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The theme of the CP+2023 Panasonic booth is “Next phase with Lumix”.


Panasonic Japan published the CP+ presentation page:

The theme of the CP+2023 LUMIX booth is “NEXT PHASE WITH LUMIX“.

Whether professional or amateur, LUMIX will continue to evolve in order to contribute to all creators who want to challenge new expressions and fields.
Focusing on the Micro Four Thirds single-lens camera GH6, which enables a new time expression of 4K120p, and the full-size single-lens camera S5II, which supports even more aggressive shooting with on-image plane phase detection AF and powerful image stabilization. In addition to touch & try unique to the venue and a photo walk where you can experience the actual machine, we have theme-based seminars by up-and-coming creators and equipment-based seminars that delve into the appeal of products. We will continue to develop content that will be useful and hints for creative activities.
From those who want to open up new ways of expression to those who are having trouble choosing a camera, please visit the LUMIX booth!

There is yet no hint about possible new camera/lens announcements…

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