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Have fun with the E-M5 matching simulation (and first unboxing pics!)


It’s weekend and time for relaxing! Click here to have some fun with the Matching Simulation tool that now includes the new E-M5:
Interesting to note that the most voted combination is the E-M5 + the Four Thirds 50-200mm SWD lens and on second place the E-M5+12mm combo.
And our reader Zetton Nara just got his E-M5 in Japan and you can see his unboxing pics on Flickr (Click here).

E-M5 Preorders: Amazon, Adorama, B&H, Jessops, Amazon UK, Amazon Germany, Amazon Japan and Digitalrev.

  • Black EM-5 + Voigtlander 25mm f/0.95 is PORN.

    • EM-5 and Zuiko 300mm is better, especially from the front ;-) But with battery grip and 14-54 and 12-60 it looks not sooo bad.

    • Ernest.orf

      Ohhh yeah baby ^^

    • Charlie

      Ruh-roh, lots of chatter about a constant HUMMMM coming from the OMD/EM5. :|

    • littorio

      No. SILVER E-M5 + Voigtländer 25mm f/0.95 is PORN :)

    • sorry my inglish

      and E-M5 with Voightlander 50 mm is gangbang

      • Juan Caliente

        Omg lol

      • Juan Caliente

        Silver OM-D with 12mm is a lingerie supermodel pillow fight

  • Alright, for Panasonic primes, black body is mandatory.

    I like the look of the black body with the PL45 2.8 :)

    This lens of mine might get a second youth if AF is fast with the EM-5.

    • Michael

      Well, it a personal taste: I really like how [my] PL25mm 1.4 looks on a silver body…
      Not to mention 45mm 1.8 – awesome!
      12mm 2.0 – less so, but still good (imo, of course).

  • Lian Su
    • Nawaf

      “Ask the landlord that your hood is round? I remember this lens corresponds to the mask side do not know this coffee round where the material”

      LoL, Don’t you just love translations.

  • Nawaf


  • LOL – I woted L10 + Leica 25/1.4 by mistake.

  • Starred

    Question, is it possible to autofocus with an EM5, an adapter and a 43 lens? Or still limited to manual focus?

    • I would think you’d get the same functionality as you would with any other PEN camera. Slow, but it works fine.

    • its possible, just read the experience from other users with it on the net

    • Anonymous
    • avds

      Possible with a just few lenses. Others will work poorly and some can break (SWD).

    • bilgy_no1

      It never was limited to manual focus…

    • The E-M5 manual says S-AF works but C-AF does not work with 43 glass. “Or still limited to manual focus?” 43 lenses have always had AF on Pen cameras. I use a wide range on my EP2, some a bit slow like the 12-60 (pity) but others reasonable speed (don’t chase kids and fast people) and accurate.

  • Bob B.

    Hope everyone is ENJOYING the arrival of there Olympus OM Cameras in Chrome or Black…….I have decided to keep my GX1 and G3 for now…but don’t think I am not DROOLING about the shipping of the EM-5…. actually..its killing me……LOL!

    • Toss away those pannies and get the om-d for the sake of everything good.

      • Bob B.

        ahhhh….I don’t have all the bells and whistles…but the images are just as solid!
        (I had to read your line 3 times until I was sure you were not telling me to toss away those panties!!!! Same thing I guess…LOL!).

  • SteveO

    A big Hooray for the Admin! I’d been checking in on Four-Third’s comparison tool, which is great since you can try any mFT or FT lens on an mFT body, but finally stopped looking since they were so slow to pull the trigger.

    Had you not posted this I may not have looked again for another month or so. Thanks, you perform a real service to us mFT and 4/3’s users yet again!

    Finally I can see it with the 14-54 MkII lens and compare silver and black bodies. Open up other mFT bodies in other tabs and compare away!

  • SteveO

    Very cool, you can even add the grip/battery holder to check it out with larger 4/3’s lenses or cross compare to the E-620/E-5.

    • Nawaf

      Thanks for the link :D

      • But it looks like the E-M5 will be a real disaster for Olympus – because there is a noise from the stabilisation of the EVF!!! That was ironic, don’t understand it wrong ;-) Like reported, there is really a little noise, but you can’t here it in normal conditions, in a quiet room you can here it if the cam is near to your ear, and you can’t hear it in videos (maybe because it’s switched off in the video mod). But some people are already in panic in the dpreview forum ;-)

        • bonzoo

          Hey Matthias as far as I remember you also live in switzerland. Any news about the release of the OM-D EM-5? Is it still scheduled for a release in may?

          • In Germany (and also in the rest of Europe) it should be availabe in the middle of April (a good informed person with very good relations to Olympus wrote that in the forum, so I expect the same for Switzerland.I don’t know why the shops and Olympus Switzerland wrote to me that the cam will be delivered at the end of May. It would absolutely not make any sense if Switzerland would be delivered so much later then the rest of Europe.

        • Nawaf

          I just hope this is a small glitch and is fixable.

