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Toyokeizai claims that Nikon might become the new Olympus…


Toyokeizai published an article that sounds very worrisome for Nikon. They think that Nikon might be “the next Olympus”. Nikon reported a historic $720M loss this year and if they don’t turn around things they might be force to sell their imaging business just like Olympus did. There is a nice summary on Petapixel that describes the situation:

Ikegami, in an interview with Toyo Keizai, says that Nikon’s poor showing can be directly tied to its slow transition to mirrorless. While Sony has experienced nothing but huge growth, Nikon was too late to the game.

Nikon now wants to focus purely on mirrorless as they see that this kind of market is increasing. Still…I think the chance is big that in 2-3 years they might sell their Imaging Business too :(


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