 minutes I honestly don’t even notice it anymore….NON-ISSUE, and this is coming from a video guy through and through….It doesn’t hurt that the noise disappears during video as well :)

    It has its quirks and I thinks its ridiculously involved menu-system will take some getting used to, and/or take a while to customize everything the way I need it to. The buttons ARE definitely mushy and not ideal, but I absolutely have to chalk that up to the weather sealing…but honestly a small price to pay, and if your bitching about buttons then really, your focusing on the wrong damn thing in the first place. The bottom line is, this camera is FUN FUN FUN and already is an absolute joy to use and play with, not to mention it is stunning in person. I can’t recommend the 25mm 1.4 enough either, it looks perfectly made for the OM-D in every way. I made the mistake of using it before I took the 14-42 kit out of the box and well, I don’t think I’ll ever be using that, ever.

    I know the wait has been long and sometimes very painful for a lot of us here, but believe me, its worth the wait in every way. I can only imagine what Olympus has in store for their “PRO” OM-D!

    • Hey Gage,
      I’d love to get a hold of some of your EM-5 footage after you have had a chance to test it out. I’m also a video pro (in Chicago), and have my em-5 on pre-order. I have an AF100, HPX500, and D800, and want to see where the Oly will fit in. If you are so inclined, you can reach me direct through Thanks!!! : ). Mike

      • Hey Mike, I’ve got your website and contact in my bookmarks now and will definitly let you know when I have some real tests. So far I’ve just been walking around my house and property handheld with it, but will do some more in depth tests soon. I have an old Glidecam(poor man’s steadicam) and I’m really interested to see what a realatively cheap rig like that combined with the IBIS of the EM-5 will do, I think it will be fantastic. I do a lot of ENG shoots and although there are definite limitations with the EM-5 in terms of its codec and 1080i vs 1080p, I think it can be an extremely usefull 2nd camera in a lot of situations and with all the editing tools at our disposal today, I really don’t see it being an issue integrating into a final cut pro timeline with other more “pro” style streams. Anyway, good to hear from you and I’ll keep you posted. You can also contact me either at or….my website is mostly just my landscape and HDR work, but I’m changing my website so my video work will be up shortly.

        • Reza

          A comment on using it as part of larger shoot: you’ll have the problem of different color pallets if you mix and match footage from cameras with different brands. It’ll be minimized if you can manually set the exposure, but it’ll be there.

          • Hi Gage,
            Thanks! Mike

      • Hey Gage, does the 25mm chatter.. like it apparently does on the pen models?

    • street

      Congratulations….and enjoy the m43 and its every where pictures. please in some days tell us your opnion

    • Fish

      Great comment Gage. I had convinced myself not to get the e-m5 and to wait until the next model, but your experience has swayed me more than all of the tests so far.

      Please let us know when you post more of you thoughts.

      • Will do Fish, I was pretty skeptical myself and actually was way more excited about the Xpro 1 initially, but I just can’t justify spending that much on basically a “beta” version camera, and the video is horrible with the Fuji. I’ll try and do a write-up with examples within the week as I get time and ask the admin to post it to the site. I do a lot of HDR work as well and now that we have preliminary RAW conversion at our disposal, its time to truly see the potential for how far you can push the images this camera produces. Till then, cheers!

  • Roger B1

    Except for that movie,I love this site. I check it several times a day. thanks. :o)

    • street


  • JFG

    As a French man living in the US I got a kick out of this video. Knowing how Americans are so sexually repressed that they do not know the difference between nudity and pornography, I cannot wait to see the responses you will get.
    Besides that, the video is not bad, but nothing to write home about. It seems to me that most cameras in a controlled setting with appropriate lighting would produce something at least comparable. Once you have set up a studio scene, a background, and the organized lighting with 5 or 6 sources, the advantages of a 4/3rd small and light camera are not that important anymore. In this environment, a dedicated video camera, or one of the FF SLRs would have produced better results, just as easily, and without a big impact on the overall cost.
    I enjoyed the character of the post for flying in the face of prevailing (US) conformity, but technically, it did not tell me very much.

    • omd

      As another french man living in the US I get really tired of other french men pushing on the world that stupid stereotype they create everyday then wondering why ze americans are mocking us az we are so superior because we uze naked women on our State sponsored TV to sell our smelly fromage and succulent yaourt..euh.. I meant yogurt az you say you americans.

      C’est vrai que la video est un peu conne et j’ai vraiment hate de mettre ma main sur l’OMD, version “Vif Argent” de preference :-)

      • Chris K

        Whoa, who’s got the issues here?

    • Vlad

      Totally agreed. Big deal, some naked people.

  • The women and the lighting are lovely. With all respect to the artist, I don’t understand why this video was posted here. It’s not exactly showcasing the capabilities or shortcomings of MFT.

    The focus and video in general was meandering.

    Perhaps the nudity was too great a hurdle for me to see the art. But, let me say that while I might not be sexually satiated, I am far from repressed.

    • admin

      Usually on Weekends I try to post some video. I wanted to post soemthing different, that’s it. Today it’s nude tomorrow something else…and so on.

