Tilt Lens video with Pansonic LUMIX GH1

Nowadays  many people are sharing Youtube-videos made with the Pansonic Lumix GH1. But this one is the first GH1 video made with a Tilt Shift lens. It reminds me of photos from Olivo Barbieri. This very facility is one of the reasons why I’m playing with the idea of buying or renting the GH1 for my next videoproject. I would use a Tilt Shift lens all the time :)

New NOVOFLEX adapters for MicroFourThirds cameras

g1-r5Side by side: Leica R and Pansonic G1

The german company Novoflex already produce a really long adapter list and now they are ready to release following NEW adapters:

From end of April 2009:
MFT/OM for Olympus OM

From end of May 2009:
With stop-down function at the adapter!!!!!!!

MFT/MIN-AF for Sony/Minolta-AF
MFT/NIK for Nikon
MFT/PENT for Pentax

Panasonic GH1 banding issue?

There is a long and incredibly interesting thread in the dvxuser.com forum where people analyze the video quality of the Panasonic GH1. It seems the camera has a blue channel banding issue. I hope Panasonic can fix it soon.

UPDATE: It seems the same effect is present in the red channel.
UPDATE2: You can download a video sample from the GH1 from here: http://www.dvxuser.com/barry/PRIVATE.zip.
You can read the forum post at dvxuser.com.

UPDATE3: More videos for dowload avaiable here: