(FT5) Unbelievable: New Olympus OM video quality is better than on the GH2!


The current best m43 camera for video, the Panasonic GH2. Will soon lose the primacy?

A couple of days ago a source told me that the new OM-D camera will have a better video quality than the current best of the m43 class, the Panasonic GH2. I worked with other sources to check if that statement is true or rather exaggerated or completely false. But they all confirm the same, the new Olympus camera beats hands-down the GH2. One of the aspects Olympus worked hard id the reducing of the “jello effect”. Keep in mind that this is a rumors site and I rely on info received by others and that I have no way to check it out if it’s true. But those sources have been proved to be correct in the past so that let’s me (and you) hope for the best when the D-day comes on February 8th!

Sensor troubles: If the sources are telling me all the time that the image quality has been improved, that it has a greater dynamic range, that it has better video quality than the GH2…than I am really having BIG troubles that the 16 megapixel sensor is the same of the Panasonic GX1.

Stay tuned on 43rumors!

Rumors classification explained (FT= FourThirds):
FT1=1-20% chance the rumor is correct
FT2=21-40% chance the rumor is correct
FT3=41-60% chance the rumor is correct
FT4=61-80% chance the rumor is correct
FT5=81-99% chance the rumor is correct

  • Beardface

    Holy moley! This camera just keeps getting better…

    • eFWee

      Why? It is unbelievable (funny for a FT5 rumor BTW ;-)

    • A couple of days ago… A COUPLE OF DAYS AGO!!

      Well if there is anything else you know, tell us NOW!!

      No wait… would I rather instant gratification of FT3 or maximum satisfaction of FT5?

      FT5 FTW!

      • FT5? Really? From the post, it sounds as if one source provided vague information about the video quality. Sounds more like marketing to me… but perhaps increases the chances of the sensor being similar to the GH1/GH2 sensor.

      • Digifan

        You can read he was checking the rumor, so the email exchange maybe what he was waiting for.
        Take a pill and relax.

        • I’m only kidding around anyway… admin is doing a good job keeping us posted and probably having fun keeping us on edge.

          • admin

            I am keeping myself on edge too! :)

            • jim

              Admim – please just throw us some FT1/2 roumurs – just to keep us wolfs happy :)

    • Kleijn

      Is there à market for the E5? Or is it blow away by the om-d

  • Ego

    wow!this sounds very interesting…. but all this good news lead to a bad one….the price can’t be so low…!!!

    • Bob B.

      ya wanna play…you gotta pay..alway has been that way…especially with camera gear.

      • I think Ego meant to say that the rumors are stacking up in a way that one would expect the price to be higher than rumored. Its almost mythical performace, build, etc., would lead one to expect a Leica-like pricetag.

        Of course looking at the OM-D as simply a GH3 competitor, one obviously expects it to outperform the GH2 on most levels.

        I’m following everything with interest as both the OM-D and GH3 could end up replacing my 7D, depending on what the actual cameras will look like.

        • Justin

          any speculation is based on the native GH2 spec (firware updated of course). The hacked specs are not going to be beaten any time soon.

          • Of course. Not even the GH3 will do that natively. (If I understand Panasonic’s comments on the hacks and GH3 development correctly.)

            • Esa Tuunanen

              You understood correctly.
              Official AVCHD specification is rigged to limit video quality of consumer products.
              Just compare the fact that for double amount of information (60 fps progressive) AVCHD 2.0 allows only 28Mb/s while for Blu-Ray (30 fps max) max bitrate is 40Mb/s.

              • Esa Tuunanen

                Forgot that Olympus could actually use some better video file format instead of messy AVCHD.
                For example Matroska if free open source container format and would allow free choosing of bitrate.

                • admin

                  Would be ncie! But I don’t think this will happen.

  • Agent00soul

    Ahhh… finally something substantial on the OM-D again!
    Excellent news for you filmmakers out there!

    • Steve

      Substantial ? Are you being sarcastic ? “much better” is highly subjective, so there’s nothing of substance here, and admin even follows this with a disclaimer ” Keep in mind that this is a rumors site and I rely on info received by others and that I have no way to check it out if it’s true.”

      I hope it’s true but is it better than a hacked GH2 ? Probably not.

      • Andrew Howes

        This is a rumors site, I don’t understand exactly what you expect. He has multiple sources on this, and he apparently has good reason to trust them.

        No one necessarily said that it would be better than the hacked GH2.

        • Steve

          yeah silly me, I guess I should expect hyperbole and hype eh ? Unfortunately, for me, that lowers the credibility of any unsubstantiated claims.

          wait and see eh ?

          • Neonart

            Whoa. Somebody needs a soothing tea or something.

            • ep3zd50_ninja

              LOL. I wonder what he is doing on a rumors site in the first place.

        • ange7

          lol … poor steve

          • Steve

            Yeah… poor me… hehe ….

            But I have an oxymoron ft5 impossible rumor – OM-G!H2X has best ever image quality for an Olympus M43 pen camera ! Incredible !

            I mean really, how is this a rumor ? It’s an obvious statement about camera development with a dose of hype to get people reading.

            Dang, this columbian coca tea is good ;-)

            • bugoy

              mr grumpy is ruining the moment… relax, mister. this is a rumor site.

      • Leu

        I personally think this camera actually uses the GH2 sensor, with the tweaks their talking about made in ptools :P

        • Anonymous

          No ,.. The sensor is completly new and it is not panasonic sensor

          • Leu

            back that up will you?

      • MJr

        Hello Negative Steve, FYI: Much better at least means it is as good, meaning the best in its class, how is that not substantial? You might not care for it, but it is substantial.

        • TheEye

          “Much better at least means it is as good”

          Huh? “Much better” means “much better” and not “at least as good.” The latter means “the same” or “better” by an unspecified amount, which may be marginal or extreme.

