The new 25mm f/1.8 lens size comparison (Courtesy Abdullah).


43rumors readers Abdullah Alzaher (Source: Twitter) created that size comparison between the soon to be announced new Olympus 25mm f/1.8 lens and other MFT lenses.

M.ZUIKO DIGITAL 25mm F1.8 Lens specs reminder:
– 46mm filter diameter
– Minimum focusing distance is 0.25m
– Comes in black and silver
– Estimated retail price of around 35,000 yen (399 Euro).

  • M

    Olympus really does have a nice range of compact primes now!

    • Absolutely!

      I say the next logical step is a tele.

      • anonymous

        seeing the line up like this – how I wish these were all pics of a 12-60 zoom at different focal lengths. (or leaving out the 75mm perhaps a 12-45)
        the 12-40 is a bit of a monster next to these.

        • Yes, but is the 12-40mm a “monster” next to *ALL* of these primes together (i.e., 12, 17, 25 and 45mm)? The zoom does cover most of the focal length range of the primes, but of course not the wide aperture. The 12-40mm does offer weather-resistance, which none of the primes can claim.

          In truth, I’m a fan of all these lenses, primes and zoom. Very likely I’ll end up owning all of them…

    • Arnaud

      A great line up. Next step should be price reductions, to bring them on par with similar quality APS-C lens prices.

      • Berneck

        Interesting, where are you seeing lower priced APS-C lenses with the same quality?

        • VIOITL

          Canon 50 1.8 = $150?

          • Berneck

            That lens has not changed in nearly 25 years, I would hope it’s cheap. And it’s about an 80mm equivalent. There are rumors that Canon may finally update this lens this year. You can be pretty sure it WILL NOT be $150.

            What else you got?

            • z

              Canon 85mm 1.8
              Canon 17-55mm 2.8
              Nikon/Sony 35mm 1.8
              Sigma 30mm 1.4

              All of which at least has equal quality with their m43 counterpart.

              YES! M43 could use some price reduction

              • Yes it could. Are production costs so high? I mean isn’t the probability of getting a scratch or dust higher if the lens area/volume is higher as well?

              • berneck

                Ok, the Canon 85 is 22 years old. $400, not bad. What lens would you compare it to? The 45? Maybe I could see your point, but the 45 is only a few years old, and optimized for digital. It has excellent optics and focuses VERY quickly. Can’t say the 85 would focus nearly as fast. Again, if Canon released a new one, it would NOT be $400. But, I’m sure you’re trying to attempt to compare it to the amazing 75mm. There’s no comparison. The optics and build quality are night and day. Is it a high-priced lens? Yes. But high-priced and over-priced are two very different things.

                I assume you are comparing the 17-55 ($879) to the 12-40 ($1000)? The 17-55 released in ’06 at $1,100. The 17-55 (27-88) has a plastic body, focuses more slowly, is not weather sealed, freeze proof, dust proof, etc. Oh, and why no mention of the Nikon 17-55 for $1300? $1000 for the 12-40 seems just right to me.

                The Sigma 30 1.4, $500… compared to the 17, also $500? hmm, a third party lens that won’t work as well with the native system (Canon/Nikon), doesn’t have snap to manual focus, is MUCH larger. Either way, I’ll call that a wash. Or are you comparing to the new 25 that is expected to be around $300? Hard to say, but if the optics and focus speed are anything like the 45, the sigma loses by a mile.

                The Nikon 35 is definitely a newer VERY cheap lens at $200. For the price, it really can’t be beat. However, like I said, if the 25 is anything like the 45 in optics and speed, I’ll pay the extra $100.

                I don’t have any experience with the Sony 35. Yes, it is cheap. Which camera is this used for? Oh wait, Sony doesn’t really care about that line anymore…..

                I don’t mean to overdo this, but the point I’m trying to make is people think just because it’s a “smaller” system, that it should somehow be MUCH cheaper. That somehow this system can’t possibly have superior optics compared to a larger system. I think this stems from the drastic mistake both Panasonic and Olympus made in the beginning when they make expensive glorified point and shoots. Instead they should have been committed much more to the higher end and continue that handling down to the entry level. I think the OM-D line is fixing that mistake, and I hope the E-M10 will demonstrate that. We got too used to these garbage entry level camera bodies that didn’t sell and were immediately discounted, to eventually dirt prices.

                I think the problem is perception much more than it is reality. I have found most of these lenses to be priced well, and in many cases priced better than their true equivalents, especially when you catch a sale.

                • Bdale


                  Very well said.

                • Arnaud

                  Your statement “… but the point I’m trying to make is people think just because it’s a “smaller” system, that it should somehow be MUCH cheaper”

                  —-> It should not be cheaper but it should also not be more EXPENSIVE, and at the moment this is the case, so the best option is still APS-C format, the lens choice is also much bigger, certainly on (fast) telezooms.

      • tom

        What do you have in mind for comparable APS-C lenses? Sony E 35 and 50, Fuji X 18? Nothing else comparable, either significantly faster, slower, or does not exist.

