Three professional work made with the Panasonic GH2!


As you know the Panasonic GH2 is used by many professionists and artists for their work. Here are three new videos you can see:

1) Konstantin Syomin (Click here) won the international Documentary Challenge in Toronto with a movie shot with the GH2!

2) Living the dream teaser at DVXuser (Click here).

3) And here is the long text sent me by Luke:
I wanted to let you know about a film that I made on the GH2 that is currently touring festivals and also available online during a limited internet-only pre-release via a partnership with the website Prescreen.
The film follows the Thai National Cheerleading team from their humble beginnings practicing on concrete up until the 2009 and 2011 World Championships in Florida where they brought home medals and caused over 10,000 spectators to jump up and down screaming “BANGKOK! THAILAND! BANGKOK! THAILAND!” …. it’s more than just a movie about cheerleaders though, it’s a movie about following your dreams and how even if the odds are totally stacked against you, that you can achieve your goals.
Here’s our website for the film
And our Facebook page
The important link though is this one, where the film can actually be rented (until June 24th)
We’ve screened in Thailand, Singapore, USA and Norway. And we recently won Best Documentary at the 60N Os Festival in Norway. In Norway, the film was blown up on a 4K screen and still looked amazing, later this year we will have broad theatrical distribution in Thailand. The GH2 was totally the right camera to make this film on.
Thanks again for all your hard work on the blog, if there is any way that you could give our film a mention that would be great! I am attaching a press release announcing the release on Prescreen and also our press kit. If you want some press stills, you can grab them from this link
– Luke Cassady-Dorion, Director, The Cheer Ambassadors

Great work guys!

  • All great stuff- it’s about time someone did something besides hack picture tests :)

  • VVilf

    Admin we want more stories about these creative works! Fantastic!

  • The guy from this video on the post says that he will go for the C300 for his next project because of the DR. Don’t he consider the BlackMagic camera then? It’s $3000, it seems to have a nice DR, it uses EF-Mount, it shoots in RAW direct into a SSD. Of course, assuming that the camera really delivers what it says it does, it seems to be a nice deal and way cheaper than the C300.

    • Stu5

      It could be he has not heard about it yet. A director of photography friend of mine hadn’t the other day so I emailed him the link to the website. He was aware of the company but only for their software. You are quite right about what you say. It does look very impressive. 2.5k camera for that money is really good. Thunderbolt connection as well. Refrigerated sensor to cool it down is a very interesting idea. I don’t know if you noticed but it also includes a full copy of their colour grading software which cost $995 on it’s own. Makes it even better value.

      • I was aware of the software bundle, I just didn’t know it cost 1/3 of the camera’s price! hehe…

        I read that the sensor may be capable of global shutter – but it seems that it won’t be used in this model -, if you consider that the camera will probably go as high as ISO 1600, I think that it may be possible. Global shutter would probably decrease ISO and DR by default so if you low the ISO, you can at least try to increase the DR. So maybe the global shutter will be used in another model or maybe via firmware update. I don’t know, but just the idea of global shutter is pretty interesting, even more for a camera made solely for video.

        The GH3 won’t have global shutter and I don’t know when a hybrid camera will have it because there is a lot of road for a sensor like that catch up with the normal CMOS sensor in terms of low noise and higher DR. I think that Panasonic should really make DR a top priority for the GH3, if they could mimic the Image part of Olympus plus their expertise in video, that would become a killer true hybrid!

    • Renato, you said it yourself “assuming the camera really delivers what it says it does”, the C300 is a known quantity now, it’s been on the market and people have used it and know what it is and isn’t. You can’t make such big decisions on a hope of a product that isn’t even released yet. Afterall BMD hasn’t even released raw footage or even cinimaDNG files for people to play with. They consider the product “early Beta”.

      I wouldn’t put all my eggs into the BMD basket either yet, it’s promising, and BMD makes great products, but at this point it’s just a promise, not a product.

      • I understand that but the reason I brought that up is because I think the camera is scheduled to launch in July, which is not so far from now, unless he will start the new project now, he should consider that camera. as I read in the forum, he is still in post-production and he probably won’t start the project while he is not done with this one so I think that the BlackMagic camera is still a possibility.

    • Stefan Colson

      I’m the DP of “Living the Dream”, and am indeed using the C300 on my next feature. I’m very excited about the BMC, and will most likely be picking one up once they’re released. It represents a big step forward in terms of what’s available for a reasonable price, and considering the bundled copy of DaVinci Resolve is comically cheap. I would consider using it for future films, but the next feature I’m DP’ing starts shooting at the beginning of June and the C300 offers (in my opinion) the best combination of image quality, handling, and a fast efficient post workflow of currently available cameras for the project in question. I considered the Scarlet, but in working with a smaller crew and budget, and due to time constraints in post, the C300 is the better fit. My GH2 is not going anywhere though, I’m in love with this little camera!

  • Miroslav

    Why is this posted under Rumors?

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