There is only one place on earth where you still can’t buy the GH2. New Zealand!


Last week most US online stores were able to have the Panasonic GH2 in Stock after 6 months of waiting (Check Amazon, Adorama and BHphoto). Does it mean that now everyone on earth can get the GH2? No! A frustrated 43rumors reader from new Zealand wrote us the following email:
Great to see the GH2 is no fully available in the US, but it has yet to reach New Zealand. We receive the latest models promptly from Canon, Nikon, etc, even the Fuji X-100, but not Panasonic G series cameras. And no reasons given. The best camera is useless if you can’t get it! I’ve had a GH2 on order since November“.

He asked one of the biggest online shop (photowarehouse) why he can’t get the GH2 and that’s the answer from the websale team:
Hi xxx, no word yet from Panasonic sorry. Were expecting it before now, but due to what’s been happening in Japan ( Panasonic closing factories and shipping delays), who knows when they will turn up. I have asked Panasonic for updates, and there is a shipment due early next month, but all the suppliers, Panasonic , Sony, Canon etc.. are forecasting massive disruptions and availability issues for the next 4-6 months.

And here it is a very interesting news…Massive disruptions for the next 4-6 months?

P.S.: The other big New Zealand online store ( doesn’t even list the GH2.

  • jacquot

    Great: and now, where can you buy a battery for the GH2?
    an alone battery of course (not include in a GH2 pack ;:))

  • Lenny Bolivier

    Have you tried Expert Infotech? They’re a parallel import shop in Auckland that offers great prices (I bought my GF1 from them).

  • DonTom

    Dude, I’m from New Zealand, and this story makes me laugh. Cos at the moment I live in another place without the GH2: Qatar. Mind you, we don’t have the G2/10, GF1/2 or GH1 either. I did see an E-PL1 once. But I already had mine for 6 months from Singapore….from Harvey Normans!

  • andrew

    I’m in christchurch.
    the second nz online shop you mention is a small retail shop.
    I get my film there and the cheapest in new zealand.

  • What would happen if the camera market froze for a year? Imagine no new cameras, not even rumors.
    IMHO nothing would happen. We would still enjoy photography, perhaps even more than we do now. We would spend our available income on other things, maybe use it to relax and travel more. We would be less frustrated with our photo gear and learn how to make better use of it. Bliss.

    • G_C

      thats kinda happening with this japanese earthquake

      i agree that it might even be better for our photography as people will settle for what they already have and go out and take photos instead of dreaming of the next camera to own.

      mind you if you can’t get a GH2 in your country just find a way to get it sent to you from another country

  • Richard

    I live in Sydney, Australia and none of the retail stores carry it here either. Maybe it takes time to translate the menus into Australian English…

  • John

    I am pretty sure it is not available in Eastern Congo or northern Mongolia either.

    • admin

      Are you sure? I found Panasonic stuff in Ulan Bator and in Uganda :)

    • Shaun

      …and if u can buy it online in AU it costs about $500 more than purchasing it in the US – cheaper to pay import duty and buy form the US

  • sderdiarian

    Admin, I haven’t heard anything on disruptions with Olympus, but have seen their lens prices zoom up (sorry, couldn’t resist!) and that the E-5 is out of stock.

    Is the E-PL2 kit entirely manufactured in China? Prices and supply have been stable so far, so here’s hoping.

    • Inge-M

      E-5 is out of stock in Norway also. ;-)

    • gbt

      I can tell you that the Olympus importers in NZ are shipping as little as they can get away with. Probably skewing the price and blaming the tsunami. They really are a piece of work. I tried to order an HG lens from retailers. One said minimum 6-8 weeks due to the Japan disaster, the other said the importers were only bringing in one example of the model I wanted. I gave up and ordered it at 60% NZ cost from B&H.

  • Here in ARGENTINA you can´t get the gh2 … if your lucky you can find the g2!!! I had to buy my g2 a few month ago fron a importer that brought my g2 when i needed it!

  • Joel

    meh I wouldn’t worry, in Australia we do have the GH2 now, but Panasonic camera products are so overpriced here (I imagine NZ will be the same) that you might as well buy from overseas and parallel import it yourself…

    No wonder I have never seen another Panasonic m4/3 user in Australia.. :-/

    • Shaun

      agreed – its a rip off here in Au. I buy all my camera gear OS. The good thing is most of the stuff I buy also has International warranty. They really are shooting themselves in the foot here in AU!

  • vinzer

    There are obviously other countries on earth that still don’t carry the GH2 and not just NZ (we still don’t have it here in the Philippines). Or are you perhaps referring to only “countries that matter” (i.e. first-world and newly industrialized countries)? :D

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