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The 2013 rumor/speculation roundup!


Image source: Engadget

Olympus MFT cameras:
I expect a new kind of PEN camera to be announced soon (late January-early February). Same E-M5 sensor and likely with integrated EVF. On the OMD front there will be a new camera in Store by the second half of the year. And it may be a hybrid MFT and FT camera capable of fully support both lens systems. That may will be the hottest new Olympus camera coming in 2013.
The E-PL and E-PM series may be updated in 2014.

Panasonic MFT cameras:
The next two new MFT cameras will be the G7 and and GF7. Both should hit stores in Spring 2013. It remains a mystery why Panasonic hasn’t updated the GX series in late 2012. They may want to radically change the GX features and that could be the reason why it’s coming in 2013 only. Some rumors said it will be announced in Spring and some other said in late 2013. So no solid time frame yet.

New MFT Lenses:
Panasonic already announced the new 42.5mm f/1.2 and 150mm f/2.8 MFT lenses but they said they will be available in 2014 only. My guess is that they may still announce the final specs and price in late 2013 with early shipments around December 2013-January 2014. Does it mean there will be no other new MFT lenses from Panasonic? Definitely not. But they may be cheap slow zooms only.
Olympus next lens should be announced in late January. No specs have been unveiled yet. The only sure thing is that Olympus said that they want to focus on the development and release of new prime lenses. No word about fast zooms yet.
Schneider will release the 14mm f/2.0, 30mm f/1.4 and 60mm f/2.4 macro AF lenses.
Also Tokina, SLRmagic and Sigma will release new MFT lenses. Not so Zeiss.

Yep, a trusted source told me about a new kind of camera coming from Panasonic. But I hope to get some details about it soon before to spread the news…

Some 43rumors-Mirrorlessrumors and Slidoo development news for 2013:
Mirrorlessrumors: I am working to realize one of my long term “dreams” on MirrorlessRumors. I want to create a platform where yu can get all the best news about Mirrorless stuff but also create a Window for photographers that want to share their stories shot on Mirrorless cameras. The new website is scheduled to go online by March. It will have basic functionalities that I will extend step by step with your help and suggestions.
Slidoo: The new easy search and notification website will have full Amazon database access and be online by early February. If you are a heavy eBayer (and Amazon user) I suggest you to create an account and try out the features (Go here I hope you will find it useful to get notified when the things you look for are in Stock and/or available for the price you want to pay for it.
43rumors: The iPhone version has been released in late December. And I am still working to tweak all the functionalities.


  • 2013 looks to be a rather slow year, then. Good. It will let us enjoy our gear without the burden of GAS.

    • Tron

      Haha… well said Sneye.

    • Anonymous

      Hahahah..further ATRACTIVE lenses..nice name. Yeah, attractive lens no ones gonna buy and lenses you never see anyone have…except Olympus corp. LOL. What a bunch of Jokers.

      • Dave

        Quit trolling, you loser at life.

  • Rutrem

    wow! great news!
    42mm f1.2!!! very nice! 2 fast lens from Pana
    the Pana/Oly system is building up really nice!

    • Jevfp

      With the fast F1.2 aperture ,. I think this is the first lens from panny with NOCT TERM of LEICA label

      • Richard

        Sorry, forgive my ignorance; what do you mean by “NOCT TERM of LEICA label”?

        • MarcoSartoriPhoto on flickr

          Panasonic/Leica 25mm is branded SUMMILUX, being f1.4. This new lens is an f1.2 and should be labeled NOCTILUX, being really fast. If Panasonic would make a lens under the supervision of Leica, let’s say a 12mm f2.8, I think it could be labeled SUMMICRON.

  • Narretz

    Biggest mystery in this lineup is the G7. The G5 is a very capable camera, and of course Pana could bring some new stuff to improve it, but there’ll only be marginal updates. I wouldn’t be surprised if the ergonomics changed again.

    • The G7 could be a winner if they:

      – Use the sensor of the GH3 (most likely they will, since it’s not an expensive sensor like the oversize one in the GH2).
      – Put IS in the body (there was some patent from Pana for that, so who knows…)
      – Improve the EVF (for example, use the latest one from Epson).

      If they can do that and keep the price affordable, it will be a great competition for any Olympus camera (or any mirrorless camera, for that matter). Does the G5 already have features like auto HDR, panorama, touch-shutter, etc…? If not, put those too.