          • Steve

            Maybe they should call it the OM-GH2 ? Just teasing folks…

            • flash

              OM-GH2x got to have an “x” or its not a real camera. :)

              • achiinto

                Probably just like the old M-1, that this camera will be called GH2. And then Panasonic will start suing Olympus and the name will change to OGH2.


              • achiinto

                Probably just like the old M-1, that this camera will be called GH2. And then Panasonic will start suing Olympus and the name will change to OGH2. Just kidding

          • MJr

            So you’re saying ‘at least as good’ means “the same” or “better” by an unspecified amount, which may be marginal or extreme.

            Well what do you know, by your own definition ‘at least as good’ actually does include ‘much better’, which would be the ‘better by an extreme’ part.

            Remind me where i was wrong in my comment ?

            Oh i see, the fact that the amount is ‘unspecified’ bothers you. And you think that ‘much’ specifies it. Ahw that is so cute. And the Mr Oblivious award goes to ..

            Well, don’t say i didn’t warn you getting your hopes up like that.

        • “Much better at least means it is as good”

          Comment of the year. :)

    • Bob B.

      It could definitely still be the G3 sensor…if it is sold with the hacked setup of the GH2 then it is much better than the current GH2. Besides….with all of this intrique and spoon feeding..I still think this camera has the G3 sensor in it. It would have been leaked by now if there was a bigger change. No doubt.
      I think these leaks come straight from Oly and are fed to us just to get the ball rolling and a buzz going for increase sales it is pretty obvious in this particular instance.

  • Me

    > One of the aspects Olympus worked hard id the reducing of the “jello effect”.

    Too bad, actually, as that means there’s still only software stabilization in video mode… Unless you use a Panasonic MegaOIS lense, of course. :p

    • The jello effect has nothing to do with image stabilisation, rolling shutter comes down to the time it takes for the CMOS sensor to scan the image top to bottom and the lack of a mechanical shutter such as what is offered on the Sony cinema camera F65 and what is used in stills mode in m43 cameras. If Olympus has managed to reduce this effect then it will more than likely be down to increasing the scan rate if the sensor which is very good news for us actually.

      • Me

        That’s not the jello effect I’m talking about. The news doesn’t say a word about the rolling shutter issue either.

        The jello effect caused by Oly’s software stabilization is well known.

        • Frederic Hugh

          As the GH2 does not have IBIS, the “jelo” effect admin refers to are rolling shutter artifacts.

          These have to do with the image being refreshed during sensor readout.

          It probably means, as admin suggests, new sensor technology

          • Dan

            Or new processing slgoritms. I’m no expert but I guess that with the increased processing speed of newer cameras something could be done that will correct this without new sensor technology. I’m guessing software-based.

            • Frederic Hew

              I don’t think that faster processing can help resolve this issue as the data available to the processor is already read off the sensor which means it represents a static image, not one with fast moving elements.

              As far as I can understand a solution requires a faster readout or, alternatively, a way to prevent the image data from changing during the readout cycle.

        • SZRimaging

          Jello is one thing only, rolling shutter. The IBIS artifacts are called just that,artifacts from bad rendering, not Jello.

        • No, Jello is a camera industry wide description of rolling shutter artifacts. It has nothing to do with stabilisation. Thankyou

        • No, Jello is a camera industry wide description of rolling shutter artifacts. It has nothing to do with stabilisation, Thankyou

        • fta

          “jello effect” = “rolling shutter”

  • i think camera have global shutter

    • ange7

      Probably not. Because the leak wouldn’t be “reduced jello” it would be “GLOBAL SHUTTER Bitches!!!”

      • io

        lol xD

      • Justin


  • Sven

    Wow… I think this camera really will be a blast for many people !!!

  • Ralentizeur

    i smell lot’s of comments from the panasonic fanboys (and employees)

    • Bob B.

      well of course …you guy are stealing ALL of our thunder for a whole week now! :-)

  • I think Canon and Nikon will be more worried (especially as video on the D4 is getting unfavourable reviews).

    Panasonic will make the GH3 better than the Olympus OM-D and add features that should have been in the GH2.

    2012 is the Mirrorless tipping point :D

    • Agent00soul

      should have

      • P

        +1 ;)

    • Richard_K

      Yeah. I think Nikon just made a great mistake to release D4 in the era of mirrorless. Who cares about that bulky, expensive DSLR. I feel that OM-D shall blow away every top full frame camera.

      • ha

        By this logic Oly shouldn’t have released the E-5 and should never think about an E-7? Really? There is still a userbase interested in body updates…

      • @Richard_K
        I don’t think Nikon have given people enough reason to upgrade from their D3’s to the D4, just saying people might hold onto their D3’s and dip their toes into mirrorless for video ie the GH3 or OM-D….

      • flash

        They will sell a lot of D4s it will be a very productive camera for stills (which it was made for).

        Video on a 35mm “FF” sensor is to large it requires stopping the lens to much and/or adding some lights’ to get some depth of field. Basically, it is like shooting 70 mm. Now the real 35mm motion film is 1/2 frame like a Pen.

    • The Real Stig

      Panasonic likely won’t be able to make the GH3 better, because they will be stuck having to use their own sensor! :)

      It seems increasingly clear the OM-D isn’t using a Panny sensor. Also there is the lead time in making the GH3. It is probably near finished, no time to go back to the drawing board to play catch-up.

      • @The Real Stig
        Olympus and Panny both said in interviews last year said they were working on improving the dynamic range, sensitivity and performance of their sensors, so in all likelihood the sensor in the GH3 will be new too…

        • Assuming the sensor is from Panasonic, it can’t be a new sensor with new technology. I can’t imagine a scenario where Panasonic would let Olympus have first access to new sensor tech.

