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Two new Olympus E-5 reviews from Malaysia!


We have new Olympus E-5 reviews for you!

Robin Wong posted some image samples taken with the E-5 and the 12-60mm f/2.8-4.0 SWD lens. He liked the extremely fast and reliable autofocus because it “never failed to locked on target, and locked on it incredibly accurately“. He also liked the “lively, vibrant and yet very true-to-life colours” and the Jpeg output. Read the on street review at

Another malaysian blog called “Thru the Eye of the Zuiko” has the E-5 for testing. He also posted one image comparison with the older Olympus E-3. He used the Zuiko Digital ED7-14mm f/4.0 and the Zuiko Digital ED50mm f/2.0 Macro. A full list of images are available on Flickr.

E-5 preorders are available at Amazon US, BHphoto and Adorama.

  • jeff

    want this camera badly , the video looks really neat

  • Kaiser Soze

    I could use that extra stop of usable Iso compaired to my E-30. Although a great camera the E-3 was lacking in some areas. The E-5 seems to have addressed them. Can’t wait to get one.

  • Looks like the 14-35 has the same problems as with the E3?

  • Inge – M.

    Problem so early test is JPEG and only JPEG, not RAW.

    • Zonkie

      RAW is the same as E-PL1. JPEG almost the same too (they say they slightly improved the JPEG engine, but we’ll have to see by how much).

      Of course, the lenses will make a difference in image quality, but that’s a different thing.

      • Inge – M.

        I think Olympus have pull the longer in E-5 so in E-LP1.

        The is considerably process for RAW in camera also, before development in a RAW converter.

        E-5 have new weak filter before sensor, and so give more light to sensor and more sharp image.

  • George

    with $1700 body only price tag, when d7000 for $1200 d300s for $1400
    i really wonder what kind of sane person will buy this camera??
    Well i think not many people. Just checked Amazon sales rank, it is at 83th spot and believe or not but selling less units then nikon d100 6mp DSLR
    Stop being a fanboi, this camera sucks big big big time

    • RS

      Your mother must be very proud of you…

    • CR102

      Who will buy it?
      Perhaps people who own lots of Zuiko glass and are eager to make the most of it. I may be an idiot, but I like my lenses and feel that the E-5 addresses all the major quirks of my E-3. So far I have been rather pleased with the samples from this camera. That said, I’m not a perfectionist, I don’t pixel peep and I don’t shoot sports. Hell, I don’t even use RAW very often.

      • er

        not me im not buying E- 5
        why do i have to spend $1700 for something that won’t last?

    • jeff

      Well for one i can take the e5 anywhere rain or shine , clear or sandstorm. Meaning that short of taking it underwater , i can take a picture anywhere on the planet at any given time or weather condition.

      ^ which only the very top teirs of nikon and canon cameras are capable of (see 5000 dollars without a lense)

      With in body image stablization i have the ability to buy ultra low cost but high quality manual focus lenses of the last generation and have practically a limitless supply of lenses i could buy and use on my camera sucessfully.

      I have the use of a big high resolution screen that i can use at any angle and its weatherproof , so any perspective of shooting is possible with the camera.

      Olympus makes fine tools for photography , nikon and canon make cameras based on upping the competition while completely ignoring innovations that make sense to the photographic community

    • KJS

      @George. If you knew anything about olympus, you would know they are the underdog, who is without a doubt performing quite well. You can’t base a camera on how well it sells… when it isn’t even available yet. If you can prove that this camera is not worth buying, by all means do.

      • George

        are you the same person who did make the first comment??
        The video one… now you say it is all about stills, even though you said it is the video that you decide to buy :)))))

        You can love Oly, you can buy, but with that quality $1700 price tag is a joke, a huge one. Specs are belong to at least 12-18 months old camera.
        You keep being a fanboi

    • Jason

      The E-5 is better than every camera you listed. The D700 or D3 may be better than the E-5, but the Nikons you listed surely are not. Only full frame can beat the E-5. You are obviously a Nikon fanboy, blow Nikon.

  • Alfons

    I still haven’t seen the E-5’s DR compared to E-3’s.

  • four thirds photo

    these are not proper tests done by people who know how to test.
    The E5 and E30 comparison is done without enough DOF. I cannot judge anything from pictures being partly out of focus and when probably handheld it is more a test of IS than resolution.

    But it is nice to see some more piccs and movies out of this cam. Keep them coming!

    • wageslave

      You know, there is more to photography than endlessly waiting for new products, tests and pixel-peeping.. the camera is far more advanced than you would ever need. Fortunately the reviewer is not as petty as you are, as he clearly wrote at: “I shall not be doing too much technical elaborations.”

  • alex

    @ Gorge – it does nor sell well – becouse is not on the market yet…..