      • No. What Panasonic is missing is some naughty sexiness. It has little to do with features. Panasonic products are capable enough, but are somewhat clumsy and unattractive. Compare the GH3 to the E-M5 or to the X-E1. Compare the design of the PanaLeica 25 to that of the Oly 12 or new 17. It’s about character, flamboyance and soul. They need a good designer more than good engineers.

        • This is highly subjective. As far as look is concerned, I would say they certainly got it right with the GX-1. Also, no matter how good mZ12 and mZ17 are, PL25 is perfectly fine. Except for its bloody squared hood.

          I was actually thrilled by the mZ17, much less so now. For added size and price, it seems to bring very debatable subtilities over the 1.7/20.

          I’d say this tho. GH3 is a do it all workhorse. On the field, its handling probably kicks butts, including the EM5. but meh… how about expanding the AG-AF family for all budgets and leaving stills for stills with occasional clips? Had this in mind and latest article from Luminous-Landscape confirmed : videographer crowd is moving toward dedicated cams with large sensors. For all the goodies GH3 brings, I would have preferred Panasonic to stick to GH2 size. ….GH2 is not broken…

          • The GX1 is boxy and straight. No curves or frills to speak of. I think many artistic types prefer designs with more personality. Of course it’s a subjective matter. I was just trying to explain why I think Panasonic remains somewhat of a dark horse despite its solid m4/3 lineup.

            • lol, I don’t know if I qualify as artistic type, but I do earn money with my paintings ;)

              For whatever its worth, as far as look is concerned, my favorite Olympus is the epm (up there on my list with the Gx). When its too pseudo retro, I find it annoying, not compelling at all. No soul worth to speak of. But its all about functionality, I can overlook, give me the EM5 first!

            • Milt

              I agree that design is really important. The President of Sony Cameras said a while ago that what would differentiate Sony cameras from others was not so much technology as design. Personally I prefer the design of the GX1 to the ME-5. To my eye, it seems more modern. A GX camera with similar design and an internal EVF and the GH3 sensor is what we need I think.

          • Esa Tuunanen

            > GH2 is not broken
            GH2’s ergonomics was (when I used one) and remains badly broken for supposed to be high end camera.
            It’s same as if Canon stopped making other bodies than 650D saying all their enthusiast/semipro/pro users here’s your new high end camera. Would get those people instantly peeing and pooping on Canon and urging also everyone else to change to Nikon.
            And even as entry level DSLR which I consider unergonomical 650D is full step and some more ergonomical than GH2 which is clumsy to operate even with bare hands and about impossible with gloves.

            GH3 is just big enough to have proper high end ergonomics and controls. And thanks to lack of mirror chamber overall bulk is basically that of entry level DSLR.
            Also because of so much better ergonomics it’s hard to notice weight increased 100 grams (to level of plastic shell worser ergonomics entry level DSLRs) giving also lot bigger battery.
            Maybe I can now with ergonomical camera (GH3) to show convince at least few people wanting system camera for nature photography that mirrorless 4/3 isn’t just point&shoot system and getting them to choose it instead of Canikon system.

            Dedicated videographers are moving to dedicated video cameras because of more videography dedicated features and prices lowering to more reasonable level. And they often don’t even handle body directly during shooting and don’t need still camera’s ergonomics meaning body can be just that box with lens mount.
            But that doesn’t mean lack of need for good video capability in “still” cameras.
            Here in Finland first nature documentary film in fifty years got made because of video capability of DSLRs which allowed two nature photography amateurs/semipros to get good enough quality video. (and no 35mm body but Canon 7D)

      • Esa Tuunanen

        > – Improve the EVF (for example, use the latest one from Epson).
        Epson makes LCDs which is tech of the past so I don’t see anything to cheer in them.

        And even for LCD specs are bad, for comparison no TV/monitor maker would use panel with crappy 280:1 image contrast.
        Also sluggish response time of liquid crystal adds to lag of live view image.

        • The EM-5’s EVF is made by Epson (and yes, it’s LCD), and people who have tried it side by side with the ones from Sony (NEX-7, A99), Panasonic (GH3) and Fuji (X-E1) concluded that it was the best overall (this I read it at

          The other day on a review of the A99 (David Kilpatrick, at I read this: “The good news is that at photokina 2012 Epson showed a prototype with twice the resolution of the current 2.3 million pixel ceiling, and in five years most current complainers will accept that an EVF can be as accurate as any true groundglass screen ever was.

