The funnist GH4 unboxing video to date by Peter Gregg (and great AF test).


Whenever a new camera gets shipped you will find plenty of unboxing videos on youtube. But the one posted by Peter Gregg really beats them all :)
Watch the video above to see “His performance” and the very interesting AF test in complete darkness. It shows you an “Untold” aspect of the GH4 camera. It’s likely the best System Camera for low light focusing too! Peter also posted a 4K video sample you can see on Youtube.

Meantime Photoreview Australia tested the GH4 and writes:

From the start we felt the GH4 could be the most significant camera Panasonic has released so far, and after using it for almost two weeks we believe it will be a genuine game-changer. Not only is it a superior performer for still image capture, but to offer such a wide range of video options – many of them meeting professional requirements – puts the icing on an already attractive cake and takes the camera into areas we could only dream about previously.

5D Mark III raw versus Panasonic GH4 by EosHD. Video below:

Matching the Panasonic GH4 to full frame 5D Mark III raw – an EOSHD test from Andrew Reid on Vimeo.

Our reader Sherif posted that GH4 grading test:

GH4 Cinematic Grading Tests from Sherif Mokbel on Vimeo.

North American preorders, shipping date and price:
GH4 camera at Amazon, Adorama, BHphoto, Ritz Camera and Panasonic. Price: $1,698. In Canada at Vistek.
GH4 camera with interface unit at Adorama and BHphoto. Price: $3,298
Interface unit only at Amazon, Adorama, BHphoto and Panasonic. Price: $1,998

Europen preorders, shipping date and price:
Germany: Wexcameras,
UK at Wexphotographic, CameraWorld, UKdigital, CVP, TipTop.
Holland at Fotohanskeuzekamp.
Belgium at Fotokonijnenberg.
Norway at Fotovideo.
Sweden at Cyberphoto, Skandinavianphoto.
Finland at Telefoto, Topshot, Verkkoauppa.
France at Photocineshop.
Spain: Fotoboom.

Asian preorders, shipping date and price:

  • uiti

    Thanks for Great unboxing video.

  • Mark Lavrijsen

    Holy shit. That low light focusing is sick… Waiting for some more reviews if it’s really that good. CAF too…

  • Duffy

    I am impressed by the clarity and sharpness of his photos in the dark. The colors are outstanding when considering the amount of available light, but one would expect more camera movement during 2 second exposures. If those pictures were taken with available light and hand-held, then the camera is a near miracle.

    • Dummy00001

      The 42.5mm lens has OIS + steady hands + extra sharpness from scaling down to web resolution = appears to be sharp.

    • Beautemps

      Also E-M1 does absolutly sharp architecture fotos in 2 seconds handheld (Robin Wong).

      In this time using the GH4 in the dark, may be he hade his ellbows set on the table. :-) 90mm is quite long.

      • Nobody Knows

        No it doesn’t download the full size samples he posted and they are very far from “absolutely sharp ” which is hardly surprising.

    • jimspc

      He did not say the first shot was hand held. He was testing the AF ability. It was probably on a book or something it doesn’t need a tripod with a still subject. I have hand held the E-M5 for about a second but would not try for longer. The GH4 looks very impressive here

      • Junkyardwillie

        It was implied that he was shooting the cat and the clock in the video and that those were the photos that he got. I couldn’t believe it but that’s the tone of how its shown, I was wondering what his shutter speed was to catch those images handheld like that.
        You could be right that he actually shot those on a tripod and put them in during his complete darkness shooting segment.

        • Chill

          Relax, nobody with a brain cares.

          • El Aura

            It’s plain obvious that there is some editing in the timeline of this video (as it is normal in almost any moving pictures production). Of course these were shots from a tripod (or a desk or anything). He got those pictures in that light. Nowhere is there any implication that a multi-second exposure could be shot handheld. He plainly states the exposure time for almost all exposures. It was so dark you couldn’t even see if there was a tripod standing there while it was dark.

            The point of this unboxing video was that it actually had a little bit of thought put into its production, The was a concept/idea that was then implemented. Did the video also imply that you snap your fingers and a camera jumps out of a box?

            • Scam

              LOL this video is the usual marketing scam to make those overpriced tiny sensors look like a million dollars, which they aren’t of course.

  • Damn Oly

    Damn, how do you like dat AF PERFORMANCE ,DSLR consumer,..?
    Whoa,.. He said , even 1 DX and D800 can not focus in completly dark,.. Unbelieveable

    • josh

      That’s because it is bs…

      • Junkyardwillie

        It would have been interesting if he pulled out a DX or D800 to prove the point rather than just stating it.

