Panasonic announce DMC-GH1 available as Body Only…for UK only!

Press release:
Panasonic is pleased to announce that its award winning DMC-GH1 interchangeable lens camera will be available to purchase as body only – offering Micro Four Thirds Lens owners a cost effective solution to using the DMC-GH1.

The DMC-GH1 is a digital interchangeable lens camera system that delivers professional-level features and performance
in a compact, easy-to-use camera body. The DMC-GH1 is called a CREATIVE HD HYBRID because it records not only high-quality photos but also high definition 1080/25p or smooth 720/50p HD (High Definition) movies in AVCHD[1] format. Continuous AF can be used while recording movies, to further boost operating. Compatible with the Micro Four Thirds System standard, the DMC-GH1 can be partnered with the many Micro Four Thirds Lenses available to offer your preferred shooting experience[2]. To further add to its appeal, thanks to the selection of mount adapters, many different lens system users can now enjoy the DMC-GH1.

Perfect for videographers and photographers alike, this camera won the prestigious European Multimedia Camera 2009-2010 award from the European Imaging and Sound Association (EISA).

Available in stylish black, the DMC-GH1 body only can be purchased in the UK from the beginning of January 2010.


Panasonic GH1: worldwide price drops.

We noticed that the Panasonic price dropped in many countries. As you may remember few weeks ago we posted a rumor which said that the GH1 could become a successor in February-March. We don’t know (and we don’t believe) that the current price drops has something to do with the rumored successor release.

Check for yourself the worldwide price drops:

– Today amazon US sells the Panasonic GH1 with 14-140mm lens for $1,299.00. In few weeks the price dropped $200 (-13%).

Let’s take a look on the 90 days price history:
Bild 7

The cheapest price you can find is in Pixmania Deutschland: 1 290 € mit dem Promo-Code DE181209 .

Other European countries
Pixmania dropped the prices in Netherland, Belgium and Italy.

And that’s the UK price history (Thanks Andy!)

UPDATED -> A real deal alert…Panasonic GH1 for $1,409.00 at And europeans should buy the GH1 in amazon UK!

UPDATED: The price has fallen to $1,409.00!
This is the cheapest Panasonic GH1 price I have ever seen!
$1,409.00 for the Panasonic GH1. Ships from and sold by OneCall via in Stock!.

Dear europeans, be smart! Buy your Panasonic GH1 in UK shops!
The Panasonic GH1 costs you £1,112.98 (EUR 1230 !) in amazon UK. I checked the prices in Germany and Italy and the cheapest price I found there is over EURO 1400!
UPDATE: In Holland the GH1 price is almost as cheap as in UK!

UPDATED -> More deals today!
Panasonic 45-200mm f/4.0-5.6 Lens for $276.01
Olympus E-P1 with 14-42mm f/3.5-5.6 Lens (Silver Body/Black Lens) for $719.00!
Panasonic 20mm f/1.7 Aspherical Pancake Lens in Stock at amazon.

(FT2) UPDATED: Latest rumors about Sonys GH1 competitor. The rumor says it is not a GH1 competitor :)

UPDATE: Sony just announced the new NXCAM. Nothing to worry for Panasonic. It is a normal camcorder with AVCHD tapeless recording!

SonyAlphaRumors posted a “rumor” coming from Japan:

– Sony will unveil a Camera with “Alpha” brand.
– Made for high-end movie with Alpha lenses.
– The camera is not compact.

It doesn’t look like a real competitor. I expect Sony to announce a classic camcorder which can use Alpha-Mount lenses.