          We tend to forget that after autofocus arrived focusing screens lost their visible granular or laser-cut structures unless you deliberately specified a type intended for manual focusing. Plain old groundglass has a ‘dot’ all of its own because it does break the image up. Minolta’s Acute Matte screen was like a superfine microprism field. The new Epson developments come so close to being as fine as this kind of screen, visually, that you might be able to fool someone into believing it was not an electronic finder.”

  • Onur

    I saw in BH that olympus 75-300 is discounted, not sure what really this mean:

    Shall we expect a new version of this lens to be released pretty soon?

    Or it is just BH that decided to get away selling this lens ?

    Not so sure. I guess it is something for admin to check…

    Here is the website:

    • admin

      Thanks Onur!

    • Steve

      It looks like this is permanent according to Olympus, at least for the black version. The silver version still has stock and shows available for now.

      “I ordered this on black Friday via the Thanksgiving sales on the Olympus website. It was not designated as out of stock or discontinued that night… But they emailed me as such yesterday to cancel the order.”

    • Rasmus

      Hope they’ll replace it with a long lens that actually has decent sharpness and isn’t slow as hell. I’m tired of getting crappy ISO3200 shots in anything less than tropical sunlight, and even then my Panasonic 100-300 doesn’t produce anything close to what the 35-100/2.8 or 75/1.8 can do.

    • dunne

      Maybe it will be back as a limited black edition?

  • Anonymous

    I am very much looking forward to the 30mm f/1.4 from Schneider…

    Will that be the first AF lens for MFT that hasn’t come from Panasonic or Olympus?

    • no there’s already the 19mm and 30mm from Sigma

      • Anonymous

        I just checked Sigma’s site and the only systems I can see that they have lenses for are: Sigma, Nikon, Canon, Sony/Minolta, Pentax & FourThirds. Nothing for MicroFourThirds :(

        Do you have a direct link for these lenses?

        • MarcoSartoriPhoto on Flickr

          The easiest way is to google them, or look for them on ebay. For their price they’re not bad at all, but to me these are weird focal lenghts (being APS-C sensor native).

    • Homer

      Why would schneider make lenses for such a shit system? LOL

      • Anonymous

        As you click the post button, do you ever wonder why your life has come to such a low point?

  • oblong

    When will we get a black Olympus 75mm 1.8?

  • Tron

    I’m hoping we video guys will see an AF100/101 replacement at NAB with 120fps, log and Intra. Would be nice to see updated lenses with weather sealing begin to trickle out for the OMD and GH3. A high end Olympus hybrid with improved video and continuous AF would also be nice to see.

  • Yun

    Things getting interesting now .
    GX2 could be Pana winning formula in 2013 so better not to release if no huge improvements or groundbreaking . I’m more interested in the new kind of camera , could be the one above GX that Pana promise to include .
    As for Olympus , the OMD Pro is it’s triumph card to play in 2013 . Hopefully it did a breakthrough too in sensor technology . Improvement over a F stop is enough for me to do the purchase .
    In the lenses department , I don’t see anything excited than the 42.5 F1.2 .
    Surely will get it !

    • Narretz

      I wish the GX2 will be a major step forward, but I don’t think it’ll happen. Panasonic especially seems to be afraid to release a camera that “has it all”. Instead, there’s always something missing, some feature or control option, so that the model doesn’t “steal” market share from another one. They said they didn’t put a viewfinder in the GX because the G series already has one. And don’t get me started with missing video controls in low and mid level cameras. Or the reluctance to put the latest sensor in anything but the perceived top level camera.

  • uth

    In my opinion, one of the Panasonic lenses(42.5mm or 150mm) may come in 2013 and another may come in 2014.

    They always do this

  • Marcin

    Please 7-14mm f3 :)

    • E-1

      I have no problem with my 7-14 being f4. The reason I don’t use it as much as I should is that it’s so much larger than my 14/2.5.

  • Wow. A collaborative platform for photographers to post their pics and surrounding story? That sounds cool! :) Moderation will require a hell of a lot of work though I’d expect :P

  • Does admin think the panny 42.5 will have OIS? Is that a switch on the side there?