    • Mike

      Absolutely. Great compromise between size, maximum aperture, performance and price.

  • Farrukh

    A great line up. Next step a super wide prime!

    • Bob B.

      Nice dark posse of lenses!!…YES what we need now is BOTH a Tele Prime AND. A SuperWideAngle Prime!!!!

  • lcv

    Time for a 300mm f4!

    • Svenlovesflo

      Isn’t Kodak supposed to come out with a 400mm f/4 ? Just hope it is of the quality of the good zuiko lenses

      • y.v.

        It is likely one more boring MF mirror lens…

    • y.v.

      Yep!) Even 200/4 or 250/4 would be great) But 300/4 – even better)

      • Moses

        I’d like to have all of them ;-)

  • It’s a shame that the lens does not come with the same focus ring switch feature of the 12mm and 17mm lenses. Anyone knows why?

    • Tropical Yeti

      Yes we know…
      – In 12mm and 17mm outfit it would be significantly more expensive.
      – This is supposed to be a kit lens, so it has to be cheap
      – Being cheaper than Panasonic version is ultimate lure to divert significant number of customers for 25mm lens from Panasonic to Olympus…

      • Sorry but those reasons don’t sound plausible to me.

        In EU the panasonic 25mm costs around 499€ and the Olympus will be prices around 399€ according to 43rumors. 399€ isn’t cheap for a kit lens at all and 100€ for less a stop is very reasonable even if it would be in a lens from the same brand, for example Nikon AF 1.4 and 1.8 have a 160€ gap between them.

        Where did you get that that information?

        • Tim F

          If you compere the official prices of kit-lenses they are always overpirced when you buy them without a kit. In a short time after the release the used priced is much lower, and some shops will sell cheaper lenses without packing form torn apart kits as well.

          About the Panaleica price, it official price at realease was somthing like 630€, so it price is already lowered a lot- i bet in 3 years the Price difference between the two lenses will be much higher then now.

          None of the Nikon lenses is offered as a kid-lens, and both are offered from the same company- that makes the pricing much easyser ;-)

          • Tim F

            But i also think that the european rumored (!) list price for a lens with unknown optical quality is a bit high- with a price difference that low i would prefere a metal build 500€ 25/1.8 as well ;-)

            Just hope for the best, and give the lens some time in the market…

        • MarcoSartoriPhoto

          Consider the original price of PanaLeica and compare it to the launch price of MZuiko25mm. Let’s see what the price will be in a couple of years. I bet less than 300 euros.

          I remember complaints about the metal construction of 17mm, making it too expensive: proof that people will always have a different opinion. And we would like to have a great lens for free. ;)

        • Paul

          I was looking for Panaleica price and I didn’t find this lens for 500E. Where did you find it?

            • yaa

              Congratulations on finding a nice offer for that lens (I actually bought one for that price myself about a year ago, and hence can confirm it certainly happens that you can get it for that price).

              But you are comparing a good offer on an item with a rumored mrsp for a different item. You seem to not understand how that is comparing apples to oranges. Lets see in a little while what the actual street prices are for this 25/1.8

              • True that, I didn’t noticed the mrsp my bad. I get that new products get a higher price at first and later will decrease, as it was said the pan 25mm came out at 630€, but since this lens covers what the Olympus is launching and in other continents it’s cheaper, it gets to my bones. Usually 43rumors is right about street prices, but yeah let’s us wait and see. I am also curious so see sample images and vignetting tests.

        • yaa

          Seems you do not understand the difference between mrsp at introduction, and actual street prices once a product has been available for a while.

      • Tim F

        another reason could be that the depth of field is already much thinner on a 50mm lens, so the usefull Arperture range for a depth of field scale gets smaller, and its harder to guesstimate the rigth focus distance.

        I know that in the old days those marks where on most lenses, but in those days the 100% view, to check the sharpness, was 13cm x 18cm print ;-)

        • Alaksandu

          This sounds quite likely: consider the 75mm, which is of course a top quality luxury lens. It’s unlikely that they omitted the snapshot mode to save costs. Depth of field is a more likely reason: the lenses that have the mode so far are wide-angle lenses, after all.

  • Pancakelover

    Too bad the 25er is not a pancake. Otherwise it could replace the 20mm 1.7, if it’s got acceptable AF speed.
    How ’bout a size comaprison of the new 14-42 ^_^

  • Eifex

    Nice set of primes, but 12mm, 17mm and 25mm are way overpriced.

    • Arnaud

      Fully agree, prices should not be more expensive as similar quality aps-c lenses.

      • lovelumix

        Please don’t get confused. MFT system doesn’t mean they have to be cheap. Even though they are not APS-C or Full frame lenses. Good lenses are always expensive.

