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This is the official Panasonic statement about their camera business plans


Last week Nikkei stated that Panasonic was moving the camera business under a new umbrella division. The problem with that report was that they used the word “dismantle” whcih could have been interpreted as they would somehow reduce their camera business. But I am glad to read that Panasonic just released that official statement:

‘The recent article featured on the Nikkei regarding Panasonic’s Imaging business was not announced by Panasonic and refers to a change in our internal organizational structure.
Integrating all consumer electronics divisions, our consumer Digital Imaging business will move under Panasonic Appliances Company and is not being dismantled.
The aim of this change is to further deepen our relationships with customers, strengthen our product capabilities, and continue to firmly develop and promote our business.’

via Dpreview

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