    That would help it really trump the Oly 45mm on Panny bodies…

    • Anonymous

      It would have to be a simply stunning lens to do that, considering the IQ of the Oly, the only advantage it would have is in the OIS, simply because of Panasonics reluctance to adopt IBS. And let us not forget the question of cost, internal stabilisation in the lens all adds up to unneccesary extra bucks the buyer has to fork out.

      • Luda

        There is one important thing that should be improved compared to Olympus 45 1,8.
        Build quality and together with that weather sealing should be added.

      • Homer

        So dilsuional. His world is made of Olympus products.LOL. Sad little dress wearer.

    • Anonymous

      Both of them have OIS (you can see that on those two lens-bodies)

  • Matthias

    No new fast zoom lenses from Olympus this year = bye bye Olympus.

  • Achim

    I’m aware that Panasonic has a very difficult but I’m rather disappointed that they will release these 2 prime lenses probably only early 2014 and no more than these either. :-(
    In my opinion they leave out some big opportunities.

  • Glee

    What about size of Panas 150/2.8? – could be similar to 4/3 sigma 150/2.8 and have close focusing distance?

    • Anonymous

      The Sigma 150mm f/2.8 is an APS-C lens. I doubt a 4/3 or even a m4/3 equivalent will be anywhere near that.

      As per usual, Panasonic produces a 4/3 SHG equivalent that will have nowhere near the image quality, but will have a far smaller size/weight, and a four figure price tag.

  • 42/1.2OIS

    Can’t $$$ wait!
    If it doesn’t hit shelves 15-30th June latest imho they (M43 as a whole) will lose to Nex more.

    Uematsu San, I want to buy it before April ends, April 2013!

  • tomas

    it is strange that Oly wants to still focus only on primes….even now when there are already many good primes available

    but maybe the Oly presently cannot manufacture a fast zooms to compete with Pana…

    I dont understand

    • It is rather the opposite. The best Zuiko zooms, 4/3 ones, are awaiting adaptation by the end of the year. Primes are complementary, in ‘one beautiful system’.

      • Exactly! Why waste resources on inferior duplicates?
        I would start collecting some precious 4/3 zooms ASAP, before their prices in the used market start soaring again.

        • ED

          What are the must have lenses would you say in 4/3??? :) Maybe I should also be checking around for those hehe…

          • OllieS

            12-60 and 50mm macro would be top of my list. Then the 50-200 then the 7-14

          • Well,
            Inexpensive and decent: 40-150 version I (f/3.5-4.5), 9-18, 70-300.
            Best value: 14-54 version I, 50-200 non-SWD, 11-22 (a truly brilliant optic), 50 macro.
            Good value: 12-60, 14-54 version II, PanaLeica 14-50 (the f/2.8-3.5 version), PanaLeica 14-150, 50-200 SWD, Sigma 150 macro.
            Expensive: all the SHG lenses.

        • lioaf-ehj

          The FT lenses are for sure excellent but they are also too large , too heavy and cost too much. If you already own them fine go for it , personally I would never consider it.I got rid of all my large heavy gear mFT is all about size. Most mFT users will not be using these lenses the shg lenses are as big and heavy as FF options and cost at least as much. Look at the difference in size between the Olympus 7-14 and the Panasonic 7-14 which is not far behind the Oly option.I am reall pleased for the loyal FT guys

          • Excactly. I don’t want to use big 43 lenses, I and most other customers buyed a m43 cam because of it’s size and weight. So Oly should bring some better zooms then the existing m43 kit lenses, not so big as the 43 lenses, and if it’s not possible not so fast. Who wants to use a 12-60 or 50-200 together with an m43 body???? Surely not the people that buyed a m43 cam because of it’s small size.

            If Oly not will make better lenses for m43 some other companies will do it and the cash will go to these other companies. So simple. Good for Olympus?

            Or people will move to another system like Fuji.

            • I am not sure you are aware of what you say. Because the only advantage of m4/3 due to the lesser distance to flange and even then… My 4/3 9-18 has much better resolution across the frame than the new one, since it’s more telecentric.

              In teles m4/3 has no advantage whatsoever. To have the same aperture lenses must be as heavy and big as 4/3 ones. Small Panny zooms, even the best don’t stand a chance for resolution at the edges.

              OTH the Pro OM-D won’t be necessarily a small camera. Does it really matters for specialised tasks, like studio work?. I

              t’s just a common fallacy that m4/3 must be small, there is room for any size in digital, depending on the needs. It will still be smaller than a FF, have more reach for the same size/weight, more DOF, more sharpness across the frame.