  • four thirds photo

    the new E5 images from Robin Wong.
    See them here:

    WOW !! really good stuff.
    stunning sharpness and detail

    • Jungle

      Wow!!! +1


    • ANGRY Olympus Owner

      wow, that is very impressive

    • neonart

      Very nice! I love macro. This is definitely going in my bag as soon as the pre-order hype is over.

      I have a feeling that this camera is going to review really well once really detailed tests can be done. It wont have the ISO performance that the Big Two are fighting over these days, but it’ll probably surprise alot of folks in detail and sharpness. If DPreview considers the 50 ƒ2 to be as sharp as they do, what’ll happen when they test this body with it?

  • George

    @alex d7000 is also not on for sale but it is on top3 for the past week

    • jeff

      really a nikon camera outselling an olympus camera? thats amazing , why is it that it seems like the e5 is capable of much better looking pictures though


      George, why are you on this site? Seriously? Shouldn’t you be playing WoW in your moms basement or something?

      WHO CARES what rank this or any camera has? Do you care if your neighbor drives a BMW, Toyota, or Hyundai? Is it that important to you what other people choose to use? Are you a fascist dictator that must control others choices and opinions? What if this was a Leica film camera forum? Would you waste your time telling them how they suck, and how they should buy a digital Nikon DX000?

      C’mon man! Let it go. This is a 4/3 site. We choose to use 4/3 photo equipment because we choose to. If anyone here want’s to buy another brand, that’s their choice to make, not yours.

      Go home. Eat an ice cream sandwich. Play some StarCraft. Whatever. Just stop trying to make others think like you.

      • George

        at age 37 with 2 kids, with a decent job it is hard to play wow in my mother’s basement with the fact that she is living 2000 miles away from me :)
        But hey thanx you for the point, whoever thinks e5 sucks big time, they are either troll, or a wow-head kid :)
        Wake up idiot. e5 sux and it sux BIG time for a $1700 camera

        • REALITY

          Thirty-seven with 2 kids but your grammar, lack of capitalization, lack of punctuation, and the use of such terms as “fanboi”, “e5 sux and it sux BIG time”, “wake up idiot”, show a different age. Sorry if there was some confusion.

          Most of the readers of this site are mature photographers who enjoy talking about these products and speculating on the trends. If 4/3 offends you or an Olympus camera somehow hurt you, the best course of action is to stay of this site. Ranting about how this or that “sux”[sic] is of no interest to the readers here and provides no value to anyone.

          Again, your choice is your choice, and no one is going to try to force you otherwise. Therefore don’t try to force anyone else to choose like you.

          • George

            Reality, sorry for the grammar. English is not my mother language, it not even my second language.
            I own a G1, bought and returned a G2 because of 14-42 lens, and now waiting for GH2.

            I wrote what i thought about E5 and you came out of nowhere and insulted me, with playing wow in my mother’s basement and so on.

            As you said these were my opinions, you are the one who tried to force me to think like you :)
            Please read your comment once more, i think you can understand what you wrote :) and than read mine. All i said was e5 is not a $1700 price-tagged camera.
            Quote from you “choice is choice”. That is true, so that means anyone can think e5 sucks and can dislike :)

        • REALITY

          There was no insult intended George, but when someone comes to one of these forums/sites saying something “sux”[sic], and that the people on it are “fanbois”[sic] you have to assume they are young or childish. Also, once you say these things you’ve thrown the first stone.

          At no point did I try to make you think like anyone else. If you prefer the D7000 or GH2, thats great. You can even argue it in a logical/technical way. But “The E5 sux and it sux big time” is not a true statement and just doesn’t make for good conversation or debate.

          There are plenty of people here who love their E3, E30, E620 and get great results from them. The E5 is a fantastic step forward regardless of price or what Nikon, Canon, Pentax, or even Panasonic has released. If these folks are willing to spend $1700 on an E3, that’s their choice. They are not idiots or “fanbois”[sic]. It makes sense to them. There are people who spend that much on a bottle of wine! It’s their choice.

          In any case, enjoy your GH2. It seems to be a great camera. I look forward to some reviews and comparisons of the E5, GH2, D7000, and K5. It’s great to have so many great choices.

  • Rocky

    I am tired of the d7000 already it’s so “passé”.

  • Scott

    Yea, You cant compare a toy (d7000) to a work horse like the E5. Not even in the same game. If your an amature then go ahead and get you a cheap d7000 and some kit lenses. You will never get the quality of the E5 and Zuiko lenses. Professionals like myself need a good rain proof camera and a camera I can leave in my car when its 100 degrees outside and 15 degrees in the winter. Do that with your toy and see what you get the next day.

