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Toyo Optics 12.5-75mm review.


We are all waiting for the day that Olympus will introduce their famous f/2.0 zooms in native Micro Four Thirds mount. But maybe you were not aware that there is already a cheaper and faster zoom lens out there. It is the Toyo Optics 12.5-75mm. A reader sent me this link to an one year old review of the lens tested on the GH2. Anyway, while this may be a good solution for a few of you I still hope that Olympus will do some f/2.0 zooms too. Does it make sense for the MFT system? I think the answer is yes!

Some Toyo lenses can be found on eBay (Click here).

The two superb Zuiko f/2.0 zooms:
14-35mm f/2.0 on eBay (Click here) and via Slidoo eBay.
35-100mm f/2.0 on eBay (Click here) and via Slidoo eBay.

  • Ranger 9

    “We are all waiting the day Olympus will introduce their famous f/2.0 zooms for in native Micro Four Thirds mount.”

    Yes, we are. Because we all know that offering a line of super-big, super-heavy, super-expensive zoom lenses is the key to success in the highly competitive camera marketplace. That’s why the Olympus E-5 is such a perennial best-seller!

    • Chris

      Umm, that’s why they already make cheap smaller aperture zooms. There is definitely a market for expensive, constant aperture, fast zooms. Until there are more options, micro 4/3 is not a good choice for a lot of professional shooters. And honestly, even with a giant lens the package would still be much smaller at a wedding than any Nikon or Canon.

    • RobertCop 2

      Well some of us would appreciate a range of properly fast, high quality zoom lenses!

    • Borbarad

      Well the SHG and HG Line is actually the reason why 4/3 survived that long… The current Olympus m4/3 Glass (and most from Pana as well) doesn’t stand a chance against anything from the HG Line. Only the 75mm and the new Macro could be labeled as HG… Everything else is consumer grade…

      I have the OMD with the 12-50 which is better coca cola bottle and I’m waiting for the 12-60 m4/3 Version ( same optical performance) and a HG 300mm F4…..


      • Yes
        The 12-60 F2.0 or F2.4 is really missing

    • Duarte Bruno

      PALEEESE @Admin!
      Are you doing it on purpose? ;)

      “We are all waiting the day Olympus will introduce their famous f/2.0 zooms for in native Micro Four Thirds mount. But you may were not aware that there is already a cheaper and faster zoom lens out there.”

      I’ll give you a little hand:

      “We are all waiting for the day that Olympus will introduce their famous f/2.0 zooms in native Micro Four Thirds mount. But maybe you were not aware that there is already a cheaper and faster zoom lens out there.”


      • admin

        Sorry, very stressed in these days. My family arrived yesterday in Antwerpen and my girlfriend is feeling pretty sick. It’s a bit difficult to write in cases like that :(

  • Chris

    This doesn’t sound like a very good option at all. The gentleman in the video said he had to spend days “machining” it down with his Dremel. This is well beyond the abilities of most users.

  • pat

    “We are all waiting the day Olympus will introduce their famous f/2.0 zooms for in native Micro Four Thirds mount.”

    As an owner of the 35-100 f/2, I wouldn’t buy one for my photography or video needs as a MFT lens. it works for my video needs because I have it mounted to rails for interviews but the law of optics dictates that it have a giant opening to have 100 mm F/2 and I just don’t think 1 stop of light and 2x the price is enough to justify the size and weight of the thing over the Panasonic 35-100 f/2.8 If the 35-100 is anything like the 12-35 f/2.8, it will be amazing. I have been blown away how sharp and colorful that lens is, even better in many ways than the Summalux 25.

  • Yun

    Yes . Is F2.0 not F2.8 .
    Should done within M4/3 size & weight .
    Then I might consider to have one .

  • Alan

    Looks like the Toyo does not cover the the micro four thirds sensor.. quite a bit of vignetting.

  • HappyVan


    I think that I’ll stick with the nice Tamron 17-50 VC. Thanks for the heads up.

    • Jørgen

      No such lens for a mFT. AFAIK that one is only made for APS-c DSLRs. Those systems are huge, lenses and body. But if it is all about the price to you and less about weight, I understand this choice. For most m43 users though this balance is different. Size is much more important and price is to some point acceptable. I am happy to pay $1400,- for that 35-100 f2.8 for instance. I also don’t think there is something better for an APS-c at a substantially lower price btw. Good there is a choice, so you can get what suits you and I (we?) what suits us!

  • J Shin

    One source of high-quality C-mount lenses is Edmund Optics. Try:

    They have lenses for 1″ and 4/3″ format, and some zooms; most of their lenses are for 1/2″ format.

  • Merrill

    Go Davidson College. Great shots of a special place

  • The edmundoptics link makes no sense – the lenses start at 1000 dollars, for that i can buy any voigtlander nokton, covering the full 43 sensor.
    Regarding the c-mount zoom, as already said, it is quite vignetting on the lower end, while handling three grips for aperture, distance and focus makesit at least tedious to work with. Go for the pana 35-100 and try to get a decent one, that does not stop at 83-85 mm as some appearantly do.

  • Camaman

    I always thought those zooms were quoted just for start FOV.
    Interesting. :-)

  • Well, despite their more than stellar quality, these lenses weren’t a success economic in the FT world. The pro lenses already are that good that only those who needed those last percents of IQ were ready to pay the extra money and carry the extra load.
    In addition, µFT versions of these lenses would be only marginally smaller than the FT originals.
    And in consideration of the fact that we will get the OBS camera next year, I don’t see any chance of f2.0 zooms for µFT, in the foreseeable future.

  • c-mount lenses have been a good friend of mine during last years…i worked both with af100 gh1, my favorite lenses are Prime Lens, they’re cheap and provide a wonderfull performance at f2.0 which is a good DOF (t4) for video.
    I used these lenses that works great:

    every lens from focal length of 25mm should work, maybe it slightly vignette.
    from 35mm to 75mm they are really good. I’ve used 75mm 1.3, 75mm 1.4, 50mm 1.3, 25mm 1.3, 35mm 1.7.

    It’s a cheap good fast lightweight cine package…and remember that a lot of lens works also on BLACKMAGIC CINE CAMERA…

    and still on sale on my ebay a few of them:

  • Don’t need a big, heavy 2.0 lens, 3.8-4.5 would be enough, with better optical quality then the existing zooms.

  • If you are looking for a good manufacturer, visit Precision Optics that provides high quality of all kinds of lenses.

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