The first Olympus 75mm f/1.8 image samples!


Image credit:

FInally we can see the first image samples taken with the Olympus 75mm f/1.8 lens. At Clubsnap (Click here) and Yaotomi (Click here). As you know Olympus says that this is the Best-in-class Micro Four Thirds lens. And I think they are telling us the truth. Question is, will you pay 899 Dollars/Euro for that lens?

New Oly/Pana Lens Preorders in Europe, USA and Asia:
Olympus 75mm lens at Amazon, Adorama, BHphoto, Amazon Germany and Amazon UK.
Panasonic 12-35mm X lens at Amazon, BHphoto, Adorama, Amazon Germany, Amazon UK, Amazon Japan and Digitalrev.


  • Eventually, I will buy this lens, at least when I know I need it. Probably before my next China trip for landscape photography.

    • Mr X

      I will buy it for ultra macro shots.

      • Ross

        Mmmmm.., it’s a shame it’s not macro then.

        • Viktor

          Should wait for the rumoured 150mm macro…

        • Viktor

          Should wait for the rumoured 150mm macro.

          • There is no such lens.

      • Digifan

        Why not wait on the 60mm macro that will come after the summer in september.

        • Geoff


        • Pedro del Río

          Are more macros coming? Great!

          • BLI

            I think the only officially announced macro from Olympus is the Zuiko 60mm macro (black, and weather sealed).

  • HSL

    I would if it was available in black,..

    • Tom


      Why does olympus offers 2 different “Silver Looks” with the 12-45-75 Range? One cheapest Plastic (45), the other also differing fron the chrone look of the Body

      They still have to learn- so they MISS more Profit, although they need it urgently!

    • Bob B.

      So…you are not actually interested in photography….your camera is a just a fashion statement?
      Sooooooooooooo funny. Why not just get a tattoo of a black one on your forehead? Then everyone will be happy.

      • Bob B.

        Poopy Bear…I was just trying to save him some money…the tattoo would be cheaper and satisfy all of his needs….. :-)

        • Gustavo

          Okay, we all already understood your message. Spare time you have, huh? I find this lens rather sexy, with its big glass on front, and <>. But I`m not buying it…

      • Nic

        He may be a tool but you are just rude.

      • +1

      • c.d.embrey

        Black lenses and cameras are not a fashion statement, just something to help make the camera disappear. If I’m stealing a shot (shooting without a permit). I don’t want a camera/lens that calls attention to it’s self.

        On the other hand the glint of sunlight off of silver cameras and lenses is all about bling.

        Here’s how Pro Fashion Photographer Mike Kobal makes Silver lenses Black A very clever idea!

        • Bob B.

          hmmmmmm….does he wear a black hood to cover his face too???? I find that rare unwanted stray reflections…which are RARE…are gone with two swipes of a brush in photo shop….

          Now, if you are doing a complicated set up..especially in product photography…yes…a silver lens “could” be a problem….but then …you most likely are NOT going to be shooting with a mirrorless camera…you are going to have a crew, reflectors, light kits etc..and believe me…you are going to be shooting with a very professional camera and lenses. Not an MFT camera. Not for the money being spent.

          • c.d.embrey

            Whose talking about rare unwanted reflection off of lenses ??? Not me.

            Some Pros are shooting paying jobs with MFT. Including magazine covers and advertising.

            And you NEVER steal a shot if you are using a large crew with reflectors and strobes. For that kind of shoot you get the needed permit.

            Here’s and example to two types of shoots.
            1. With Permit. A limo out on the sand surounded with Profoto lights. A friend of mine did this for a magazine cover.

            2. Guerrilla Style, no permit. A limo parked in a beach parking lot, early in the morning. The marine layer hadn’t burned away (soft light). They were shooting with a flash pointed up and using the built-in bounce card to get a highlight in the eye. They left when the Life Guards arrived and told them to leave. The shoot was for a major Sun Glasses company. No permit meant they saved $500.00. If they hadn’t been using the limo as a prop, they would have been just another group of tourists taking photos at the beach.

    • SLO


    • SLO

      Yes! +3.6

  • Anonymous

    Do not bother clicking the links. None of the photos are full-size, or even half-size. Hell, they aren’t even quarter-size.

    • Ernest.orf

      Images are quite good , i want one !!!

      • I wonder what you all see in the images that it would make up your mind on the spot…

        Olympus should really hire better photographers to do these tests… unless these ones are unauthorized ones


  • Despite of its lack of O.I.S. I’d need this lens. But I’ll never buy it due to its ultra high price. The 45/1.8 has the same good optical quality and costs 3 times less!

