(FT4) Korean rumors

another information from south korea user
first m4/3 name is E-P1
it mounted 17mm lens (maybe 17mm f2.8)
af speed same as pana G1
color is silver or whiteperl

Japanese rumors…

Some Olympus announcements today?
From Hiro Sakae on his blog!

In Japanese
in English (with google translate)

MNZ (who sent us this link) made this small summary for us.

He pointed out these things:
1) Today is Oly’s Statement of Accounts for the FY2008 and
their announcement of the next 3 years’ middle-term plan.
2) They announced the “New-concept DSLR” (must be micro-4/3)
at the stage of Statement of Accounts for the FY2006.
3) Original Olympus PEN was unveiled 5-12, May 1959.
4) The launching sales promotion  for the E-620 will be finished the Wednesday.

Is something coming up?

Thanks MNZ!

(FT 3) Zone 10 MicroFourThirds prediction

zone-10.com came out with some predictions which we are reporting here.
“So for now till the end of 2009, our predictions at Zone-10 are as follows:”

1. Two Micro Four-Thirds models plus no less than six lenses including accessories
2. At least one additional new (or evolutionary) Four-Thirds DSLR model
3. Two if not three new Zuiko Digital lenses and one of them is a very impressive macro prime
4. Announcements concerning complimentary technologies


43rumors.com opinion

1) Yes to the two models, and no confirmation over the release of six lenses

2) We confirm it

3) We partially confirm this rumor

4) ??? What does it mean?

P.S.: Thanks “DV” for sharing the news!

43 days to the micro four thirds announcements

As far as we know the  date of Olympus announcements is June 16th. As you should know we are not from Olympus Marketing but just a rumor website. So things could change, but we are 90% sure that we are 43 days away from the big event.

More Olympus micro four thirds rumors!

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This are excepts from an article from http://zone-10.com.

More or less they confirm our rumors and add some details (the bold part in the text):

The other zoom lens that could come in together is the M43 variant of the 40-150mm. We use the word ‘variant’ because there may be modifications here.

Both the model for June 16 and the one for end-of-year will sport the now-familiar 12.3-megapixel LiveMOS sensor. TruePic will remain at generation III+ but there will be additional capabilities of which the most eagerly awaited is their video capabilities.

It’s more likely that you will see a more serious chrome-black model instead, almost reminiscent of Olympus’ RD/RC rangefinders or the Pen-series. December will see a full-black model and more serious features including lenses.

Olympus understands the strong appeal of a real rangefinder. It’s been there and done that and the revival of something very similar in the digital era is an important growth area for digital camera sales.

(FT 3) Kawuuum! Russian rumor close but not close enough?

New micro four thirds rumors from Russia!

Basic specifications:

LiveMos 12 megapixel LiveMos
ISO range will be reduced: from 100 to 800
together with the camera will be released / announced lenses with fixed focal length of 14/2.8, 25 / 2, 50/2.8, and 14-75/3.5-5.6 – a lens with variable focal length, it seems, as planned in the state of KIT’a

Close but may not real enough?

Can someone translate it for us? Google translate is not working very well…