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Tremendous refurbished E-M5 US deals!


Got a couple of emails from 43rumors readers about a “tremendous” deal ongoing on refurbished Olympus cameras at You can get the E-M5 for $699 or the 12-50mm kit version for $753. Comes with a 30 day money back/90 day warranty from Olympus. That’s $130 than what you pay for refurbished cameras at Cametaauctions. Europeans can buy refurbished E-M5 (but likely more expensive) on eBay (via Slidoo). And there is a Gold Box deal on the E-M5 at Amazon UK.
UPDATE: Olympus just removed the deal. So di they actually do a mistake?

And there is also a new Gold Box deal on the GF5 kit at Amazon (Click here).

P.S.: Also posted at mu-43.

  • Biggstr

    The Olympus site is now down for maintenance as of about 11 AM (EST). Not only were the refurbished prices incredible ($179.00 for a PM1 with kit lens), the new prices on cameras, lenses, and accessories were even more unbelievable. Most new prices were restored to their previous levels in the early morning before the site went down. Suspect a pricing database error. It will be interesting to see if the refurbished prices are also raised when the site comes back on line.

  • carpandean

    Didn’t last long and the site is now down. Someone messed up or got hacked. Looks like they were dealer prices (for example, black 12mm showed a regular price of $819, but that lens lists for $1199. It will be interesting to see if they honor those sales that went through.

    • Anonymous

      Actually it looked like dealer price and a $50 sale putting it under dealer cost. I doubt they will honor any sales at that kind of price. The best purchasers can likely hope for is a consolation offer with a price of something like $899, but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

  • Memo

    If it’s true I’ll be mad! I just bought an OM-D for 1010!

    • corkcampbell

      Don’t know why you would be “mad.” What you paid for the OM-D was fair. Any tech item is cheaper the day after… The OM-D is almost a year old; it’s logical that the prices will become lower and that there will be sources for refurbished (usually dealer returns) units.

      • peevee

        It is 8 months since the release of E-M5 today exactly. It held its price very well. Compare to Pana GF5 released about that time, or Pana G5 released 3 months later.

  • EASY

    UK – £975.
    Rip off state…

  • Anonymous

    Have a friend who purchased OM-D refurbished with 14-42 for $699 a couple weeks ago with employee discount. Said the 12-50 kit was $825. Today’s prices look similar. Maybe there was a glitch and employee prices were listed. He also grabbed the 45mm for $295.

  • G

    They probably read about it on

    • corkcampbell

      Yeah, I watched the site for a few hours after I saw the prices – almost bought the 75mm 1.8 for about $650 (don’t remember the exact price), plus a little tax. Free shipping. It seemed to be some kind of mistake and I assumed that as soon as they noted the publicity, the increased number of hits, they’d discover it, even though it was a Saturday morning. Perhaps m4/3 did kill it…

  • PEN

    The site is still down 12 hours later: “We’ll be right back! is currently being updated. Please check back soon.” Given how few stores carry Olympus that is a huge hit so close to xmas. Something bad must have happened. Their Facebook page says nothing about it.

    I have purchased several things at steep discounts from Panasonic through their Employee Purchase Program which is more inclusive than that of Olympus. I don’t buy as many Olympus products these days because of that.

  • The site’s back now — and so are the regular prices.

    E-M5 with 14-42 II lens costs $879.99 (but is out of stock), with 12-50 lens costs $1039.99.

    • I for new cameras, those are very good prices, putting aside the crazy low prices posted earlier.

      • Yep, between $160 and $170 cheaper than new. If Oly had a deal like this on a reconditioned body (no lens), I’d be tempted to get one, as a backup.

        • BadCat!

          Best deal I can find now is $830 for a refurb OMD body at Nice thing about that is you can also pick up a Mack Diamond accidental damage warranty for ~$100 if you’d like.

          I would’ve done that myself but just found an OMD, battery grip, & 14-42 IIr on CL for $1125 with some extras (spare batteries & memory cards).

          Just got my OMD and Nokton 25mm 0.95 on Thursday and I must say I’m VERY impressed. The camera is a joy to use! If my 12-60 and 50-200 SWDs would AF like they do on my E3s I’d sell the E3s in a heartbeat!

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