          P.S. – I hope the sensor is not from Panny. m43 could use some more variation in regards to sensor technology.

        • Raist3d

          That sounds delusional to me. The D4 has AFAIK a major upgrade in video.

      • Leu

        so you mean it is probably already better? You know the GH cams don’t have the same sensors as any other pany cameras, right?

  • OlympusFan

    This is getting more and more exciting!!! :)

  • Duarte Bruno

    Well this is good news all along and it means that not only the sensor has got to be new to allow faster readout, but also the imaging engine had to be redesigned.
    For this better quality to happen, the sensor needs to have new binning modes. IIRC the E-P3 had a full sensor binning mode for video, but this was hardly ever discussed.
    These wild claims are often given in restricted context so let’s wait to see what comes along.

    • Maybe the binning is used for the new EVF too.

    • >These wild claims are often given in restricted context so let’s wait to see what comes along.

      Yes, the problem here is that the sources might not even now enough about video to claim such thing. So while it’s certainly good news, we’ll have to wait and see how it proves in reality when tested by some expert.

      We’ve already heard from trusted sources before that the IQ of the E-P3 was much better than previous cameras. And that the GX1 had the best IQ of all m43 cameras and was very, very close to the NEX-5n. And in the end they were just over optimistic claims, not substantiated in reality.

      We will see.

      • Steve

        Agree- rumors are turning into marketing eh ? Now how did that happen I wonder… ;-)

      • “We’ve already heard from trusted sources before that the IQ of the E-P3 was much better than previous cameras.”


        Nope – at least I don’t remember such a claim. They were all over the moon due to the FAST AF but as g´far as i rember, none of them talked about a clearly improved IQ. Although all the three PENs launched last summer are improved when it comes to the rendering of red and green.

        • Steve

          There were a lot of claims of much improved DR iirc and we were lead to believe it was a new sensor. But in the end, image quality is much the same as earlier models.

          AF was a welcome improvement but I think a lot of people really expected Olympus to improve image quality so naturally, a lot of disappointment and now, of course, skepticism to follow that.

        • >Nope – at least I don’t remember such a claim.

          “First reports I received from testers said that there is a visible step forward in image quality”


          And surely you remember the more recent ones about the GX1.

          • It does have a visible step forward in image quality. Due to improved processing though.

            • The processor is the same as E-PL2. Only the noise reduction is a bit stronger.

          • Atle

            “A visible step forward” is not at all the same as “much better”, maybe other rumours supports the claim, but the one you are linking to does not IMHO.

            • There were more rumors that I don’t want to look for now. That’s the one I first found.

              Anyway, it talks about new sensor, improved DR and high ISO performance, and then says that first testers report a “visible step forward” in IQ. Now we know it’s not true. Sensor is the same, DR is the same, high ISO is the same and IQ is the same.

              So the point remains. We’ll have to wait and see what’s true and what isn’t.

          • “First reports I received from testers said that there is a visible step forward in image quality”


            “Sources said that we should expect an image quality that is at least on par (but more likely even slightly better) than the current top Olympus E-5 model.”

            Well… Even the E-PL1 was nearly on par with the E-5. So I wouldn’t call this an overexaggerated rumour.

        • Raist3d

          This isn’t true at all! The EP-3 got the whole “new sensor” deal treatment, and improved stuff too rumor wise. And it wasn’t true.

          • What are you talking about? The sensor renders red and green better than its predecessors, it provides FAST AF – and Olympus still claim that it’s a new one. So would you please provide any proof that it isn’t? And don’t tell me the performance is a proof – it isn’t. If two engines produce the same amount of bhp and torque this doesn’t mean they are copies of the same design. So please provide some proof for these claims – or stop telling the same old unproven story.

  • The e-5 iq is as good as large format cams :-). Anyway, the om will shurly be a fantasic cam.

  • napalm

    good news BUT I hope we dont get our hopes too high until we get the actual specs. Otherwise, expect another massive whining/complaints/insults when the real specs come out.

  • reverse stream swimmer

    If rivaling the GH2 for video performance, this is an indication of it’s a fast digital output sensor. Only Nikon One with 10 Mpix, Sony with 16 Mpix & 24 Mpix sensors are digitally output, like the Panasonic GH series of course. Canon actually isn’t!

    This indicates it’s a new sensor, probably an Olympus design similar to the Nikon-Aptina ideas with on-board PDAF sensors. Most likely it’s a Panasonic semiconductor process used, leveraging from earlier experiences with GH. Certainly the sensor will be widely reused in Panasonic cameras, without IBIS I presume.

    Hoping also with this cameras focus on video, that the sensor is oversized and a mult-aspect ratio type. That’s possible, since we also heard that the IBIS sensor-based image stabilization is reworked!

    All this is good rumours, time will tell how accurate it was…

    • AtlDave

      While PDAF would be nice I doubt it will be on this sensor. Increasing the readout speed both reduces rolling shutter artifacts and make faster CDAF possible. That is probably what the sensor in this camera offers.

      If the readout is really fast it would make a totally silent electronic shutter possible but none of the rumors has mentioned that. We usually get a subset rumored features and performance in real cameras so the chance of getting an electronic shutter is close to zero.

      • ange7

        “Increasing the readout speed … reduces rolling shutter”.
        Great point… that could explain it and it’s an area olympus has made some headway recently with the ep3’s CDAF speeds.

  • The i like by OM-D, is button by red point is not ther i need have my finger. :-D LOL

  • Mar

    Most likely IS for video too (same way as in SLT cameras).
    This should be good because you don’t need OIS lenses for it and works well even with legacy glass.

    • io

      Crossing fingers…

  • Olaf

    Do you really know that the sensor is the same as in the GX1 ?

    • Who claimed that?

      • Olaf

        Its the way I understood the last paragraph from the published rumor.