              If you don’t know the basics, why utter your whines? :)

              • Rasmus

                Personally, whenever someone says that m43 lenses must be small I want to ask them how an additional DSLR and a long tele can be lighter and smaller than a long m43 tele. Yes, a 300/2.8 (or even 4.0) is a big, expensive, heavy beast of a lens, whatever system you make it for, but carrying around an extra camera housing only for that lens won’t make the camera bag lighter at all.

                If there was a long m43 tele that had the same IQ and AF performance as the shorter primes I’d start saving immediately. I suppose that lens would have to be quite fast too since diffraction seems to start affecting sharpness already at f/5-ish on m43, nearly all lenses seem to be sharpest at around f/4…

                • Matthias

                  I don’t need Pro or Top-Pro quality, only something that is better then m43 14-42 and 40-150 (optical + built quality) and the very unsharp 12-50… Maximum size and weight as the Fuji 18-55. So why does Oly not such a lens? To stupid to do it?

                  • Esa Tuunanen

                    > Maximum size and weight as the Fuji 18-55.
                    Wacky rollercoaster shape of MTF curve tells there’s no reason to expect that Fuji to be especially good so would use it as any example.
                    (except of optical underdesigning)

                    • Average customers buy first cam + kit lenses (zooms), and after maybe some of them want to upgrade – and where is the possibility to upgrade zooms? Only very high priced Pana zooms that I never would use with an Oly body. Absolutely no intelligent strategy about zoom lenses. No, it’s not not intelligent, it’s stupid. And nobody has to tell me that it’s not possible to make a compact zoom with better optical quality then kit lenses and about 3.5/3.8-4.5 or something like that.

                • Achim

                  But neither Panasonic nor Olympus seem to see that logic. Or maybe it takes them another 2+ years to get lenses like these out to the market. I would at least very much appreciate if they made statements whether or not they will build such lenses in the future and when that might be. Waiting for something that might never materialize is more than frustrating…

              • Esa Tuunanen

                Whole marketing of mirrorless 4/3 got badly distorted from the start.
                They should have advertised capability of sensor format/system to scaling from compact bodies and lenses to full ergonomics high end bodies and very high quality lenses providing complete system for different situations.
                Canon and Nikon both use marketing of whole system as their advantage when attracting consumers to entry level… except that with APS-C sensor they really can’t make system scale to compact even without mirror.

                P&S small only marketing also effectively pushes people wanting advanced more ergonomical camera after fixed lens compacts to Canikon DSLRs… which is more than counterproductive for increasing system’s market share when Canikon DSLRs dominate sales without any additional help.

        • +1

      • +1

  • Farrukh

    42mm f1.2 – it’s mine!

  • twoomy

    Still hoping for a high-quality 9mm or 10mm prime with excellent corner-to-corner sharpness. That’s the only thing lacking in my m43 kit at this point.

    And yes, I have both the 7-14 and 9-18. The 7-14 is pretty sharp but it doesn’t take filters; the 9-18 is very convenient, but its corners are NOT very good for landscape. I’d be happy to pay good money for a high-end wide-angle similar to the Oly 12mm prime.

    • Anonymous

      A 9mm prime would be superb!

  • OMDowner

    42mm f/1.2, OK, but not with software correction

    45/1.8 from Oly is very good optically and CHEAP.
    42/1.2 has to be much better, because it will be much more expensive, therefore very important is:
    – size suitable for micro43
    – sharp wide open, from f/1.2
    – metal construction
    – very fast AF
    – not necessary software correction of CA and distortion
    – some macro possibilities
    – filter size not bigger then 58mm (or 46mm)
    – beautifull bookeh

    If there will be 75/1.8 and 42/1.8, and 150/2.8, teleconventer x2 can be usefull.

    • I can overlook a little software correction is the compromise on price and size is there. In the end, its all about picture you can produce.

    • Esa Tuunanen

      42mm should be easy focal length to make more symmetrical optical design which doesn’t produce strong aberrations to control. (that’s why Olympus is so cheap for optical performance)
      Unlike retrofocus design of short focal lengths which has plenty of aberrations to correct starting from barrel distortion and again telephoto design causes pincushion distortion and rear group magnifies any CA of front group.

      So at least if they go for premium pricing like m.Zuiko 12mm it should be optically corrected.