    • Mar

      I really doubt 45mm has the same optical quality.
      45mm while good for the price is nothing special, ZD zooms such as 35-100mm beat it hands down easily (in terms of image quality not portability of course).

      I know it’s hard to compare across the systems, but for instance ZD 50mm macro has better IQ than 45mm by quite a bit, it’s also a macro lens, weather sealed, much tougher construction and it even comes with a hood.
      Sure, it’s bit more expensive, but better than the price difference would indicate.

      As for the 75mm, I fully expect it to be on par with SHG zooms, anything less would be a disappointment.

      • Nothing special?! Just show me another small tele having such a good sharpness even on highest aperture!

        • Christian

          Nobody claims the 45/1.8 is a bad lens, but when I compare it to the FT 50/2.0 I fail to understand the hype made around that lens. The ZD 50/2.0 is optically better, weather-sealed and capable of producing macro photos. At the same time it can be bought used for the same price as the 45/1.8.

          • rrr_hhh

            It is bigger and focus slowly on mft cameras because it is a ft lens.

        • Mar

          50 macro? Almost as small (considering it’s build and weather sealing it’s pretty small) but has better IQ and macro on top.
          It’s also almost 10 years older lens.

          Maybe 45mm is fantastic for someone who is used to standard 50mm 1.4 and 1.8 lenses which are crappy until you stop down to like f4-5.6, but not for me.

  • Yun

    Definitely will get it for my models shoot .
    Will try on Studio & indoor shoots as well .
    Hopefully it can acheive what Olympus claim ” Highest imaging quality among all Zuiko lenses ” .
    Cheers .

  • Terry

    They really do need a black version.

    • Anonymous

      B L A C K I S A L L I W A N T

      • Tom

        Yesssssss! See my comment above

    • Miroslav

      +20mm F2
      +45mm F1.8

      I’ve already given up on FL300 flash because of the silver finish

      • BLI

        So you think the silver finish makes the flash too flashy? :-).
        You think that if it had been black, no-one would notice it when you used it? :-).
        Or is it simply an aesthetic thing? (Aesthetics is quite often a synonym for boring conservatism — although not always.)

      • tmrgrs

        You people who worry about whether a lens is silver or black are beyond ridiculous!

        • Isn’t photography all about esthetics?

        • Miroslav

          @BLI @tmrgrs

          I like black more than silver. It is less noticeable, but apart from that if I have a choice between two flashes (FL300 vs SB-30) and two lenses (12mm F2 vs 12mm T1.6), the color will be one of the criteria for choosing. And finally, I don’t believe Oly won’t eventually release the black version – that happened with FL14 flash and 17mm lens. In that case, I’d feel extremely stupid if I already bought a silver lens or flash.

  • I will get one. Not this year, though. The few samples look as good as expected. The Samyang 85 is almost as good for still subjects. It has the same pleasing rendition of OOF surfaces and is rather sharp.
    See here:

  • Anonymous

    @ Admin

    Yes, I will :)

  • No doubt a great lens. I have an Nikon 85/1.8. It weighs 350g (Oly 300g) and costs 435€. Results with the Nikon are stunning, both on the Pana G3 and on the D800.
    What am I trying to say?
    a) To reach the ultimate lens quality, some size and weight comes with that. b) The success/hype of the m43 system makes it possible to charge a higher price. This may not be that negative for us users as it means a stronger m43 system. Not only we are happy, but also Oly shareholders.

  • YeahYeah

    Like Terry and Anonymous. I’ll buy it only if they make it in black and if it comes with the hood with no extra.
    It’s a shame I can’t buy Olympus lenses because of the color.

  • FiatoPichan

    There are several sample of images from this lens on Olympus Europe Facebook Page.

    • Hello
      Thanks for posting this link. On the link the pics are way better images than on the two links posted on this article. but the size of the images posted does NOT really allow to judge how good the lens is
      wish we had also images at full res at other than the max aperture


  • JF

    I don’t like silver bling bling either ! I have silver 45 mm on my black E-M5. I can put up with it but I would prefer a black one so much…
    And 30 euros for a flimsy plastic lens hood (45 mm) is a bit steep…

    • BLI

      …but models are bling bling, too! If you use it to shoot models, they will surely outshine the lens!, so no-one will notice! And if you use it for indoor low-light shooting, no-one will notice!

  • Geoff

    I think it’s pretty sad that so many people will only buy this, or any other, lens if it comes in Sky Blue Pink or Neon Yellow whatever colour is their fancy.