          • Maybe it would be better if I didn’t wrote anything about that ;-)

            Andy Westlake from the dpreview staff wrote:

            “One of the reasons why it’s not been widely-reported, I suspect, is because you’ll only really notice it in a quiet room. I didn’t spot it at all when I first used the camera in Amsterdam.”

            “Most importantly – it really doesn’t matter, from what I can tell. It’s not loud, and most of the time you’ll never notice it. It seems to be about as much of a problem as Panasonic’s rattling OIS units – first time you notice it you’ll be understandably concerned, but it really doesn’t seem to be a problem in real-world use.”

            “Sorry, can’t really offer any ideas on what the sound might be. I tried playing with all the IS settings (on/off, half-press stabilization) and it doesn’t seem to make any difference.

            I’ve just sent a quick email to Olympus asking, but as it’s the weekend don’t expect a quick response.”

        • caver3d

          This is no big deal and I find it highly suspect. You have one obsessive new owner – a real alarmist – who starts this thread on dpreview and everybody freaks out. Really irresponsible. There is another new owner who says it is NOT a problem – he can’t really hear it. Nor can Andy Westlake. That’s good enough for me. Some people say there is even a noise with the GH2. Well, I have the GH2 and the 14-140mm lens and I can’t hear a thing (and I have decent hearing). What a bunch of foolishness.

          I preordered the E-M5 and am eagerly waiting to receive it. Don’t get sucked into the nonsense hysteria.

          • 43shot

            Not true. I heard Robin Wong had issues with the hum noise and it had given him migraines. Olympus had him sign an NDA not to mention it and he actually had to return the camera early because he was having kidney failure from too many Advil. This issue is big. Clearly the unmentioned hum, lack of gold plated monogramed packing, and no flash is going to limit sales of this camera to the point where refurbished GF-1 bodies in velvet cases are going to fly off the shelves.

            • NOone

              Haha that’s so funny. Thanks. Robin Wong must really like Advil because he seems to really love the OMD.

            • Nawaf

              Muahahahaha.. I’m glad I wan’t drinking anything when I read this.

    • thanks for the link.
      Love the puddles.

  • Don Pope

    The FL-600R looks humongous on this camera!

    • el wuffi

      Ha great! You can select that 300m Tokina lens. Is it coming soon then?

    • mooboy

      Looks heaps better than having the 50R on it! There seems to be little talk about the 600R, which is understandable, but I am almost as excited to get that as the EM-5.. as I think the 50R and the Metz flashes are so damn ugly.

      And yes, it’s all about looks!

      I just wish it had a sync port on the side. Why do no m43 flashes have a sync port?

  • Mar

    How sad that instead of just using existing tech to build a relatively small E-30 successor similar to OMD+ horizontal grip in size and then using all those awesome ZD lenses properly, people try to use all those awesome ZD lenses on a OMD which doesn’t really work just because lenses for micro are crap excluding few.

    • E-1

      Yes, all crap. Go troll somewhere else.

      • Mar

        Yes, worse than old 43rds lenses and cost more plus aren’t weather sealed and usually more expensive.

        • caver3d

          Off you go into Troll Land. You know absolutely nothing about the challenges and costs associated with building smaller lenses. It’s not as simplistic, or as cheap, as you think.

        • E-1

          I do hope they make equivs for the 50-200 and 12-60 – two excellent and affordable lenses. But from those two glorifying 43 and rallying against m43 does not make sense.

          Overall I like the m43 lens selection better. The Panasonic 7-14 is cheaper than the Olympus 7-14. The 20 and 45 are very usable. My 100-300 is darker and not as sharp as my 50-200 but is cheaper, has good quality and larger reach. The coming 60 and 75 look fine if they have the quality they seem to have. And the 12-35/35-100 could complete my lens setup.

    • Mar, You may have millions of dollars to throw at things you want. Many here on this post do not. They have an investment in 43 glass and do not wish to consign it to the tip. They quite reasonably wish to use the lenses they have spent a large amount of their “hard earned” on.
      Try thinking things through before making foolish statements. Or, are you to foolish to comprehend that.

      • Boooo!

        He said exactly that – a better 4/3 camera is needed because of all the great lenses and the investment people made in them.

        • Sorry mar, I misinterpreted your comment as being a slight on the fact that some do want to use 43 on m43. whereas you are supporting it. I knew the foolish bit would come and bite me.

  • Rob

    I’m a little disappointed Olympus didn’t package it like a more high end camera. The NEX-7 and X Pro 1 give off a really great impression when you first open the box and I think Oly should have matched them here.

    Still, It looks good :-) I’m starting to regret putting my order in for black though as silver is getting more appealing. Although the silver does look a bit odd with the battery grip on.

    So far all the pictures posted look good enough for me. Low noise, lovely colours, and even sharpness with the 12-50mm. Can’t wait to get mine now!

    • Nawaf

      Knowing Olympus we would pay extra for the packaging too :P
      Seriously though it’s the same design as the box my 12mm came in. What’s important is what’s on the inside, see what I did there.

    • you are kidding right? disappointed about the packaging?