        • Hmmm… I understand it more like he is aware that everybody expects it to be the G3/GX-1 sensor, not that any of his trusted sources have told him so.

          • Olaf

            Lets hope you are right! :-)

    • Riley

      no, nobody knows this
      but the base ISO of 200ISO, and the 16Mp are clues
      the HDR thing could be just a merged 3 frame jpeg ala Sony
      its more likely than not, that this is a Panasonic

  • Dez

    hmh…I cant wait until the 8th of feb! …mmfh…

  • Raúl

    Oh no, more hype.

  • Oliver

    Hmm, that´s nice, if it´s true. But I´m not a film maker. I´m a photographer. I want the best image quality. That´s much more important to me!

  • Robbie

    This is getting more and more….ridiculous! LOL
    But the good thing is even if a 50% discount is given to these rumors, will probably still end up with a good camera (fingers crossed)

  • DonTom

    This news makes me very happy. Personally, I really like the jPEGs from the Olly cameras, and want to keep with that. But my son wants better video quality! Only thing that will still keep the GH series in my sights is the extended tele zoom for video.

    • BLI

      Do you realize that this means you have to buy *two* OM-Ds? :-)

      • DonTom

        No, I’m happy to stay with my E-PL1 for now. He composes better than me anyway, so I will get to “borrow” the next camera sometimes.

  • Bobafett

    If these rumours should be true it’s going to be hard not to buy this cam =)
    Thanks for the substantial info admin! Keep the leaks comin’!

  • Berneck

    I’m trying really hard not to get excited, but you’re making it very difficult! ;-) It really sounds like Olympus has been listening. However, we’ve been down this road before. I hope these controlled leaks don’t cause a backlash on announcement day, or more importantly in the reviews, if they don’t meet expectaions…. Only about two weeks to go!

  • Boooo!

    Olympus people, I know you’re reading this… Let me know when the E-7 with all these new goodies is coming out. Please. I’m sure the OM-D is going to be a very fine camera, but it’s not for me, and I don’t want to switch systems… Come on, E-7, when’s it coming out? I’ll tell you what: you give me an E-7, and I’ll buy the OM-D as well. How’s that?

    • Fan

      Good idea

    • Maley

      E-7? The E-5 was just released, I doubt there will even be a E-7. They will just make some better adapter and larger MFT cameras.

      • Boooo!

        There will most likely be one, according to a recent interview with mr. Ogawa, who clearly said that there’s still a need for DSLRs.

        The E-5 was released a year and a half ago. I’m fine with waiting for another year, as long as the E-7 comes out with this new sensor.

        Then I’d happily buy an OM-D as well, with a normal prime, when I’m not shooting my youngest riding horses. For lightweight daytime general photography, I use my E-510 with the Zuiko 25mm, and I wouldn’t mind replacing that combo with an OM-D and the m4/3 Panaleica or something similar that Olympus might produce.

        I just NEED the E-7 to shoot my kid, the occasional weddings, and do wildlife photos (for which I’d like to have the little tuna and the EC-20, but I’m not spending more money without a new camera body to go with it). My E-3s are getting long in the tooth, and the E-5 is a bit too expensive for a sensor with the same DR.

        Come on, Olympus, throw us loyal fourthirders a bone here. Tell us you’ll get the E-7 out soon-ish, and it’ll have this new sensor. Please?

    • now if all future om-d buyers would promise the same as you do, then Olympus would surely do that!

    • Rchard

      I would be happy for all this new rumored technology in an E-5 body. I don’t need a new body for E-7. I think that the body of E-3/E-5 is good enough.

      • Nonetheless, it would be even nicer in a revamped E-1.

  • reduced jello… is still jello.. I have a GH2…waiting to see what the GH3 holds.. Hoping for global shutter.

  • Augus

    I remember 43rumors reported global shutter patent from Olympus. If they are really putting it into OM-D, I for one will be thrilled!!!

    For any shooting, I have full-frame cams for the stuff that needs to be printed large.For any EVIL, I really need it to be enough IQ/quick/low-profile/light weight and have good video features with manual control.

    For all we have in rumor, OM-D seems have ticked all the boxes for me!

  • slave

    looks like there is no need to wait for gh3, all specs are so good

  • Leave a reply

    AVCHD 2.0?

    • MJr

      Better be, what else is that damn standard for if they don’t use it !

      • Esa Tuunanen

        > what else is that damn standard for if they don’t use it !

        For fooling consumers into thinking that they get best quality while AVCHD specification is designed to limit video quality available from consumer products.
        H.264/MPEG4 AVC is good compression but we need file format which allows higher bitrate than AVCHD for actually getting that best quality.

  • HB

    Good news! But perhaps GH3 will have a better video quality than GH2 too :-)

  • D3xmeister

    So what. Better than the GH2 in 2012 is nothing to shout about. The Gh3 will soon be realeased with AVCHD2 and otjer improvements. Typical Olympus story.

    • typical reply too

  • Miroslav

    It’s not a trick, it’s a …

  • ertu

    Like Chuck D sang, “Don’t believe the hype!”
    You people know in your heart it’s the G3 sensor and Olympus has merely tweaked it- the dynamic range will be almost identical. Also, as far as being more capable than the GH2 when it comes to video- come on people. Be sensible. I would love for it to be true and for the Olympus to become the go to tool for low budget Indy filmmakers but the GH2 (both hacked and unhacked) has some mighty impressive video specs. It will require a huge leap on the part of Olympus to best it. And when was the last time an Olympus camera represented a huge technological leap? Exactly.

