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(FT4) Samyang is not going to produce lenses for FourThirds mount.

One of our 43rumors friends “D.B.” contacted the Samyang Assistant Manager and asked him:

Good Day .
i am interesting in Samyang Lens : 8mm fisheye
I know that you produce this lens for varius mounts – but Four Thirds mount ( Olympus and Panasonic DSLR )  is not among them
Do you have plans to produce this 8mm lens in Four Thirds mount ?
Do you plan to produce any other of your lenses ( like 85mm/1.4 ) for Four Thirds mount ?

Since this question is interesting to many Olympus and Panasonic DSLR users i will post your answer on Forums ( with your permissions  )
thank you .

The answer is:

Dear Mr. D.B.,

Thank you for your email today.

We do not have any plan to produce 85mm or 8mm fisheye lens for Four Thirds mount.
We share same optical part on 4 different mount types such as Canon, Nikon, Sony and Pentax. The size of their image sensors are almost same but 4/3 image sensor is smaller than others. It makes more narrow angle of view and less fisheye effect on 4/3 camera.

It is possible to make 4/3 mount but due to the above reason, we do not make one for 4/3.

Best regards

That’s it :(