    • You already say the 45 zuiko is already very good,but the 42.5 has to be much better becasue its more expensive. It will be more expensive because its almost one stop faster. It will be a lens for people who prefer to shoot wideopen most if the time, and a macro option only would make it more expensive.
      Personally I would love to get this lens to replace my 45 zuiko, as I welcome every extra stop speed in MFT. Idont mind of the bokeh is smooth or funky, i love both. I just wait for the pricing, if its over 1000 euros, i will go back to a VC nokton 50 1.1 in used condition.

  • Luda

    Where are tele-converters??

  • Milt

    Am looking forward to the 42mm lens with OIS.

    Am also looking forward to a Panasonic EM-5 fighter with internal EVF. A different market than the G7 It is past time.

    Personally am looking forward to a two body system: jacket pocketable GX body with internal EVF and smaller primes on the one hand; and GH2/G5 or G7 body with bigger lenses on the other. My GF1-G1 system has worked fine.

    Hang in there Panasonic!

  • jimbo

    New pen with EVF! I’m in for one. Would love a rangefinder-like camera!

    • Homer

      Keep dreaming man. And olympus will give you a million dollars too. Since when have they ever given ppl what they want? LOL

  • floevs

    It is the opposite way round,the Olympus fanboys want whatever Olympus gives them, and it is the bestest best thing ever lol

    • Homer

      yeah, cause oly gives them crap! lol. true dat! LOL

  • Justin

    Still would love to be able to use m43 in the field to shoot wildlife. This is pretty much my dream use for m43. This will require an AF system that can reliably track for BIF and the requisite focal lengths: 200 f/2.8 300 f/4 and a proper 2x extender.

    Thinking the OM-D camera rumored for the end of 2013 might be the first to give us the AF system we need to get this done. I worrythough that the compatibility with 43 legacy lenses is Omympus’ answer to the long focal lengths, rather than making the lightweight m43 eqivalents.

    Time will reveal.

    • The problem is that there is no way to make lighter groups, if not skipping the optical correction by software. And then what you get is resolution drop at the edges.

      m4/3 offers a lot more flexibility than 4/3 in terms of camera size, small primes, but it’s not a magic wand that dispels optical problems. Is the 12-35 even comparable to the 14-54 and the 12-60?

      So according to rumors we know that a bigger OM-D is coming that will make use of those lenses? Does it mean that Oly will stop making E-PLx? Of course not.

      I agree with Esa that Oly seems not v. good at advertising this feature, scalability, but that is how it is. There is no free lunch in lenses.

      I find it v. sad that among some blind consumerist grabbing instinct has replaced any logical thinking about what can and cannot be achieved.

      There is also looming the question if a bigger format might not be advisable in the sensor wars happening in Japan. Why replicate all the history of 4/3, if you can decide to do a FF 135mm mirrorless? All the major mirrorless makers are considering it.

      Why would they lose time in making bad zooms for m4/3 when the pro interest might be in a bigger format?

      If you need optical perfection in m4/3 you don’t need to go far, if you have an adapter giving the originally designed AF speed of 4/3 lenses.

      People threatening to go to other brands, make me laugh. . They are the clueless that one sees coming back one year later to m4/3 after they have discovered the limitations of other formats/brands.

      • “The problem is that there is no way to make lighter groups”

        The motors and gearing of the AF drive could be designed to move heavier lens groups swiftly at the cost of increased battery drain.

        “People threatening to go to other brands, make me laugh. . They are the clueless that one sees coming back one year later to m4/3 after they have discovered the limitations of other formats/brands.”

        Some time ago you repeatedly threatened you were toying with the idea of getting a Nex.

        • You must take me for somebody else. I am considering Fuji from time to time, but nothing equals m4/3 flexibility.

          As for redesigning the the HG and SHG zooms it could be done, but do you imagine the cost?

          There are also some limitations due to the new standard, which is non telecentric. Therefore the few fast zooms we saw were not up to the best 4/3 lenses at the edges.

          it can possibly be achieved only with m4/3 primes.

          • “You must take me for somebody else. I am considering Fuji from time to time, but nothing equals m4/3 flexibility.”

            I know you’ve mentioned Fuji, but how could I mistake you for anyone else? :-P

            “As for redesigning the the HG and SHG zooms it could be done, but do you imagine the cost?”

