Some more Olympus E-P2 image samples and first user comments

Some Olympus E-P2 image samples has been posted at imaging-resource. And we also found some image samples made eith Nikon Manual Focus Lenses at

A first dpreview forum user is getting the E-P2 (and one more here)

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E-P2 – Manual Focus

I found an interesting post inside the dpreview forum:

Dear all,

Manual focus on E-P2 works a bit different than on E-P1 – at least in case of m4/3 and 4/3 lenses.

Moving focus ring automatically brings up magnification view (it is by default, but you can change it through menus). That part is the same as with E-P1, but the difference is that when you stop with focus adjustments (when you stop moving focus ring), E-P2 automatically closes magnification view, and you can see the whole scene.

You can check video sample at: (approx 8MB)

and the result photo is available at:

Best regards,

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