(FT 2) Olympus E-5

The picture has been sent to us 3 weeks ago. The anonymus sender believes this could be a REAL! Olympus E-5 picture. To bad it is to small to judge if this could be true.

Some funny joking 43rumors visitor was claiming this will be the E-5 specs! So, take it easy, relax, this is probaly a fake rumor ok?

The Olympus E-5 will be the first camera to breake the 12Megapixel barrier!

-15 Megapixel on a slightly larger sensor (similar to the GH1 sensor which is bigger then the G1)

-3.0 AMOLED display (this would be a BIG surprise). Panasonic has the tecnology to build AMOLED screens. They have the advantage to be bright and clearly visible even in outdoor shootings.

– NO Video recording

-Usual stuff like Body IS, Art Filter,….

P.S: The only 100% real rumor is that the camera will be released in 2009 ;)

(FT1) Olympus E-5 picture


Hold on guys. This pictures was send to us from an unknown source. So please don’t take this picture to serious. We believe the Olympus E-5 will probably be launched the third quarter this year. I ask the anonymus sender to send us a bigger picture.

The first Olympus E-5 rumor was launched by a danish website

and discussed in dpreview forum

(FT 4) Danish rumor, new Olympus E-5 in June???

(This is me astonished when I got this news)

From a danish website:
Olympus E-3 is the world’s most weather-resistant DSLR camera. But the camera lags behind some of its competitors.

“Suddenly as an lightning from the clear blue skye, I got a hint from a normal highly credible source.
Olympus has launched the E-30 and E-620. Both cameras with more pixels than the big brother E-3 and with a lot of new features. This could therefore indicate that an successor to the E-3 is underway – a really good bet, would be that it will be launched in June, according to my source!.

So if we now put all the good stuff from Olympus E-30/E-620 into the weather-resistant housing of the E-3, we could get an E-5.

But it does not make it alone if you ask me. There must be both more megapixels in a professional camera and ISO noise needs to be fixed and there must be video in such a camera.
Do Olympus deliver this – an E-5 could very well be a success.”

Do we see the new Olympus model in June?”