(FT2) First chinese Olympus rumors for 2010

Very unreliable rumor from a chinese forum:

Olympus Sale Rep at a Detroit camera store said that Olympus is currently focusing on m43 and the entry 43. Around mid next year, there will be a replacement for E620. And the replacement for E3 will possible come out next year, likely the second half of the year.

Let’s see if one of our trusted sources can tell us more…

Canon xTi, Nikon 5000 and Olympus E-620 ISO comparison


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A new ISO comparison between the three cameras shows the worse HIGH-ISO results from the Olympus E-620 compared to Nikon and Canon. But remember this are studio tests! In the real world the Olympus has a in BODY-IS which allows you to take shots at lower ISO (Nikon or Canon users have to spend a lot of money for stabilized lens).

See the comparison at cameralabs.com