    • david

      I don’t know about the sensor being the same as in the G3, but I’ll be very surprised if this “better video” claim turns out to be true. “Better video” is not a one-dimensional measure. Rolling shutter is one effect, but in my experience usually not a big one. Good downscaling is much more important, in order to reduce noise, preserve detail, and avoid moire and aliasing. Efficient use of the available bits for encoding is another huge one. In those areas, the GH2 has been holding on to its lead against much newer cameras (from Sony and Nikon). Add in the hack, and I think the GH2 is still far and away the best overall camera in terms of video. It does lack some of the latest features (60P @ 1920×1080 for example), but those are again just one dimension, and probably not so important unless you have specific needs.

      If this new camera is indeed a marked improvement over the GH2 in video, I’ll definitely buy it. But without seeing a lot of real footage (not just a spec sheet, and not just a rolling shutter demo), I’ll reserve judgement.

    • +1

      Regardless of the most recent vague rumors being posted, I’m still expecting the G3 sensor (desperately hoping that I’m wrong)

  • Rob

    Am I the only person who does not get excited by video, I like a stills camera for photographs. I personally would prefer a cheaper camera that doesn’t do movies.

    • Leu

      The video and stills sides of these cameras use the same components. Why would they make a camera that just takes stills when it can take stills and gorgeous vid for the same price?

    • TheEye

      No, you’re not the only one.

      • Dannecus


    • ha

      It’s hard to ignore video on a mirrorless system.
      And you won’t gain much for still if you do.

    • Bob B.

      I agree with Rob and the eye above…It was a bad day that video got into my still camera. I also disagree with Leu and ha. The GH2 is mainly video oriented. (I know it shoots great stills…but a G3 body is almost half the price…). I never bought one because of the price…and that price reflected additional video tech in the camera. No doubt.
      Also…moving on…can all manufacturers make the video button on the camera an optional Fn button, PLEASE, for all of us who never shoot video. Just tout it as a “feature” and we can all be happy! :-)
      It is a totally different discipline.

      • Anonymous

        That red record button on my E-PL1 is already assignable.

        • Bob B.

          Can you have “your people” call Panasonic, please?!?!?!

    • io

      Better video means more sales, and more sales mean cheaper camera.

  • Oly claims it will be better……. Well I heard bragging statements from Oly before that turned out to be just wishful thinking.
    Don’t think we know more about the new camera now than we did before this rumor was published.
    FT5= this is what Oly marketing claims!?

  • Leu

    Admin, any news on the GH3 rumors you were talking about way back? If it is going to be released in feb (not that it is or anything, just if) there must be some juicy details.

    As always, super-appreciative of your work.

  • ertu

    Come on leaker, release more pictures! :)

  • B2

    Have you heard something about ISO performance Admin?

  • MacroFan

    I just hope its continuous Autofocus is as good as the Nikon V1 as well.

  • Duarte Bruno

    About Video and being better than the GH2.

    Remember this claim is thrown without any context. We don’t know in which circumstances (low light? jello effect? 1080p60? 720p120? AVCHD 2.0? fast focusing?)

    It’s not that difficult to exceed the GH2 specification, the NEX-5N does it with 1080p60 but is trashed on low light and high ISO, the E-P3 should exceed it in low light (if full sensor binning is true like it was marketed) but is trashed in available video modes), the Sony SLT’s does it with PD focusing but it’s got even worse IQ than NEX-5N, and so on…

    The real strength of the GH2 in video lies in the fact that it has no weak points plus 2 key factors:

    1) The way it bins pixels for video, giving unsurpassed (in APS-C) detail and low light IQ. Again I must say I don’t have an E-P3 but I don’t see any reports on how it’s video is excelling.

    2) the HACK. Let’s face it, no camera that stays within AVCHD recording specs, can ever aspire to beat a full Intra H.264 176Mbps stream (and I might even tell you that there is a major turn over coming on to the hacks’ patch sets, which promises the same quality at much less bitrate expense).

    As for 1) let’s hope Olympus got their hands on an advanced sensor and this is true.

    As for 2) forget about it or buy into a ProRes 4:4:4 external recorder.

    • Jorge

      The GH2 hack is great for people that has high needs (videographers, special projects…). I have a GH2 but not hacked it because I use it for domestic purposes and want my videos to be high quality but still futureproof and relatively small in size. Though in any case it is great to have both possibilities.

      About the OM-D, these looks like the AF speed race we saw last year, with everyone claiming to have the fastest. In my opinion, it doesn’t matter who was actually the winner, what is important is that m4/3 managed to beat the old mirrorless focusing disadvantaging against DSLR. And it is great that with the OM-D there is another highly competent camera for video, regardless if it is actually slightly better or not than the GH2.

      I think this camera will be great for the whole m4/3 system, especially because it will get the same kind of attention as the Fuji X PRO 1.

      • Duarte Bruno

        There is a VBR hack in the works that will noticeably address this issue: constant quality on a “need to spend” bitrate basis.
        You should check personal-view within the next week as it’s only out for a day and it needs testing.

    • david


      (I hate such comments, but in this case, it’s exactly how I feel. I’d love something even better for video than my GH2, but so far a lot of “better than the GH2” pretenders have come and gone, and with the hack, the bar is currently very high.)

      • david

        (To be clear, I hate +xxx comments, not Duarte’s)

  • Camaman

    Multi-aspect, 1:1 sensor with on camera button for portrait and landscape orientation… ?

  • jacek

    “than I am really having BIG troubles that the 16 megapixel sensor is the same of the Panasonic GX1.” every sane person knows that :)

  • beuler

    The photosite size is compatible with Soany 24mp APS sensor.

  • Narretz


    That is all.

    • T-L

      THIS… IS… M-A-R-K-E-T-I-N-G!!!”

  • CRB

    I REALLY hope this is true, but the fact is that after a LOT of time none of your sources told you who made this mf@#$ sensor. This is somewhat disturbing. If all this ends up with a oly camera with “tweaked” panasonic sensor, it will be really bad.
    But there is hope. FINGERS CROSSED.

