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Tony Northrup (again) says MFT is going to die in a couple of years


Tony writes:

The past year has been disasterous for camera manufacturers, and it looks like some of them could go into bankruptcy in the next few years. Nikon and Olympus each reported 3 straight quarters of losses. Sony & Fujifilm don’t report the profits and losses for their imaging departments, but it can’t be good. Pentax and Panasonic seem like afterthoughts to their bigger parent companies… and nothing is getting better any time soon. First, I go through every major manufacturer and discuss my take on whether they’ll still be making camera gear in 3-5 years. Some of the predictions might surprise you. But what really happens if your camera manufacturer decides to shut down? It’s happened before, so I take a look at how the process unfolded and what it means to end users. Do you need to sell your gear immediately because resale value plummets? Can you still get your cameras repaired?

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