      • Thank you for all your work admin. I got addicted to 43rumors waiting for the PanaLeica 25/1.4. The frequent posts have kept me coming back. Please keep it up.

        I enjoyed the post and video regardless of my criticism.

  • RW

    Not much of a video, but still appealing in its own way…. :-)

  • I Found something quite tragic about that video, the quality was terrible, focusing all over the place and I really hope the vignetting was added deliberately.
    As for the content, it just seemed incredibly boring, from the brief glimpses of the photographers, it’s what looked like a bunch of overweight middle age men photographing young naked people, the pose with the cigar was especially trashy, and the models don’t really look like they are enjoying themselves. The whole thing just looks awkward.
    Nude photography, when done right can be beautiful, but this was just poor. If it is to be “Artistic” I feel that nudity should add something to an image, not be the whole focus, that the image/video should work if they had clothes on, but that nudity adds something. That video just seemed like poor quality soft porn.

    • I think a distinction between the two models is worthy. The blonde seemed more the type to work for a politician or the US secret service.

      It’s a workshop so the scene is what it is. However, I think a short that focused on the middle aged men with cameras would be far more interesting.

    • That is precisely what I was thinking. Well… more or less at least :D

  • T-L

    This video’s “shaky cam” style somehow reminds me of Kai’s interpretation of shooting with 5-axis stabilization… ;)

  • nicwalmsley

    Come on Admin. Do you realize that video could get some people fired from their jobs? If you are going to post soft porn on a non porn site, the etiquette is to tag it with NSFW. You know that?

    • Atle

      What kind of moron workplace fires someone over something like that?

      • Chris K

        Lots of them, unfortunately. It’s no joke.

        A “NSF” tag cures that, at least for us RSS readers.

    • admin

      Sorry, I don’t fell like this is soft porn. But I removed the embedded video to avoid long dicsussions on that theme.

      • I’m with you. Shooting people and firing guns off is ok. Naked body in great condition is bad.
        Do we have some thing backwards here.

  • Lluis

    In my computer this video seems to have problems, maybe the motherboard

  • nicwalmsley

    Thanks admin.

  • Fan

    OK where’s the link to the video? I would like to see it but not in an embedded frame.

    • admin

      Removed it on request by readers. I tried to post something new but it was probably too much on borderline for some of my readers. What I learned is that I have to keep a low profile because it’s so easy to get under fire on nude photography!
      And it was certainly not my intention to hurt the sensibility of some of my readers. But it was deifnitely nude and certainly not porn :)

      • Fan

        Can you tell me how to find it on the net?

  • knocks his head against the wall for logging in too late.
    I am surprised about the negative comments about a nude video.

  • Lumix

    I don’t see the naked video? At least provide a link for us late arivals.

    • Fan

      Or some clues what to type in Google …

    • admin

      NOpe, otherwise I will get even more critics :)

      • admin

        P.S.: Next time I will post a classic video of my four new 3 weeks old cats :)

        • Henrik

          Don’t show them in the nude!!

          • Absolutely! Some people are gonna freak if he posts four naked pussies.

            • Henrik

              What kind of phantasy have YOU got?

      • VF


  • solar

    Some people need to take a step back and get a grip on reality. Love your work admin. I check this site everyday, and when I saw that video link, I chose not to open it. That was my choice to decide whether I open and view the link or not.

    I chose not too, for varying reasons. Am I offended; LMAO :) There are multiple comments posted here daily that are more offensive to a 6 year old if he/she chose to read the comments by some members.

  • omd

    Most of the comments believes that video was not offensive. I agree. It was not porn or even soft porn.
    What the admin needs to understand is a lot of people would check his website from work. When you are at work you may have female co workers with various degrees of “artistic acceptance”. It is again easy to make fun of american female workers who would sue their boss for sexual harassment in a big company (google herman cain for exemple. It could be a regular joe working at regular job in a big company in Saoudi Arabia where he has the mutaween (the religious police) breathing down his neck. A few minute and a wrong click could change someone’s life for good.

    If someone believes I had issues making fun of another french man like myself (who loves fromage and naked women), it was simply because some of us forget we share a lot with a lot of people with different cultures, not just in the USA.

  • Without starting a mass debate on nude photography, it seems that a lot of what is classed as art, really doesn’t stand up to scrutiny, the focus is the nudity, rather then the structure/story of the image. This is very noticeable on sites like 500PX that contain a lot of “fine art nude” photography, where a lot of “photographers” seem to use “Art” as an excuse to take or look at pictures of naked people and give the images pretentions to something that they are not. There is not necessarily anything wrong with pictures of naked people for the sake of the nakedness, but why pretend it is something it is not.

  • I saw the movie and the vimeo longer version( Fine, as a non video person, fine as a representation of art, fine as a representation of life. No problem for me or mine. I will say though. Guns kill and are glorified in some parts of the world, (I know its the person not the gun. Nuts, I say, no guns no kill, opportunism lost). Naked bodies do not kill, they may cause a sweat to break out from time to time though.

    TV violence in every conceivable manner is OK, as long as the body is not naked, the sight of a naked body could cause us mental trauma.

    People are very, very strange.

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