    • Who made the sensor is probably one of the most difficult facts to get hold of. Sometimes this is not revealed even after the camera is launched.

      • CRB

        good to know..but can the sources at least tell the admin the sensor is not the same from the panasonic 16mp cameras? there was something like a deal (contract) between them that ended last year…am i right?

    • Camaman

      To recapitulate 10 hours Sparta Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T8r3cWM4JII

  • Bob

    Have you guys already forgotten how wrong this site was regarding the 12-50mm lens? Why do you give these rumors any credence at all? Pure speculation is all it is. Good for driving eyeballs to the site and getting advertising revenue, not so good for actually knowledge.

    I have to laugh at the commenters who call this “news.” Rumor and speculation are not news.

    • Bob B.

      Look, Bob…it is the middle of winter and we a are all stuck in front of out computers.. It is cold outside and the light is not so good. You are here too, Bob. Go on…admit it…THIS IS FUN!!!!!!!! :-)
      I think it is great fun and I am a Pany fan. LOL!

      • Justin

        Haha. Agreed.

  • WT21

    It’s all hype until we see the facts (i.e. the camera).

    • Justin

      Speaking of which when is the next strip tease photo going to cross our screens?

      • admin

        Havn’t got any new photo since last Sunday. Sorry :(

        • hope the next shot will be showing the evf/hump

  • > […] then I am really having BIG troubles that the 16 megapixel sensor is the same of the Panasonic GX1.

    Admin, you should be more than all us combined aware of the exaggerated claims by manufacturers.

    Also note that early access to pre-production models are given to really loyal people, what adds serious bias to all what they say and thus it all has to be taken with a grain of salt.

    Nevertheless, even GX1 sensor (with usual Oly tweaks in PP) would be a huge improvements over the both: the old 12MP sensor and the G3/GX1’s one (because being Panny cameras, they lack the magical Oly touch).

    • ha

      > (because being Panny cameras, they lack the magical Oly touch).

      Hard to create magic if your microwave has the same name…

      • CRB


        • Do

          For the same reason, the brand names Minolta and Canon don’t sound good to me, i had too much hard fights with their copy machines. So i’m glad im not a physican who has to conduct colonoscopies.

      • ange7

        panasonic make some great gadgets, TV’s dvds …. who should you thank for those birthday cards that play a tune?…panasonic!

    • Raist3d


  • Mike

    A solid implementation of AVCHD 2.0 would be a good start. IBIS without negative side effects would be a very nice bonus, even if it necessitated something of a sensor crop (and assuming, in that case, it could be turned off.) Add in focus peaking, a headphone jack and clean, uncompressed HDMI-out, and this could be a very attractive camera for video. All of that seems perfectly achievable, and it’s not as if Olympus has any higher end video products to protect.

  • TomR

    “D-day” Admin, that’s great!
    Looking forward to D’day.

  • Admin is having trouble believing BOTH all these rumors AND that the new camera’s sensor is the same as the Panasonic GX1’s.

    Which explanation is more likely?

    — That Olympus has obtained a sensor from an unknown source that is dramatically better than those from Panasonic, a very experienced developer of sensors for professional video equipment?

    — Or that the Olympus employees who must be the sources of all these rumors are so enthusiastic about their new product that they, shall we say, let themselves get carried away?

    — Or that Olympus, which very much needs some “good news” to make the camera division look more attractive to potential investors, is deliberately creating exaggerated leaks which can easily be denied later as mere rumors?

    • fta

      I guess I’m the only one that is hoping the new sensor is NOT a Panasonic sensor. Please Oly, go with someone else. There needs to be more differentiation between the two camera makers.

      • CRB


    • Vivek

      #3 is the most likely case. If Olympus prove me wrong, I won’t be unhappy either.

      However, I would expect a clear declaration from them as to where they sourced their new sensor from and why it is different and “better”- without any of the marketing hype.

  • CRB

    So if we stick to the statments made from the sources..higher video quality than the GH2, high DR and faster AF than E-P3…and discounting the marketing hype (because the sources are probably from olympus) what do we get?
    Something like 0,5 to 1.5 EV better than the E-P3 DR, no jello effect and 0.109887 faster AF? lets say a little worse IQ than nex 5, almost the same…or even better: the same.? what is you opinion?

  • It may be easy to suggest a better video camera by paper specifications but it will be hard to top the video quality of the GH2 in real life, especially when even a “mild” hack is applied.

    The same for the sensor. In early rumors the E-P3 was also said to have a new sensor, later it was at least a “tweaked” sensor and today you see what is left from these rumors…

    OM body hype? I think, it’s a good lamination of the continous inability to integrate an EVF in a rangefinder style like in the NEX-7.

    Let’s see what finally comes…

  • Yun

    Ok , Videography is great , how are still image ? How far can Oly go ? I believe this is what M4/3 fans want to know . I’ll only impress if Oly’s new product beat GX in huge margin . Example : produced clear & clean images at ISO 3200 under F2.8 . This is basic criteria of a Pro camera !

    • bibi

      you have the money for 3200 clean ISO? for a pro camera? look at the Canon and Nikon and tell me what camera produce clean images at ISO3200 and what is the price for that.

      • nobody

        Nikon D700, ca. € 2000 :)

        • Great, now, let me know about the size and weight. And the cost of lenses.

  • arguros

    Hopefully will get In-body IBIS for Video too?
    Any rumors on that?

    • io


      This will be a huge difference against GH2. The lack of IBIS in GH2 means several troubles to shot video with legacy lenses or with great lenses like the 20mm pancake or 25mm PL that have no IS system.

  • mike kobal

    now seeing is believing! we gotta see some footage….

    • Exactly…

      • Mr. Reeee

        Damn straight!