  • Nice to see the video samples. It’s a bummer that the SWD lenses exhibit focus jitter, this may be an instance when having ultra-quick SWD focusing is a downside rather than a positive. It’d be nice if there was some way to “dampen” the AF action during video. I’d take slow & smooth AF over quick & jerky any day. May need to pull focus manually when it really matters…

    The clicking durring AF is noticeable, but I’m not too concerned, if I’m worried about capturing audio I’ll be using an external mic anyway…

    Sample images give the impression that dynamic range has been improved (fewer blown highlights) though as Zonkie pointed out that’s done by underexposing and then adjusting levels. It’ll be interesting to see what that does to noise levels… Still can’t wait for a proper review and a head to head comparison with the GH2!

  • Neville

    @George, I have changed my mind, I will be buying this camera. D7000, to get the same quality glass as I have I will need to spend two adn a half times as much to get the same quality, and then I won’t have the same zoom anyway!
    @Alfon yes we need a proper DR review, however the indications are that the DR is not much improved, but the shadow noise is reduced an detail improved, and therefore can be worked on more.
    What I am interested in is someone’s comment that DR is a mute point for those who use monitors to view their photos as most cameras dynamic range (including E5) is outside the dynamic range of the monitors we use. It is more to do with what we can lift out of the shadows/highlights

  • Brandon

    Listen to the fanbois…
    Wageslave repeats the tired argument that technology is not the central determinant of IQ… a self-defeating refrain because the same argument applies universally: Ergo to whatever degree you discuss, critique or defend any camera you must by definition be in consideration of those same technological qualities which are being dismissed with said circular argument. In other words: if you’re discussing a camera body at all, you’re admitting such things matter and can only profitably continue in that vein.

    Then Jeff follows-up with the absurd claim that Oly produces better pictures… Now that is a true example of displacing the focused source of IQ. …Jeff also fails to realize he attributes qualities to Oly that properly only apply to the E-X series, and denies the same to Canikon, who have provided same with the very comparisons being made. Ill-informed would be putting it nicely.

    End verdict is: The E5 is pathetic, but a good photographer can make great photos even from pathetic gear. Still… don’t defend the gear because the photographer exceeds it.

    • MK

      LOL @ people defending e-5… im not gonna say it sucks, but i will say it is overpriced. looks like a great camera at 1200. full frame > APS-C > 4/3… sorry you cant pull a rabbit out of a hat and make a smaller sensor capture more light. thats pure haha. its the laws of physics. all you great photographers love talking about how the only limit is the person taking the picture. no, its not. im sorry you guys are taking crazy pills. in a low light situation you need a bigger sensor.

      now getting back to the point… you can get a full frame for the same approx price. gee what a smart strategy by olympus. lets release a camera where specs are vintage by at least 1 year, label it professional, and charge as much as a full frame. the pictures are fantastic, but not $1700 fantastic. if i had a bunch of glass i would consider it at 1300 body.

      • Ross

        MK, how much are you going to spend on glass to go with your full frame camera & how much to have those lenses with optical stabilisation too? A fact coveniently & constantly overlooked. Better get someone to help carry your gear too.

      • Thomas

        Talking about physics one should not forget the other parts of the (camera) system. A 24-70/2.8 FF is about the same size as a 14-35/2.0 FT, so the FT sensor gets 1 stop more light (and the FT lens CAN be used wide open). Furthermore, the FT lens can be more easily corrected for abberations, because the image circle is relatively large compared to the sensor size. On the downside, FT has weaker high iso performance due to the higher pixel density. What you gain on one side, you loose on the other. It’s all physics, and that’s why all systems (FF, APS-C, FT) make sense. It’s just a matter of balancing the different parameters. You choose what you like best.

      • I

        I am sorry, but what matters is not so much sensor size, but pixel density.

      • Jason

        It’ll be discounted soon….. thanks to people like you!!

    • Jason

      @Brandon is a pathetic Canikon fanboy that likes to come to FourThirds sites and run his mouth. Regardless, Olympus IQ crushes Canikons that are not full-frame, so for the money, Olympus is a better value…

  • Marilyn

    To MK are you out of your logical…. Do u understand it’s a 12megapix 4/3 sensor and the d7000 has a 16megapix lol MK pls read the old post about 4/3 sensor

    • Scott

      Ha Ha Ha!!!!! I love the ignorance in this post. A 4/3rds sensor with 12mp is the same pixel density as a FF sensor with 24mp. Hey but crop your FF to an 8×10 and you will loose 5-6 mp compare to 1-2 on FT. People please.

  • Boris

    Guys, are you still sleeping?

    Please, wake up!

    Panasonic GH2 is out already.

    (Just teasing, sorry). :-)

  • Patric

    Can the canikon trolls please leave the building? Many newbie photographers buys a canikon and belive that the brand name will make them a pro, even if they bought the crapiest of their low end cameras. That’s why canikon sells more cameras than Oly. The pro market isn’t that big, that it has an direct impact on sells figures. How many D3000 does Nikon sell compared to the D3s?