  • Dummy00001

    So now even “bride walking down the aisle” requires AF-C and tracking?? Photogs and their superstitions….

  • bit disappointed about the unboxing, but the beeptest was to the point :-)

  • kev

    This unboxing is much better lol:

  • Mr.Chainsaw

    The AF in the darkess is really impressive. That would be one key feature for me to upgrade at some point.

  • jonsen

    Impressive. Very Impressive indeed.

  • Birill0

    Nice to know for sure,
    but he real deal for me is to know if the continuous AF tracking is on better level or still the same level.
    I currently consider the tracking performance of my EM-5 not satisfying enough, and even EM-1 is not so much better (I have tested it).


    Peter is crazy, which is why I like him. He says some off the wall stuff. He also must have a lot of disposible income for having all of that gear.

  • Florence Griffith

    Un boxing videos are a waste…Peter You made this fun…and informative

    • +10…
      EXCEPT for Apple gear. They put more effort into designing their packaging than most spend designing their products.

  • Bob

    While focusing in the dark is impressive from a technology standpoint, I’m not sure it’s of much practical use to anyone but law enforcement and private investigators….

    Of much more interest to me is the C-AF ability, and from what I’ve seen in various user tests that have been posted online it looks to be very impressive. Not up to D4 or 1Dx standards, but at least good as, and possibly better than, most mid-range DSLRs (Canon xxD, etc.).

    • FFisdead

      One common issue with mirrorless cameras is how AF performance drops dramatically when lighting conditions dim. What I take from this crazy GH4 AF test is that common, indoor shots will be much easier to take than with basically any other camera out there.

      • Bob

        My GH3 will grab focus (S-AF) pretty much instantaneously in any level of light where I can actually see the subject. Beyond that, it’s academic for most of us.

      • Bob

        Buy one then, just stop spreading your opinions, which are stupid as usual.

  • Nobody Knows

    “”superior performer for still image capture,””

    I wish, all the RAW samples I have downloaded and compared look to be exactly the same as my other current mFT bodies no step up in image quality at all. We are stuck in a hiatus of image quality with no advance since the E-M5 at it was not exactly a leap forward compared to the likes of the GH2 especially regarding high ISO .Sadly the die hard Olympus fans claiming it was multiple stops better than the GH2 were blowing smoke.

    • Mark Lavrijsen

      RAW is improved pretty significant. Panasonic jpg engine not so much. Just read the reviews.

      • Nobody Knows

        I prefer to actually look at the controlled test RAW a couple from the likes of imaging resource. I used the updated silky pix to view them. Honestly compared to my GH3/GX7/EM1 there are insignificant differences , Now as a video device its a different story , I am a fan of video and the quality of the standard HD output of the new GH4 is excellent.

        The GH4 not surprisingly is almost identical to the E-M1 which has a bit better DR and a bit poorer high ISO than the E-M5. From a stills perspective there is zero need to update any of my cameras or the over 2yr old E-M5 for that matter. I am just going to hold off too see what the new sensor generation brings hopefully in the next year.

        • dd

          I understand you point. I moved from Canon where it is the same for the 1.62 crop sensors (m43 is basically equal) .. a new 20MP sensor with IBIS for Panasonic/OLY will be perfect for me.

        • Mark Lavrijsen

 –> I see some big improvements in RAW. Dynamic rage at high ISO is much better then the direct competition. Same thing for noise ratio’s.

          Although I agree it’s not big leap forward overall, I think we can say this new sensor has definitely improved for still’s also.
          That + the CAF is now on par with DSLR + Low light focusing problems are a thing of the past also(which is the thing which annoys me the most on my OM-D) makes the GH4 more interesting than I thought it would be.

  • FFisdead

    The upcoming A7s has crazy good high ISO capabilities but the GH4 will actually let you nail the extremely low light shot

    • sdk

      The cheapest DSLR smokes it, but nobody is stopping you, if mom gives you the dosh.

      • jimspc

        why don’t you watch the video. Then you can reset your angst and reset your wishful thinking.

        • jimskx

          Get a job loser.

          • fkmoll

            When you point your finger at a fellow forum user, you’ve got 3 more fingers pointing back at you. Maybe if you would get a “real job” everyone else could have adult conversation without the child in the room “lighting his farts”.

            Just think, you might actually listen and learn.

            • jimskx

              The same advice applies to you loser… No need to waste words.

      • Seb

        Stop smoking this green tea….