        • Arnaud

          Doesn’t mean they have to be more expensive than similar APS-C lenses

          • yaa

            And neither does it mean they have to be cheaper. Production cost sets a lower boundarty to prices, but there are many other factors making for the consumer price, most of which has to do with things like supply and demand, product placement, marketing, expected price developments after introduction and so on.

          • rpm40

            How should tablet prices be compared to smartphone prices, or laptop prices? Its the same thing. Prices of other systems should be considered, but there is no reason they need to be the same. They offer an alternative. If m4/3 has the price and features you want, great. If not, ok.

            I understand people wanting cheaper prices. I’d love the 25mm 1.8 to be $100 too. But Olympus is not raking in the dough, swimming in piles of our money, and laughing all the way to the bank with this system. They barely make money off their camera division, and plenty of times they lose money. What does that tell you?

            It’s a luxury item, and I’m fine with them charging whatever they want for it, because we can buy it or we can pass. But to argue that it needs to be the same price as different products from other companies…it just doesn’t make that much sense. The economy doesn’t work that way.

            • The way the market works is very simple: if it sells enough at a given price to meet manufacturer’s target, it is not too expensive.

              • Arnaud

                Well it does sell very bad, at least in Europe

                • Good or bad according to the seller.
                  If Olympus are content with 1% market share (fictive example) and they got it, their prices are on target.

  • can’t wait for the 25mm :D

  • The 25mm is overpriced. ITS NOT A Leica lens for gods sake!

    • Paul

      ya ya ya, and the 25mm Panaleica m4/3 for sure is not a Leica, the quality of the m4/3 model of Panaleica 25mm does not even dream to be like the old Panaleica on 4/3. At f1.4, the m4/3 version have a viggneting of 2EV, and wow, this is a 600E lens. If Olympus 25mm will have the same quality like 45mm, I will buy this lens. Why are you talking about overpriced? The 45mm was at the same price at releaseing. Now I’m using my old Panaleica 25mm with E-M1, and works wonderful, the only problem is the gabarit when I want to have a light bag.

    • Pixnat

      A true leica would be 3999 Euros ;-)

      • Des

        Too expensive for Panny fanboys. :)

  • rob fi

    now lets hope for a good Super telephoto
    300mm 400mm f4
    iam not holding my breath looking at the line up you would think a 100mm f2 would be next

  • QKYC

    Just notice this when you put them together: except the 12mm at f.2.0, all others are f/1.8

    What’s with Olympus’ obsession with f/1.8?

    • Iso-5-Million

      I’d prefer a few 1.4 alternatives. Only 1.8 is not fast enough for me.

    • fishtanks

      Well, it was 2.0 in the OM days. Now it’s 1.8. That’s a bit of improvement, I suppose.

  • ADK

    I’m slowly, grudgingly, giving up on my faithful 20mm f1.7 that brought me, and probably so many of us into the world of m4/3. If I have to listen to that autofocus whine one more time as it hunts I’m going to go crazy… It’ll be a sad day when I trade her in for either the 17mm or 25mm.

    I still don’t understand why Panasonic doesn’t fix the AF issue that is so well known and griped about. If they fixed the AF, they would have the undisputed powerhouse lens and it would never be dethroned, by any of these Oly lenses.
    It’s *smaller*, faster, cheaper, and sharper than Olys 17mm. Just fix the bloody AF, Panasonic!!!

    • Milt

      What whine? I hear a friendly noise that reminds me the lens is awake.

  • Jon

    Dumb question: does the 12 mm Olympus prime actually come in black? I’ve wanted to buy one of these for a while, but I don’t like the silver color, which is the only option on and at B&H.

    Is there a black 12 mm Olympus prime? If so, where you can buy it?


  • Jon

    A “limited edition” for the color that actually matches most of their cameras? And 400 Euros more? Wow, that’s messed up.

  • robin

    now waiting for a 7mm f/2.8… yum yum =D

    • Milt


  • Dogbytes

    Is it weather sealed? I’d like a nice bright standard lens – but not if I have to leave it at home when I rains.

  • fishtanks

    And I was hoping the 25/1.8 can be smaller than the 17/1.8… Sigh…

  • Can’t wait for the release date of the 25mm~ =)

  • Chris

    I really really wish the 25/1.8 had snap focus like the 12 and 17. That, combined with a more compact size than the 25/1.4 would have made for a nice package. I understand that they’re trying to hit a price target here, but had they added the snap focus system to the 25/1.8 I would have paid just about any semi-reasonable price for it despite already owning the 25/1.4.

  • Milt

    What we now need is an idea of the size and weight of the new PL 15mm lens in relation to both Olympus and Panasonic primes.

  • Mike

    Has anyone else noticed that the 12/2, 17/1.8 and 75/1.8 have a totally different construction than the 25/1.8 and 45/1.8.

    This means, imo, that faster 25mm and 45mm primes are still on the way. To be honest I’m expecting:

    Plastic fantastic 17/2.8, 25/1.8, 45/1.8

    Metal: 12/2, 17/1.8, 25/1.2, 45/1.4, 75/1.8

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