(FT3-FT4) Olympus E-P2 rumors summary

This is a fake E-P2 image (source: dpreview)

Photorumors discovered that Olympus is planning an announcement on October 31th. We made a small rumor summary about the future E-P2 (will it be called E-P2?):

Chasseur d’image knows that the E-P2 should be released before the end of the year and it will have an electronic viewfinder. A japanese website claims to know that the EVF will be external (like the one from Panasonic) and the E-P2 should come all in black. Akira Watanabe CEO from Olympus said the next MFT camera will have an electronic viewfinder and faster AF and  not get any bigger in size than E-P1. And it will have built-in flash.

If all this rumors are true the E-P2 should probably have following features:

– 12 Megapixel sensor (same as the E-P1)

– Body similar in size and weight to the E-P1 (No grip?)

– Built in flash

– External Viewfinder
– faster AF

– Black only

This camera should become a strong Panasonic GF1 concurrent (if the E-P2 price will not be to high).

Interesting times indeed!

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(FT2) The E-P2 will share the same E-P1 body or not?

Just received an email from one of source. He told me that maybe the E-P2 (or maybe it will have a different name?) could be similar in size and form.
UPDATE: The CEO from Olympus already told officially that the next camera will not be that bigger!

As Olympus already told many there will be an electornic viewfinder (and according to forum-fourthirds that will be external)

Surprised? I am!