    • Thomas

      I want to get this super-duper Canikon body. What, I also need a lens?!
      €/$ 1000,- for a decent lens, WTF?! Just give me a (half-hearted DX/EF-S) kit lens!

  • chris

    people who buy a E-5 for 1700$ must have stockholm syndrome haha

    • George

      +100 :) :) :)

  • Eric Smiths

    Nice, that’s it. Just sold my Oly investment after this E5 commotion and left for Canon FF. bye bye Oly

  • Dana Curtis Kincaid

    Good review. Kewl

  • stv


    when accessing my facebook today, had to login manually and was told that the login was tried from a different access. When they showed the details, it was from a computer in Malaysia. And I had to change my password.

    The only sites I checked from Malaysia were the two links posted here to Robin Wong and Thru the eyes of Zuiko. Don’t know if it is related or not, neither I want to cause problems to these two people, but it is strange that the location trying to access my facebook was the same.

    Had a tab with facebook opened at the time, and using OSX 10.6.4

  • Dana Curtis Kincaid

    Man. I see the Rethuglicans (
    Trolls for Canikon) are out in force.

    I was at a used camera store in Indiana a few years back looking at Contax and Leica equipment and a guy approached me and asked me why I didn’t just buy Canon. Seriously. Evangelizing for Canon. Yuk. I swore after that, and seeing all the Canikon trolls on all the boards that I would avoid buying Canikon at all costs.

    You Canikon guys aren’t winning hearts and minds, y’know.

  • Dana Curtis Kincaid

    Eric Smiths
    3 hrs, 10 mins ago
    Nice, that’s it. Just sold my Oly investment after this E5 commotion and left for Canon FF. bye bye Oly


    Don’t let the hydraulic press smash you flat on the way out.

    • KJS

      @Kinkaid, Does this mean you will stop posting here?

      • KJS

        +1 I do agree with you though, there are ways to convince others that one is better than the other… and it’s not telling that the other is a piece of crap. The majority of consumers out there can’t go wrong with any of the major players, it really has to do with what works best for you. I don’t think any of us appreciate biased criticism that isn’t founded on facts.

      • Rocky

        Pretty Please !!!!

      • KJS

        sorry, didn’t realize this was a quote, guess my comment should have been directed @smiths

  • Oly Rockies Canada user

    Thanks admin for the link. I know there are lots of people out there that thinks that the e5 is not at par to today’s technology. The price maybe too expensive for now but I know there are many of us itching to get the e5 in our hands. The specs for me exceeds my expectations after I saw the photos thru the link. The video is a bonus but not a necessity. No RAW images yet but the pictures in jpeg looks very good. Looking forward to have this camera soon. Otherwise, let us all enjoy taking pictures whatever system we have right now.

  • Eric Smiths

    Don’t worry Dana, I loved my Oly investment and i am not trolling around. Was waiting for something big coming from Oly. After comparing different brands for some weeks i decided to go for the C-5D. I don’t regret it, although its a pity i lost money with this switch.

    • Scott

      There is no way you like the 5D better than E3 and SHG lenses. I had both and sold my 5D

  • Vitasamb2001

    I had a chance to play with the camera this weekend and I was impressed. Initially I was thinking to change the brands, but after trying it I am IN! I agree that $1700 for the body is a little steep, so I wait till Christmas till price goes down a little. For me it is very important Olympus reliable weather sealing and great sensor cleaning! I travel a lot to remote locations and reliability is very important to me. And it never failed! Croped sensor has it’s advantages- when traveling especially, lenses are much smaller, lighter and reach further. You have to make your choice what suites your needs best.

  • Scott

    I would love to hear what people are selling as far as their FT and what they are replacing it with.

    • Jason

      I’m getting an E-5 to replace my E-620, I also own a D700 and an LX5. I use the LX5 the most, then the E-620 (with the untouchable 50mm f2.0 macro attached or Leica 25mm Summilux f1.4 and last but not least is my D700 for certain shoots only.

      To get rid of the Olympus system, would be to get rid of the best JPEGS in the business. I use my Oly and Panasonic to shoot JPEGs, with very little post processing, as they come out of the camera very nice.

      I shoot the D700 in raw, but it is very time consuming and annoying. More than likely I’ll be selling the D700 for the E-5!!!!

  • Neville

    “I shoot the D700 in raw, but it is very time consuming and annoying. More than likely I’ll be selling the D700 for the E-5!!!!”

    SShhh!!! Watch out for the t____ls.

  • Scott

    I just sold my 5d2 to get the E5

    • Jason

      I would rather have an E-5 over a 5D MKII too….

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