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The Olympus 45mm with superb performance (says DSLRmagazine)! + latest Olympusmarket deals.


Image on top by courtesy of DSLRmagazine.

There is a new and this time very detailed and complete review of the new Olympus 45mm lens at DSLRmagazine (Click here to read the google english translation). You can see all graph and test on their page. In short, this lens is a surprise! For 300 Euro you get a lot!
1) Resolution: The lens is surprisingly sharp! It has almost the same sharpness in the center and at the border of the image and actually there is almost no quality loss when shooting at f/1.8 aperture compared to the maximum quality aperture which DSLRmagazine found to be at f/4.0
2) Vignetting (light loss in the corners): At maximum aperture is less than 10%. That’s a very good result.
3) Distortion: There is no :)

Interesting_1: The same lens performs better on the E-P3 comapred to the E-PL1. This confirms there is a different sensor-processor design!
Interesting_2: The results for the distortion, resolution, chromatic aberrations and vignetting are not improved in the JPEG respect to RAW, which speaks for a good optical quality inherent in this small, lightweight, useful and friendly target.

Now take time to read the full review at DSLRmagazine! Right now you can preorder the lens at Adorama (Click here), BHphoto (Click here), J&R (Click here) and in Europe at Amazon Deutschland (Click here).

Thanks V.Sama and M.San Fruits for the nice review!

Something different: Those are the refurbished Micro Four Thirds camera auctions ending at [shoplink 22691 ebay]Olympusmarket[/shoplink] today. Click on the names to see the auction:

Olympus E-P1

[shoplink 24945 ebay]E-P1 with kit 17mm pancake[/shoplink] [shoplink 24946 ebay]E-P1 with kit 17mm pancake and 14-42mm lens[/shoplink]

Olympus E-P2

[shoplink 24949 ebay]E-P2 with kit lens[/shoplink]

Olympus E-PL1

[shoplink 24944 ebay]E-PL1 with kit lens[/shoplink] [shoplink 24947 ebay]E-PL1 with double kit lens[/shoplink] [shoplink 24950 ebay]E-PL1 with double kit lens[/shoplink] [shoplink 24951 ebay]E-PL1 with kit lens[/shoplink] [shoplink 24952 ebay]E-PL1 with kit lens[/shoplink] [shoplink 24953 ebay]E-PL1 with 14-150mm lens[/shoplink]
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