  • Jón

    Lets wait for Olympus to release this camera before we start wild speculations… I’m more concerned about colours and DR.

  • SteB

    I was going to get a GH2 in the next few weeks. My intention was to get it, and to look towards getting an OM-D later. But I might hold off and save a few more pennies up. The OM-D was the type of camera I had been waiting for before I threw my eggs into the m4/3 basket. Although I admit I still have a few reservations about it as a system (it’s more complete than other mirrorless systems).

    I’m not getting too carried away with anticipation, as I believe that better could mean many things. However, there always has been the potential for making video in stills cameras much better. With more powerful image processors, which are more video specific. There’s clearly more coming onto the market for companies like Olympus that don’t produce all the core components themselves. Also it should be possible with the right approach to get far more dynanmic range off the sensor, and a less baked in video image i.e. having more control over the parameters. Any manufacturer like Olympus without a video division to protect could with innovative thinking produce a much better video implementation than we’ve seen so far. There are so many silly little things manufacturers are leaving off, like headphone sockets for audio monitoring.

    Having said all that, I’m mainly looking for a stills camera, but one that also takes good video. What I’m really hoping for is peaking, and if Olympus could throw in video crop modes and some high frame rate options, I’ve got a spare kidney if anyone’s interested.

  • Luke

    Can we get another photo of a tiny part of the camera that tells us nothing about it? How about the battery compartment door?

    • io

      Focus peak and 2.35 crop would be great for video!

  • twoomy

    Man, whoever Olympus hired to do their marketing this time around is AWESOME. I’ve never seen so much hype and excitement for any four-thirds or micro-four-thirds product.

    If the camera is awesome, sensor is awesome, video is awesome, DR is awesome, and a new 43 adapter auto-focuses quickly on “classic” 43 lenses, this thing will be the biggest breakthrough for the system. I can’t wait for the announcement!

    • nobody

      Would such an awesome camera cost less than a NEX7? Just saying…

      • twoomy

        Based on the leaked info, it will cost roughly the same as the NEX-7. And that’s fine by me. Some of us want to pay good money for good equipment.

        If I didn’t want to spend much money, I’d just by some used previous generation PEN on eBay.

  • come on pana

    hope pana is still workin on the sensor and will test that camera for GH3

  • spanky

    Admin – Why are you troubled that the sensor isn’t the same as the GX1 or the GH2? That’s not a bad thing. They did hint that it’s a new sensor, so maybe they’re right after all.

  • Todd

    I will still keep my money on Panasonic and m4/3 for best-in-class video but if the OM-D rumors are true, well a little competition never harmed the consumer!

    Thank you Sony NEX for putting pressure on m4/3 mfrs to up their game and take things to the next level. I really hope these rumors turn out to be true :)

    • BTW: m4/3 is THE best selling mount in Japan.

  • guys, i got a question about m43, 43. why these format exist? for pocketable interchangeable lenses with dslr quality camera device?

    if this is the point, why not started with aps-c? the example i see today nex5n and 7n just about the bodies size of m43. will the current size of m43 camera have room to further improve to like pentaxQ body size? or something i do not know about m43… (curious, i am asking myself-panasonic why i do not need a apsc sensor size) lol… :D

    i ask this bcos noticed that nex5n and nex7 score >1000 dxomark in iso while all other released mirrorless cameras likes nx, pentaxq, gf, gx, gh, ep, epl, are far below that score while xpro1 remain unknow (anyway xpro1 is aps-c).

    • Fan

      Sony’s lenses are too big. M43 is about smaller lenses.

      We can get Sony’s sensor quality too. The M43 sensor is big enough. For example, if you put the NEX 7 24.x MP sensor into a M43 camera, you get 14.9 MP in the same quality. That would be sufficient for me.

      So I wouldn’t say APS-C has an inherent advantage in general image quality, just in resolution.

      • Yes, and if you take 1 MP worth of Sony´s NEX-7 sensor you still get the same quality – per pixel. Would that be sufficient for you? ;-)

        • Bob B.

          no lenses. ;-)

          • now i get you guy about m43, lens size :)

            then will be xpro1 lens work a threat to m43? i saw it thru internet, the lens size is much better than sony, kind like comparable to m43 lenses. quality wise remain as a mist.

        • Fan

          No but 14.9 MP would be sufficient.

          • Bob B.

            Would there be more DR than the exisiting G3 or GH2 sensor? (of course this is all just fantasy, LOL).

            • Esa Tuunanen

              NEX7 sensor has two stops more (=quadruple) DR than GH2 sensor and two and half stops more DR than stone age G3 sensor.

              • Bob B.

                still no lenses…..but the DR is impressive!

    • Bob B.

      I agree with Fan…plus…the NEX AF lenses are soft. All of them…even the Zeiss. It is not sharp like my Zeiss 21mm for my full-frame camera. I bet you if you did a comparison with a GX1 vs. Sony 5n and pitted the Pany/Leica 25mm f/1.4 or the Pany/Leica 45mm 2.8 Macro against anything that Sony has to offer…that the raw file would be as good as or best the Sony image. (if you use one of the kit zooms on the Panasonic, especially the compact X kit lens…not so much a challenge).

    • To quote wikipedia:

      Unlike older SLR systems, Four Thirds has been designed from the ground up to be entirely digital. Many lenses are extensively computerized, to the point that Olympus offers firmware updates for many of them. Lens design has been tailored to the requirements of digital sensors, most notably through telecentric designs. The size of the sensor is significantly smaller than for most DSLRs and this implies that lenses, especially telephoto lenses, can be smaller. For example, a Four Thirds lens with a 300 mm focal length would cover about the same angle of view as a 600 mm focal length lens for the 35 mm film standard, and is correspondingly more compact.