    You buy the lens for what it is capable of doing and that is focusing light onto the cameras sensor, as long as the internals are black, get on with it and enjoy using the tool you have in front of you; it would be such a shame you lost that completely awesome shot because the lens was the wrong colour.

    The only problem I see with colour is (advertising what you are using), in which case a little black tape as so many do across the body ID.

    • The Real Stig

      No, they’re right Geoff. It is just so uncool to be seen with a camera body that doesn’t match the lens in colour. I thought it was OK but now I realise that they are right and I have only been kidding myself – photography really is about appearance and how cool your gear looks. I thought it was about results, but I admit I was wrong.

      I can’t bare the thought of using this lens anymore because it doesn’t match, so I have decided to give it away to someone who has a matching body. Anyone want it?

      • Nick

        Of course photography is about appearence – it’s a visual medium… I never quite understand why some photographers get all antsy about other photographers liking attractive kit…

        If none of us cared what stuff looked like I reckon there’d be an awful lot of very dull lookin pictures around :/

        • BLI

          …other photographers liking attractive kits…

          I don’t mind attractive kits myself. But I totally disagree with the closed-mindedness that only black lenses are ok on black bodies. Of course, each and everyone are free to make up their mind as to what is attractive or not. But when trying to define black lenses on black bodies as the only attractive combination, and anybody who doesn’t agree/”understand” this as being closed-minded or lacking taste — that’s when the real closed-mindedness shows up.

          To me, it is fine if Olympus comes up with black lenses, but I can live perfectly with the current silver versions, and if someone claims that I lack taste, I think: how extraordinarily boring is it possible to be?

        • The Real Stig

          “If none of us cared what stuff looked like I reckon there’d be an awful lot of very dull lookin pictures around :/”

          What a fatuous argument.

          If Auguste Rodin had cared about how things ‘looked’, his clothes would have been nicer and his studio less cluttered:

          Thank goodness it was the final product he cared most about.

  • Bob B.

    Can’t wait for the availability of this lens. It looks like a smoker!!!!!!
    What a GREAT addition to the MFT quiver!

    (all you guys with fashion-statement issues…just buy a black OM-D and a Silver OM-D. Then you can use your black lenses on your black OM-D and your silver lenses on your Silver OM-D. …and your microscopic world will be perfect!!!!!!!!!!) ….no this is not a micro lens…..

    • Nick

      So you’re a photographer who doesnt care for aesthetics and visual appeal. What a microscopic world your photography must be…

      • BLI

        My god, how narrow-minded is it possible to be?

        • The Real Stig


          • Bob B.

            I understand that Kai @ DigitalRev will spray-paint your lens black for a nominal fee.

      • Bob B.

        yo..Nick…if you do as you say…you would have commented on the photos that were posted…not the color of the lens barrel, No? I think that there is a spot for you in the forum over at DPReview.

        • Nick

          I’ll comment on samples when theres some samples worth commenting on…

          If people have a certain taste in aesthetics how does that affect you? Tastes differ – deal with it…

  • Geoff

    There are clearly an aweful lot of ‘photographers’ out there more concerned with the bling around their neck than the results from their tools, again I will say very sad that your more concerned about how your gear looks to how it performs. Why don’t you ask Olympus direct if you can have a customised item, they may say yes at a price, then you’ll be happy, but it might have cost you $2000, but it will look ok for you. No one is making you buy it, so get real you moaning bunch of whingers but stop complaining to the rest of us.

    • Will

      Geoff you’re being ridiculous, we’re human beings, it’s our nature to like attractive things, most of the developed world is based on attractive things, are you saying you don’t have a preference for the colour of your car, the colour of your sofa, the shade of paint on your walls… would you not feel strange buying this lens if it only came out in highlighter pink and yellow pokka dots? I mean people have opinions..

      I would prefer black please, it matches my camera and also I think it’d look damn sexy. I will buy the silver one but come on, why are you shafting us like this Oly?

  • tmrgrs

    My 75/1.8 has been preordered at Olympus USA’s Olympus Store since May 24th. It’s a must have lens!

  • BLI

    On lens color… De gustibus i coloribus non disputandum est, as I learned from crime writer Dominic Divine many years ago :-). What is chic and what is good looking is a matter of taste, and a matter of what one is used too. To claim that something per se is better, and that those who disagree are stupid and closed-minded, is closed-minded. (OK: one exception — baggy pants…) Of course, the best is if the buyer has options.

    Another aspect is functionality, e.g. if the silver lens attracts more attention, etc. But surely there are cases where the silver attracts less attention, or where it doesn’t matter?