      • jon

        LOL let these kids do their job, which is to lie through their teeth. We all know the cheapest DSLRs vomit on this toy, at least for stills.

        • digifan

          Why don’t you get it through your head that the latest m43 cams shit on DSLR’s big time, and formost at Canon

        • Ivo

          Assuming the GH4 has a similar performance of the OMDs, check out one of the imaging-resource findings: “Detail comparison. The Olympus E-M5 remains the king in these high-contrast detail crop comparisons, but the E-M10 comes very close indeed, and also has that extended-low ISO mode for even better detail. The other four cameras look just a little softer than the two Olys at base ISO, but not by much. As ISO rises to 3200, the three Micro Four Thirds cameras hold up surprisingly well, to the point that they surpass some of the APS-C models. At ISO 6400, the E-M5 still manages to beat the E-M10, albeit by just a little bit, resolving most of the horizontal lines within the letters, while the E-M10 blurs some of them. The GH3 also does well, though it struggles a bit with chroma blotching and sharpening artifacts. The APS-C models look a bit softer at ISO 6400, but they still perform very well, with the Nikon’s resolution advantage becoming more apparent.”

          • jon

            LOL you guys are stubborn. And you keep lying, you need spanking.

        • DSLRispurevomit

          Now you got the point, vomit is all that come out from a cheap DSLR.

  • MJP

    the new AF tech should be the single most important feature ever added (besides new sensors) to gain mainstream appreciation. now only if panny and oly had decent retail channels…like sony.

  • Tomas Tran

    the GH4 impress me a lot
    P.Gregg video is nice & funny!
    saw also video fast&slow motion on gh4…cool things what it can do!

  • c.l.

    That is all fine and dandy and I don’t mean to act like an ass but isn’t the purpose of photography to capture light. When did shooting in dark,crappy lighting become so important for photographers. If there isn’t enough light to focus or there is a lack of interesting lighting, wont the photo kind of stink.

  • cheperico
  • jimspc

    Don’t forget that with an OVF one would not be able to see where the camera is looking. With an EVF one can see the subject. One up for the EVF. And it focuses as well even better.

    • jimskx

      It focuses better? LOL
      Yeah, watch the video… How about getting a real job?

  • Cheesy

    This video is only funny for its cheesyness and total lack of usefulness.

    • lime

      It is a prime sample of colonial “culture” :)

    • fkmoll

      “total lack of usefulness” ??? REALLY . . . Do you REALLY want to make the case that someone else is useless?

      You’ve made 10,000 useless posts here. YOU are the only one agrees with you . . . taking to yourself, laughing at your own inane babble, congratulating yourself for lighting your farts in the company of adults, never stating what you are trying to sell, (Other than some amorphous FF camera), LIES, Trash-talk, deceptions and sillyboi wordgames and too-cute-by-half cheesiness, endless insults of your betters, outright slander against more reputable photographers than you could ever be. A TOTALLY NEGATIVE PERSON IN AN ENDLESS, USELESS NEGATIVE CAMPAIGN.

      Is there any legitimate endeavor that you excell in or is this clown-posse failure all there is to you?

      • Cheesy

        Relax, geeko, I cannot kick your butt from here. What a pity tho :)

  • El Aura

    Just because you don’t see, doesn’t meant that the lighting is not interesting.

  • lol@YOUpeckerhed

    If Canon produced a camera that would rapid focus and take pictures in near darkness you would be braying like a jack-a$$. But since Panasonic can do it and Canon can’t you are a flabbergasted fool.

    You have evidently never videotaped or photographed a musical act in reduced, off-color lighting. Lock-on AF in ultra-low light is a wonderful advantage and then to be able to take excellent photos in that same lighting – PRICELESS.

    • Glue

      Pana can and Canon cannot? What cheap glue have you been sniffing?

  • Edward R.

    I prefer the very short UHD/4K unboxing courtesy of Hot Rod Cameras on youtube…. GH4 unboxing, shot with a GH4 – Just the facts.

  • Ivo

    You toss too much. Get a girlfriend.

  • Question

    LOL are you any good at… life?

  • Answer

    I see where Canon has reduced the price of their EOS-1D by $2,000.00 and it’s still priced $8,300.00 higher than Panasonic GH4.

    Before this plays out, Canon will probably spend $10,000,000.00 trying to develop video that will compete with the GH4 so they can then reduce their price by another $5,000.00 and still sell the EOS-1D for TWICE the price of a GH4. . . . THIS is the reason for the insane clown posse flooding these forums with their fumes. Canon CANNOT compete with Panasonic.

  • YouArePaidByPanasonic
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