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Three new Schneider m43 lenses announced!!!!


Schneider announced three new m43 lenses! All price a bit below 1500 Euro and to arrive by end 2013 only :(
Here are the specs:

  • Super-Angulon 14 mm/2.0 wide angle lens (10 lenses with 4 aspherical surfaces, 1:10 to ∞)
  • Xenon 30 mm/1.4 universal lens (7 elements with 1 aspheric surface, 1:10 to ∞)
  • Macro-Symmar 60 mm/2.4 highly open Macro Lens (8 lenses, scale 1:2 to ∞)


Source: Photoscala (translation here).

  • IQ must be at the same level of Leica M or Zeiss to ask those prices

  • Do they have AF?

    • Yes, they do have AF.

      • Bob B.

        RATHER AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Narretz

    Are they built specifically for m43? And didn’t Schneider / Kreuznach already introduce a 14mm for m43?

  • MP

    The 14mm spec sheet sounds good. Although quite expensive.

  • matt

    I see 3 useless lenses

    14mm f2- who would prefer this lens with this price over the panny 14mm f2.5 or oly 12mm f2?

    35mm f1.4 – 70mm FOV? and that insane price? happy shooting
    60mm f2.4 – we have new oly macro lens that goes to 1:1 macro , not silly 1:2 and is 1/3 price!

    I understand that they will have same uniformity, contrast ,colors and they will match each other, but for 1500€ this is stupid

    good luck schneider, you will need it

    • BdV

      I am thinking kind of the same. Except maybe that 35 could be a shortish portrait, just.. a bit short. 42.5 might be worth waiting for. I am starting to feel a bit sorry for the Schneider people trying to do something for m4/3.

      • peevee

        It’s 30, not 35. Even more useless, given the $529 25/1.4.

        • itschiDick

          I´d pay that much for a sealed lens if the iq matches the price. There are physical limitations to small optics. And sooner or later the tiny pancakes won´t handle the possibilities of the upcoming sensors anymore. The SKs will be worth the money if they reach the quality of the toppro FT-Zuikos.

          The 12mm f2.0 is almost to wide and extreme for group photos in crowded situations. A 14mm with even better sharpness in the corners than the good mFT-Zuiko would be my choice.
          Another criteria for the SKs is the splashproofness, that I´m still missing on the exklusive mFT-primes… The iq of the EM-5 is gorgeous with the sealed TP-FT-glass, but I´m slightly frustrated that neither the 12 nor the exlusive 75 are splashproof.

  • onlyme

    Admin will we see any new m4/3rds Sigma lenses this week?

  • Anonymous

    Looking at the mount compared to the body size these are another set of lenses developed for NEX and adapted for u43, Schneider are trying to milk the punters, they will sell some to the unsuspecting sucker but as has been mentioned they cannot compete with existing glass at the exhorbitant prices they will charge, some of these will still be available ‘new’ some 5-10 years after they go out of production.

    • When the 14mm was first announced, they claimed to have no plans for E-Mount/NEX lenses. Of course the lenses still could be constructed with support for APS-C sized sensors (Canon? Fuji?) in mind, but the size could also be the result of concentrating on superb IQ instead of downsizing everything as much as possible.

  • Che

    I bet they come with lens hoods :)

    I am definitely going to be looking to pick up something in the longer FL, good work Schneider!

  • Mr. Reeee

    Sexy lenses! Yeah!
    A year away? BOOOOOOOOO!

  • MS

    only the price for the Super-Angulon 2/14 mm will be under 1500 Euros, source gives no info about the price tag of the others…

    Q3/Q4 2013… at least I have some time to win the lottery until they get released :D

  • Che

    For those who complain about the price of these lenses, keep in mind that SK is on par with CZeiss and in fact both source their glass from Schott. This is a a damn serious piece of optics and you wont find anything better. That costs money, end of story.

    You don’t complain that the McLaren MP4-12c costs the price of a house, why complain when a super premium lens costs the price of a nice suit?

    • Personally, I wouldn’t complain about the car or the lenses. Nor would I buy them….Funny, I never would have thought that GAS could spread electronically. Bless the internet.

  • awaler

    The german press release says the 14mm will below 1500€, no price for the other two is given.
    But yes, it is said for all three that they will autofocus.

  • OneQuarterSensor

    It is much cheaper to learn photography on the books than through this sort of mistakes. Still, feel free to buy these funny crippled cameras and these overpriced lenses, and then an iphone. Enjoy democracy, as long as we have it.

  • Stupig

    These focal lengths make much better sense on APSc than m4/3…

  • ben folds

    The more choices the better! It’s never been a better time to be a photography enthusiast and the companies are just starting to make their cameras programmable (Android)!

    Thanks to 43rumors/mirrorless-rumors for the coverage!

  • Oilymouse

    Some of the people commenting here smell of troll shit and actually happily admit they don’t have a clue as to the proposition of these lenses – just wonderful. No, really: these lenses are priced so high simply to invite you to squeeze out your little verbal farts, honestly!

    Happy to see m43 maturing as a system. This will bring more maturity to the m43 crowd as well.

  • Some more details:

    – High-refractive lenses and special lens elements
    – Internal focusing
    – Very high resolution across the entire image area, even at full starting aperture
    – High-quality aluminum casing, robust mechanics
    – Hydrophobic coating of outer elements
    – Protection against dust and splashing

    • admin


    • sounds impressive!

    • Ash


      You aren’t raising the maturity level here with your comments…

  • rrr_hhh

    Are those lenses especially made for mft bodies ? They seem huge : look at the mount : the lens barrel is way larger than the mount, to the point that you have to wonder whether they would fit well on the bodies featuring a hump (Gs, GHs, E-M5).
    Makes me wonder whether the lens coverage isn’t bigger than the mft format ?

    Also the focal lengths are weird :
    14mm, ok, but there is already a 14mm F2.5, why not wider, why not offer a 10.5mm ?
    30mm : I really don’t understand that focal, seems to be like the Sigma : a normal focal for APSC format.
    60mm macro : will be redundant with the Olympus macro.

    Now all these focals would make more sense if they were designed with APSC coverage in mind :
    That would make 21mm, 45mm and 90mm equivalent focal lengths.

    That said, these lenses have a gorgeous look with their blue ring and the big types indicating their focal lengths !

    I’d be interested in the wide angle if it was shorter than 14mm.

    • Chez Wimpy

      >Now all these focals would make more sense if they were designed with APSC coverage in mind :
      That would make 21mm, 45mm and 90mm equivalent focal lengths.

      Bingo. m43 might be the first to market, but Sony NEX (and the Fuji mount) is where they will actually make sales.

  • stefan

    Guys these are clearly aimed at the new gh3 video market. The focal lengths prices and features make sense from that perpective. A HQ 28mm (which the panny 14mm is not it has far to much distortion) a good 60mm long normal (which is not a bad focal length for video hell alot of people think 58mm is a great focal length not that different) which yes competes with the panny 25 but is weather sealed and a 120mm close focus lens which the system currently lacks (i know oly is making one but this is slightly faster and as it is not a true macro should hopefully focus a bit faster). The lens barrels themselves are bigger than some but not unprecedented in size seem comparable to the 12-35mm and 25mm 1.4 in fact (please actually look at other mft lenses before commenting) but these are quality fast glass and you would expect that. All in all these lenses are good premium offerings that the semi pro film crowd will lap up.

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