    • The problem here is that what many believe is a “taste” or “fashion” thing is not so. For me the color lens is a practical thing:

      1) Silver lenses and cameras just draw more attention. No need to argue on this, we all know it. I mainly take people’s portraits and do street/travel photography. The last thing I want is people looking at my camera.

      2) The silver finish of lenses like the 45mm age BADLY. I have one, thats why I know. I have used it with reasonable care, and it is already losing the painting, and starting to look flugly.

      So, for all those guys that feel “superior” because “all I care is the image, i coulnd’t care less about the color of my equipment”, please think twice. There are photographers who do, and FOR VALID REASONS.

      • c.d.embrey

        “There are photographers who do, and FOR VALID REASONS.”

        Got that right !!!

        There are many places where you don’t want to be noticed. Where it is inappropriate to use a flashy Canon Pro Body and Big White Lens. Places where it’s good to look like a working-class tourist. The E-M5, in black, could be this camera. But my non-pro-body Nikons (with a black prime) are more tourist-looking than a Retro-Style (hey, look-at-me) E-M5 in Silver.

        • BLI

          But won’t a black combo look more pro, and thereby attract more attention, while a silver one looks more innocent/amateurish? I fully respect rational arguments. However, I’m not convinced that the silver lenses necessarily attract more attention. Your experience can be different from that of others. It may depend on the use and the person.

          What I have little sympathy for, are statements like “if you don’t agree with me [typically: silver lenses are ugly], you have a lacking sense of aesthetics and can not be a good photographer”. Claims of superiority in taste is, to me, not interesting — taste is to a large degree (boring) conservatism.

          I do think that aesthetics is important, however, so I won’t say that those who will not buy a lens because of color are amateurs, definitely not.

          The best is if the user can choose color. But I accept that there may be cases where that is not (economically) possible, and won’t let that stop me — I may even question my own sense of aesthetics.

          • c.d.embrey

            Because there are millions of Black/Black Canons and Nikons being used by millions of tourists. At a distance of 10 feet a 5D3 with a prime or a Nikon D800 with a prime, doesn’t look very pro. A 7D or a D7000 look even less Pro.

            A Silver/Silver E-M5 with it’s hey-look-at-me-retro-style will attract more attention from the Curious Citizens and Serious Photographers than a CaNiSony DSLR with a short prime.

            I was the first person to rent a 5D3 from my local pro rental house. I wandered around a well known beach/resort town with the 5D3 and an 85mm f/1.8 and nobody noticed that I had the hot-new-camera in my hand. I just looked like another tourist.

  • Nic


    “Wow! It amazes me how many tools like you are posting here. “Oh i dont think its important so therefore it isnt” what a closed mind douche bag.”

    The only issue I have with this blog, and I suppose it is one every blog publisher has to deal with, is people who make comments like the above that are just so rude. I wonder if there is anything you could do to influence the culture of the community so people are critical courteously.

    Friendly feedback.

  • Yun

    It looks like everyone is delighted with the lens & it’s the matter of time everyone will get it .
    Mine , I have did my order & just waiting for call to pick it out .

  • “Question is, will you pay 899 Dollars/Euro for that lens?”

    Answer is: Yes. I just hope it’s available before the fall theater season starts. It will be a great complement to the 45/1.8 for shooting stage performances, and for doing tight headshots in studio shooting.

    I take most of my pictures in dark places (theaters, rehearsal halls, studios) so I don’t care what color the lens is.

  • ArtP

    Well, I suppose we should be thankful Oly didn’t make the lens only in hot pink ot neon blue.
    the 75mm isnot a lens I’ll be buying any time soon, regardless of color… Just doesn’t suit my needs.
    Now the 60 macro, that one is a little more interesting, and it comes in black :)

  • Mr. Reeee

    Wow! I came here to check on some lens news and find that there’s a mass case of online PMS! The New England Journal of Medicine should be contacted immediately!

    It’s a fine day in the M4/3 universe when we’ve all moved on from brand-centric fanboi-ism to things that REALLY matter, like lens housing color! ;-)

  • ginsbu

    @ Admin

    You links to Google translate never work for me. I’m using Chrome on a Mac. I don’t know if anyone else is experiencing the same, but I’d appreciate direct links. Thanks!

    • Nic

      Yep, never work for me, either

  • Zune

    Look nice, and is nice(IQ) :-D

  • c.d.embrey

    Not really impressed with most of the online photos, including the Olympus FB page.

    What’s needed is pro-shot photos of Portrait, Fashion, Landscape, etc that are available as Full Size downloadable files. With anything else, you are just guessing at the quality.

    The best tests are self shot tests, not someone else’s Real-World tests, cause their World isn’t your World.

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