            You said “There was not way of making lighter groups.” I was merely addressing the technical feasibilty of moving heavy lens groups with high speed. I hope the 4/3 lenses will AF properly on a high-end body. I don’t want to buy the same lens repeatedly just because it wasn’t built with future fucntionality in mind.

            “There are also some limitations due to the new standard, which is non telecentric. Therefore the few fast zooms we saw were not up to the best 4/3 lenses at the edges.”

            I haven’t seen any m4/3 zoom I’d like due to the optical design compromises.

            “it can possibly be achieved only with m4/3 primes.”

            So far, only the 60 mm macro seems to have been spared from software correction. If the 12 mm were better, I would have bought an m4/3 body when that lens came out.

            • If I remember well the PL 25/1.4 has v. little FW correction, according to Lenstip. Possibly Leica and other German makers loathe FW correction. But then a lens must be bigger, like the PL.

  • che

    cmon FT is gone and does not need to be continued in any way… you have full auto adapter for MFT and it isnt even needed… no one wanted it then no one wants it now… no need for mirror or a nex like camera with a fat mount

  • Who can lend me a time machine? :) Waiting for nice lenses is so damn hard.

  • i

    Small micro43 14-50 f/2.8-3.5, optically not worse then old 14-54 for 4/3. And 200mm f/2.8, colapsable.

  • Swejk

    Wo finde ich die iPhone Version von 43rumors ?

    • Wo has Du denn schon gesucht?

  • Anonymous

    At least they are not silver!

    • W. C.

      Because all silver lenses take garbage pictures! Black lenses are so ninja-pro-you-never-saw-me-haha-I-took-photos-of-the-entire-world-just-now-without-anyone-knowing.

      Nevermind the bright lettering and feature advertising on the ninja style lens. They will automatically disappear when you switch the camera on.

      True, though, black lenses are certainly a better match on black camera bodies. Silver lenses on black cameras looks dodgy. So un-ninja-pro-whatever-as-above.

  • gf

    i really hope that 43mm becomes a great lens, that i will be willing to buy as a replacement for the 45mm. :)

  • Anonymous

    Everyone ere is going to cry in a few years when olympus discontiues it m4turds system. Olympus is world known for abandoning systems. Where are the 43 faboys now? Oh wait, 43 is DEAD. LOL

    • Nobody

      Nice try, but it’s a little too naive of an attempt, that and no one really cares.

      All I got to say is.. I will be the early bird to get my hands on 42.5mm f/1.2!

      • Anonymous

        sure sure,..why get a Canon L or nikon af lens when you can get..paannnooosooonic. LOL. the resale value will triple. LOL. Yeah you go get your pansonic lens…and im the king of england. LOL. I bet you dopnt even own any more than the kit lenses on your m43 crap camera. Look around kid, all the used oly lenses and pano lenses are so for one wants them and no ones willing to spend more than peanuts on them. Good luck with your pano lens, rememebr, 40 % decrease in resale value on the first week you have it. LOL

      • Anonymous

        Good luck with your pano lense. rememebr, the 50 % loss on resale value the first week youhave it…just like a FORD. LOL. I bet you dont have anymore than a kit cheapo lens. wishful thinkers..when will they wake up and smell the shit?

      • Anonymous

        You can have mine,I won’t pay Pannas bloated prices for inclusion of O.I.S. that I don’t need. When will Panna get the idea that in body is the more economical option, they have the biggest u43 body yet still won’t include it, walking into CaNikons hands.

        • Nobody

          I heartily appreciate your deep concern for my investment.
          However, you need not worry for me.
          I could really careless about the loss of value, it is about what I will get.

  • admin

    To whom it concerns: stop trolling and offending or you get banned from this site.

    • Amral

      Hey admin, trolling is bad but what about the fanboy trollers? what about the fanboys who do nothing but push propagnda and lies? that’s just as bad too. Why is it ok for someone to make bullshit comments on how they love a cmaera and not ok for someone else ot make comments on how they hate a camera? Seems hipocritical to me.

      • admin

        As long as comments are not offensive everyone can state his/her thoughts. There is really only one rule here: be respectful.
        Changing your username won’t help you.

  • Remember it’s 2013

    Hopefully a company can release a video camera with: mirror-less full-frame, 4k, low video noise, fixed moire+anti-aliasing, XLR inputs, video auto-focus with manual options for exposure, zebras(white balance), high dynamic range, Clean honest HDMI out etc.

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