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The new OM Digital website is now online with a message from the CEO


From now on all official news about MFT products will be seen on the new website!

The CEO added the following message on the frontpage:

On January 1, 2021, we progress as OM Digital Solutions Corporation. In recent years, moves towards digitalization have accelerated in response to changes in the marketplace, and new technological developments are being made in a number of fields. At the same time, the sense of value is critical, and we believe that what is truly being sought right now is a fulfilling life.

During our business as the Imaging Division of Olympus Corporation, we contributed to society with products such as cameras, audio recorders, and binoculars. With the camera business in particular, we utilized original ideas when developing products. In the film era, we succeeded with the development of the unprecedented compact, lightweight design of the OM series of 35mm SLR cameras. We have inherited this passion and development philosophy in the digital age, leading to the Micro Four Thirds standard, and a compact, lightweight design, through the mirrorless OM-D series. In addition, we have developed various state-of-the-art technologies, including lens groups with high optical performance, world-class image stabilization, and the High-Res Shot function, delivering high resolution imaging to photographers everywhere.

It is our manufacturing capabilities that have supported this business. This has been accomplished through forward-looking insight, a challenging spirit, and close relationships with our manufacturing site. We will continue to launch innovative products in existing business areas such as cameras, audio recorders, and binoculars, while combining our inherited manufacturing capabilities with state-of-the-art digital technologies, and will provide new solutions that stretch beyond the boundaries of existing products on the market.

The launch of this new company brings together a more focused and flexible organizational structure. Moving forward, this will allow the freedom to explore new business opportunities, enabling us to contribute to society with more passion than ever.

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