      • Nope, I second that. A high end product should come in high end packaging. Apple set the standards for almost everybody out there and a lot of manufacturers have understood it makes a difference.

        • from a marketing point of view maybe, but for me as a user no; trendy products like apple need it yes,because the target group is sensitive about that. But olympus doesn’t need it for the OM-D. Their regular packaging will do.

          • Corey

            Personally I have no desire to pay the extra $20-50+ they’d tack on for a fancier looking box. Every cost like that gets passed on and can add up fast.

            • Nawaf

              I don’t think it would have added any cost to the consumer as it’s just the design on the box. Actually it might have been cheaper if it was all black.

              IMHO I think it needed something new for this new line of camera. They might be holding off for the pro camera to be released.

      • Rob

        Not kidding at all.

        Maybe you’ve not seen what the direct competitors are doing. But compare:




        For a £1000 item, is it too much to ask for nice packaging? Rather than divide bits up in standard cardboard and plonk the software/manual on top like a cheap compact or mid-range SLR.

        Don’t get me wrong, it’s not going to stop me buying it. And I’m not part of a ‘insecure bling’ crowd (to the person ’43shot’ below). But it does increase pride in ownership to see your new purchase presented in such a nice way, even if it’s subtle. If I went to a nice restaurant I’d expect nice presentation of the food on the dish, if I’m getting a takeaway I’m happy with a cardboard box.

        • I think the importance of presentation is more of a western thing, as you gave the perfect example from the food presentation with all the efforts to decorate the haute cuisine, Asians are more focused on the actual taste.

          • Rob

            Quite possibly. But either way, the box designs are the same for each camera brand worldwide. The fancy boxes from Sony and Fuji (asian companies…) are the same in the west as they are in the east.

            Also I think you’ll find Japan is very good at presenting food too, possibly even the best followed by France. Sushi being the prime example.

            • yes Japan has the decoration style too, but if compared with the west its rather subtle way of presentation. At least I dont get the feeling “oh that would be a shame to consume that piece of art on the dish ;-)”

        • JimD

          Packaging is becoming nuts. In some cases the package is higher value than the contents. It’s also a waste of space with many consumer items being lost in a gigantic box or plastic bubble, that can’t be cut and will not biodegrade.
          Packaging should be the minimal size to ensure safe delivery. As far as flaps and gold embossed logos, I don’t want to pay the expense. There are many rumblings of the prices set for the E-5M why make it higher.
          Marketing has a ratio used for added costs for packaging its simple. $100 = item +plain bubble and plain card box. $500 = item + fine foam, lots of advertising flyers, and styrene lines box 3 x size required with gold embossed logos and signed picture of marketing manager.

    • 43shot

      What? It’s not a brown box it is a nice color box typical of most cameras. This is typical of the American consumer, shinny, fancy boxes that cost extra money so they feel good about what’s inside. I don’t want to pay for expensive packing. In the cosmetics industry the packing is more costly then the product. Bose is another example, crap paper drivers in the speakers and all the money is spent on fancy packing. casing and tons of marketing with shit components inside. The box is more than adequate and I don’t see the need for more except to please the insecure bling crowd and make them feel the made the right sheeple purchase. I suppose if I spent an an extra $5 on the box I would take better pictures and feel more adequate.

  • ght

    I’ll wait for a cheaper OMD model.

    • caver3d

      What “cheaper” OM-D model would that be?

  • Willy

    This site allows you to compare the sizes of a huge range of cameras side-by-side. The OM-D is there.

    Here is an example:

    There is a link “Click this New Tool” that adds lenses. You can really appreciate the size advantage of the OM-D.

  • Adriaantie

    Is that kitlens humonges or is de omd that small. Why such à little camera and sensor for Those big lenses. The combo looks almost bigger than à small dslr with apsc sensor.

  • I pre-ordered mine (in silver) from Amazon Germany today. Let’s see when it ships.

    @Admin: is there a known shipping date for Europe/Germany that you know of?

  • Walter

    Am I the only one who doesn’t really care what it looks like?

    I will gladly shoot a pink camera with green polka-dots if I can use a 300 f/4 with it.

  • The PIX of the grand unboxing are good.

    Take note everybody the WorldWide Warranty paperwork is on the top. Olympus Japan must see this as a very important part of their customer offering.

    Take further note, this warranty does NOT apply in Australia. The marketing people here have decided to get their new Mercedes earlier rather than support purchasers of Oly product. Complain on their Web site if you like but as no one in Australian marketing knows about the web site it will be a waste of time. The only thing active there is the Blog and that’s all complaints over pricing.

  • jorge

    New Canon mirrorless leaked:!!!

    • Dave

      Disregard these (now dead) links. Just an April Fools “joke”.

  • marilyn

    i’ll be receiving my EM5 tom lunch time wahaha cant wait …

    • Jb


  • konikonaku

    E-M5 silver + MMF-3 + 14-54mkII + battery grip for me…sweeeeett

  • rang

    Just got my OMD em5 yahoooooo

  • Jb

    Is real E-M5 confirm focus with manual lens without chip confirm AF?
    How to make confirm focus with contrast focus system?


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