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Topaz Photo AI v1.2 released: Adds a ton of new features and has $40 discount til Feb 17


Topaz released the new Photo Ai 2.1 version ($40 off now).

Here are all improvements:

The “Standard” upscaling model

The Standard model excels at generating very natural textures and fine detail, in contrast to more “blocky” results from older methods. Use this model for small images, tight crops, compressed/noisy inputs, or other situations where you’d like to enhance image detail. (In v1.2, the Standard model replaces the old Natural model.)

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The “High Fidelity” upscaling model

High Fidelity attempts to “first, do no harm”: it’s trained to minimize artifacts and create more natural upscales. Use this for already high-quality or high-resolution images with little noise that do not need much detail generated. You can also try this option if you’re getting too many image artifacts with Standard.

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New crop tool

Topaz Photo AI v1.1.7 added a new Crop tool in public beta. You can access it in the Upscale section:

Instead of making a round trip to an external program, this allows you to more conveniently upscale your desired crop with Enhance Resolution in one go. We’ll also add the ability to straighten / rotate your image soon.

The improved masking performance will reduce the percentage of images where you need to manually refine the subject. We’ll continue improving automatic subject selection in the future, so please send us images 3 of failure cases.

More precise subject detection

Topaz Photo AI v1.1.8 improved the precision of the Default subject selection model, which will now perform better especially for wildlife and portrait photos:

Changes since 1.1.9:

  • Added new High Fidelity upscaling model
  • Added new Standard upscaling model which replaces the old Natural model
  • Added ability to crop in plugin modes that support resizing
  • Remove open images and show images in finder/explorer while in plugin mode
  • Cropping on import via metadata now handles CropArea tag
  • Automatically try to correct cases where crop size is knowably incorrect
  • Updated app icons
  • Updated upscaling Autopilot models
  • Update lens correction files
  • Fixed HEIC files being incorrectly oriented
  • Fixed Standard Sharpen clarity slider not doing anything
  • Fixed crash when combining crop and masking
  • Fixed alpha channel not being oriented the same as the image
  • Fixed CLI not accepting directories as arguments
  • Fixed edges of original image showing behind preview on images with transparency
  • Fixed RAW images having incorrect size due to order of lens correction and metadata cropping
  • Fixed issue where Autopilot values were incorrectly cached between cropped and non-cropped images
  • Fixed crash when re-entering cropping after refining the mask
  • Fixed Olympus Stylus 1 and 1s camera profile mappings
  • Fixed some images with unsupported lens correction data showing wrong image after cropping



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