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This could be Panasonic’s the new GH4 Four Thirds 4K sensor!


via Image sensor world.

Panasonic Japan released a pdf file (download here) describing the features of a new 4K Four Thirds sensor with 16,4 Megapixel! Panasonic claims that this will be the lowest noise sensor on the market! Note, this isn’t the organic sensor they developed with Fuji. For that you will have to wait til 2015.

As you know two weeks ago we published the full GH4 camera specs and this could be the real GH4 sensor. Panasonic is likely to release the camera within the first half of 2014.

Here are the full sensor specs:


As I told you before the GH4 has a “partial” modular system. Some parts of the camera can be upgraded in time. The camera is placed well above the GH3 and will NOT replace it. Here are the specs I got from one of my sources:

Panasonic GH4
1/8000 shutter
1mil dot OLED screen
21mm OLED viewfinder, 3,000+ dot.
Time code
200mbps mp4 All-i/100mbps IPB
4:2:2 10/8bit output
3G-SDI and XLR adaptor (An adaptor that the camera sits on with XLR x2, HD-SDI x4)
Price: €2799

Overall it sounds likt we don’t have to wait til Photokina in September to get soem great new stuff. Also Olympus is set to release a great MFT camera already in February!

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