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Thank you!


I have to say thanks to the people who supported us by shopping in amazon. This is really important for us in order to improve our website and make all this job sustainable. We are still working on the website so may you will see some small changes soon.

And remember, when you click on the amazon advertising to buy something…

1) …You pay the normal amazon price and we get 5% commission!

2) Once clicked on the banner you can buy whatever you want (even books or CD’s) and we get the same commission.

3) Click on the amazon logo if you just want to go to the amazon homepage. Take whatever item you want and again we get the 5%.

The item we propose you are just a small selection we made. We choose products in which we believe are the most interesting for everybody.

For example the GH1 (it has the best digital camera video) Panasonic DMC-GH1 12MP Four Thirds Interchangeable Lens Camera with 1080p HD Video

and the Sigma DP2 (the best image quality for a compact camera) Sigma DP2 14MP FOVEON CMOS Sensor Digital Camera with 2.5 Inch TFT LCD

Thanks again folks! And feel free to contact us at !

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