      Also the 4:3 aspect ratio fits the image-circle a lot better than does a 3:2 sensor. Which releases light fall-off in the edges (vignetting). At least theoretically…

  • Charlie

    LOL at all the whining PanBoys and the NoNoNo b1tches…

    OM D-day is coming! :D

    Another jigsaw pic tomorrow, Admin?

    • Bob B.

      now Charlie…if the OM has the G3 sensor in it and the GH3 comes out and bests the OM..who will be Da Bitch den? hmmmmm?

      • Charlie

        “…who will be Da Bitch den? hmmmmm?”


        • Bob B.

          Fuji, Somewhat…maybe just a mistress. Too few lenses, slow focus and quirks..but maybe in 2years it could have a system….right now ..I am betting on a great MFT sensor in the next year…has to be developed for the MFT system to compete with all of the new and intense competition. You will see Charlie!!!!

          • I think the Fuji is a different type of camera entirely, at least the X Pro 1 is. M4/3 is a great compact alternative for a DSLR system, while the Fuji seems to be schizophrenic about what it’s supposed to be.

            Yes, maybe in two years it will be more clear.

    • Neonart

      C’mon guys! Why must everything be a you vs me thing!? I remember being 12 years old and debating Sega vs Nintendo in the 8-bit era. It doesn’t matter!!
      We don’t walk up to strangers in parking lots and tell them their cars suck and ours is better, and that they’re fanboy b!tches!
      Seriously. Let’s grow up. All these new cameras are awesome! Let’s just go out and shoot and become better photographers.

      • blohum

        Sega FTW :D

      • Bob B.

        Guys I am totally laughing and I think Charlie is laughing too…its just funny stuff, ghetto slang, etc …no need for the hall monitor! We are playing nice and just having a laugh. I could care if the OM is better than the GH..I want them both to be great cameras!!!!!!
        This isn’t a parking lot…it is the web…two different places.

      • Fish

        Nope. Nintendo all the way.

        Great point though neonart

  • Fan

    I really don’t know how to survive the next two weeks. I am so full of anticipation and tension …

  • st3v4nt

    The performance of the sensor is not determined only by the sensor it self but also by how well the processor and other conversion process working together inside the camera. 12 MP, 16 MP, or 18 MP it doesn’t matter as long as from the said sensor, camera maker can squeeze every data it can capture and turn it into great quality picture. So the very same sensor could have different DR depend on the settings the camera maker use or because they redesign the sensor for new improvement.

    We as user can be happy that our money well spend on new camera because inside we have new sensor. If we skeptical about it we can let DxO Mark test it after the camera launched. If there’s no or too little improvement of new sensor can be proven, then admin can reduce the rumors FT scale from 5 to 4 or even 3 as he like. Because this is his site. :-)

    • Esa Tuunanen

      > So the very same sensor could have different DR depend on the settings the camera maker use
      No it can’t have because RAW is data directly from sensor.
      JPEG is meaningless for measuring actual sensor performance because it can’t even retain the accuracy of data which is further cropped, trimmed and manipulated.

      That’s why every Olympus camera since E-30 has same dynamic range: Sensor with its photosites is same.

  • ANDY

    Hmm as much as nice this rumour is…Olympus biggest problem with their video modes is that they forget to include all the standard framerates. They never 25p,24p its alway 29.97fps for every country (in uk we use 25p okay olympus?) its okay for Japan and the USA but not so much anywhere else.

    So even if it has superior image quality I bet they still get that important aspect wrong.
    Wont get a buy from me otherwise. This is why i never bought a olympus camera for video use.

    • om-4

      Me hope so too that Oly will support 25p. ’bout time if they want to lead the pack for once.

  • MA

    I guess, it’s better just on a partial spec like frame rate, not all.
    It’s been around 1.5 yrs since GH2 launched. No wander new camera is better on several parts, even in video mode.

  • AirShaker

    Seems to confirm the hypothesis I posted 2 weeks ago :

    Things might begin to make sense :
    – yesterday : 16mp tweaked sensor to provide super evf
    – sooner today : sensor providing higher dynamic range
    – now : same resolution evf

    What I can imagine is the same sensor as the GX1 and G3 tweaked by olympus to provide ultra fast sensor readout speed.

    That speed would allow the image in the EVF to be a downsampled version of the sensor instead of the line skipped version as it is the case today. This would allow a gain in signal to noise ratio of more than 3 stops in both the EVF and screen. The increased speed would also naturally provide a higher refresh rate. That could explain the fact that the EVF is the greatest feature despite the fact that it packs the same number of pixel as the VF2.

    As for the better dynamic range, the pluses of the fast readout speed would be an ultra fast multiple exposure as it has already been suggested. An example of such implementation is in the Red cameras and their HDRx mode, see here :

    What makes me thinks that this is not the case however is the fact that such a sensor would mean global shutter and video quality that is far better than any interchangeable lens camera to date.

    If that was the case, olympus would have put more emphasize on this new sensor as the main feature of the camera and not the EVF…”

    • Mar

      EVF resolution is irrelevant.
      Even VF2 has plenty of resolution (you can’t really see pixels).

      What’s more important is how it works in practice like refresh rate, responsiveness and dynamic range of the image shown.

      Sony’s OLED VF might have more resolution, but it’s not that great otherwise.

      • Raist3d

        “Even VF2 has plenty of resolution (you can’t really see pixels).”

        That’s not exactly true. You can – at least some of us can. But it’s not bad, and otherwise, I do agree with you.

  • Aly

    This should be interesting as EOSDH.com rates the GH2 as the best DSLR in video and very competitive with dedicated video cameras which cost 5 times as much. Also, Olympus really has no experience in video cameras so this would be quite an accomplishment if true.

    Not sure, at the current state of the art, how this could be accomplished with out a global shutter.

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