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Updated Micro Four Thirds lens catalog: Shows Olympus PRO and Schneider MFT lenses on schedule.


Bildschirmfoto 2015-03-03 um 19.27.56

A couple of days ago the Four Thirds Group updated their Lens Catalog (pdf file here). As you can see the 7-14mm and 8mm pro lenses are to be released this summer while the 300mm is coming after them in late 2015. The catalogue also shows the three Schneider MFT lenses but without to mention a specific release target.

Latest we heard about those Schneider lenses was back at Photokina. The 14mm f/2.0 should cost around 1200 Euro. But release time was still undefined because Schneider first has to produce more of their highly requested Cine lenses. But let’s hope those lenses will ship sometimes before the end of this year!

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