For potentially European Panasonic LX3 buyers…Pixmania pricedrop

Pixmania just lowered the price of the black Panasonic LX3! And they have it in stock!

Pixmania Germany
Panasonic LX3 schwarz 395 €

Pixmania Italy
Panasonic LX3 nera 415 € (seems to be a very good price in Italy)

Pixmania Belgium
Panasonic LX3 zwart 381 €

Pixmania Holland
Panasonic LX3 zwart 381 €

You have to buy from your local Pixmania shop! You can’t buy from Pixmania Belgium if you are from Germany.

Why we love our Panasonic LX3!


The only weak point compared to the G10…DISTORTION! But the Canon is limited to only 28mm at the wide end!

Sometimes we google around and today we found this nice website ( They recently reviewed and compared the Canon G10 and Leica DLUX4 / Panasonic LX3 duo. The LX3’s only weakness seems to be the 24mm lens distortion (but the Canon only does 28mm!). In all other aspects the DLUX4/LX3 duo beats the Canon G10.

Read the full article here:

P.S.: And don’t forget to send us your best DLUX4-LX3 shots!!!

(FT 2) Panasonic Lumix LX5 for third quarter 2010 ?

A fantasy rendered image from a possible LX5 with external EVF
A fantasy rendered image from a possible LX5 with external EVF

We had a small talk with a japanese source who claims to work for Panasonic. We are going to see if he will become one of our trusted sources. So for now this is just a (FT 2) rumor

1) “Yes, Panasonic is working o a compact m4/3 camera but this camera is not a LX3 competitor“. The Lx3 will always be smaller and cheaper than a compact micro four thirds camera from Panasonic. So a Lx3 successor will definitely come.

2) The name could be “LX5”. The “4” number is unlucky to a japanese.

3) Sensor: Panasonic is trying to get new ways with the sensor like Fuji is doing. They already have a functionally HDR-Sensor, a Sensor who can capture a High dynamic range. If this is going to be implemeted in the LX3 successor is undefined but possible. Why should Pansonic do this? “Because improvement on megapixel basis are not so simple, more than 10 Megapixel on a small sensor are difficoult to manage in terms of image quality” .To know more about possible new Panasonic sensor read here:

3) People is happy with the zoom range and lens quality. There will be only small improvement here.

4) 2010 will definitely be the year of OLED screens. So I can safely say there is 90% of chance to see OLED screen on the LX5.

5) Panasonic is hardly working to improve the AVCHD lite quality. This will probably find his use inside the LX5

6) GPS tagging, Wifi connection….no plans yet.

7) And what about an auto lens cover? “Probably they will make it”. Oh yes WE HOPE SO!!!

(FT 3) Panasonic compact m4/3 coming before December?


Our trusted Olympus source are confirming us that Panasonic is heavely working on a m4/3 compact camera. They don’t know exactly what kind of specs Panasonic has choosen for their camera but they strongly believe the camera will be presented in NOVEMBER/DECEMBER !

A person send me a email with probable specs. It is absolutely a NOT trusted source, but let’s start the speculation ;)

(FT 1)

-12 MPX

-720 30p video

– thicker than the Panasonic LX3

– Oled 3.0 screen