Surprise: Nokton 17.5mm is already in Stock!


Surprise! The new Nokton 17.5mm f/0.95 lens which actually was supposed to ship on April 29th only is already in Stock on eBay Germany (Click here)! It ships worldwide!!!
It is also available as kit lens in combination with the GF3 (Click here to check) with the E-P2 (Click here to check) and with the E-P3 (Click here to check).

The store is well known and trust worthy. And they ship worldwide! So be fast and grab the lens if you want it now!

P.S.: The only short test you can find about that lens has been made by OpenPN (Click here to read the google translation).

  • Masterblaster

    how many are in stock.. 10 as usual..?! and then you have to wait for a few month?

  • MJr

    Super Awesome. But no way that i’d put down €1300 without it in my hands right away !

  • Yun

    I like this lens but unlikely to get it . Not the price factor but my shooting style more on tele , 150mm or 200mm prime lens is the most wanted in my book . The Zuiko 75mm F1.8 fit my criteria more than this , but I still prefer it from Pana . Can’t Pana see this ?

    • MJr

      If you have a Panasonic body, you’ll have no choice, because Olympus isn’t going to make a lens with IS, which you’ll certainly need for anything beyond 75mm.

      • Brod1er

        Or good light, fast lens, or a tripod… did people cope before IS?!

        • MJr

          By not even trying when without tripod, fast lens, or good light, and being generally less demanding on quality, as there weren’t many ‘megapixels’ resolved anyway.

    • JF

      with f1.8 you won’t need IS unless you shoot at night or concert…and even for concert maybe you can have sharp shots at f1.8 800 iso without IS no ??

  • swested

    at that price…why?

  • Brod1er

    CV seem to be the only manufacturer to see the need for properly fast primes. If only they had AF…..
    Oly seem to be doing the teles and wides (45f1.8, 75f1.8…. &12f2) and Panny the fastish normal lenses and zooms(20f1.7, 25f1.4). All great lenses in fairness. What NEXt? ;-))

  • i love the 17 mm FL
    without doubt worth its price.

    • MJr

      i don’t know i have my doubts about the excessive color fringing. if that is manageable tho, it could be the perfect lens for me.

      • i think the fringing wideopen can be expected, but doing mostly B/W, it would not be a problem for me.

        • MJr

          well not always so, it could just have been soft and glowy, which i would prefer over fringing. also fringing creates double edges that aren’t really there, so they’ll still be shades of gray in black and white that aren’t supposed to be there.

  • Me

    “Shipping to: Worldwide
    Excludes: Africa, Italy, Norway, Belarus”

    Seriously?? What did Norway do?

    • pn

      And Italy, being part of the EU, is also a surprising exception :-)

    • Norway to far north, to cold. Italy. ask for delivery help and 1,000,000 talk with their hands and point in different directions.

      • Anonymous

        Hey Jim,

        Any chance you work for Panasonic? You seem to have a good grasp in the “convincing excuses for near absurd choices” department..

        • I did work for an Italian company for nearly twenty years. So I know a lot about hand waving and directions.

      • Brad

        Italy has a notoriously bad postal service. It seems like things don’t get where they are supposed to be going on time or never.

        Not uncommon to see whole swaths of eBay listings refuse to ship to Italy.

        • Anonymous

          I’m from Italy, in the past years I would have agreed with you, but not now. I ordered and received a Noktor 50mm f:0,95, from Ebay UK, I received it in 4 days. I bought a beautiful handmade camera bag from Wotancraft, in 15 days the box was in my home. Sadly I must admit that there are many examples of frauds, but I think it’s a worldwide problem.

  • E.X.P.E.N.S.I.V.E. Period.

  • Vivek

    I thought it was 1399. It is actually 1299.

    Awesome! :)

  • ght

    The 25mm was around $800, now it’s over $1,000. And now this. Oh well. Nokton still can’t make enough of the 25. People will pay it. Wish they had enough people to produce them in larger numbers and get that price down.

  • ght

    If I could have just two lenses I’d want the 17.5 and the 25. Maybe if I win that lottery.

  • Chris K.

    I sent my $ for my preorder with CameraQuest yesterday, should be getting mine on or before Apr 25. Dunno how deep their preorder queue is but for folks in the US, this may be your best bet.

  • ght

    Why doesn’t Nokton just sell direct to consumers?

  • Brod1er

    SURPRISE!! Where is the camcorder announcement for 11 April? Admin ,it sounds like you may need to go FT1 on that one! Maybe tomorrow?

  • Duke

    I like and can afford these lenses. But I just wonder if m43 is built for manual focusing.

    • pdc

      Strange comment – you must be a newbie?

      • Anentropic

        sounds like a veiled hint for focus peaking :)

    • Geoff

      You can focus quite easily with u4/3rds, I regularly use 50 1.4, 135 2.8 & 200 4.0 Zuiko’s on my E-P2 with great results, no need for peaking.

  • Bob B.

    Mr. Reeeeeeee needs to get out his credit card! LOL!

    • Mr. Reeee

      You caught me. ;-)

      I pre-ordered and am trying to decide. $1249 is a lot more than the $899 I paid for the Nokton 25mm.

      I want to see some real image samples. The few crappy shots that were released earlier weren’t very convincing.

      • Bob B.

        LOL! I knew it. Yeah…there isn’t a lot of info about that lens so you are basing a lot of the decision in the quality and performance of another lens from the company.
        Me…. I resisted the 5DMarkII (my II is just fantastic)…but I am going to fall off a cliff for the new Olympus 75mm f/1.8 if the reviews are as good as I hope they will be. It is always good to make a calm informed decision.
        (yeah right).

        What is exciting …is that I see a leveling off of the digital market…which should help my pocketbook considerably.

  • Mundstrøm

    yeah the price is really steep I agree. It’s a NICE lens but i’m looking for something equivalent to 40mm-50mm with the same aperture. Oh, and since I’m a Panny user I’d have to say built-in OIS too.

  • Idea absorbing cost appalling.

  • Miroslav

    I’d like to have focus peaking in camera before buying this.

  • adriaantie

    Beautiful lens. Overkill for such a small sensor and not that practicle with no focus peaking etc…..

  • Miroslav: MF is no problem, but it would be better wider lens: 14 mm / 0.95 for half price. Yesterday I bought used for 800 $ nokton 25 :-) it’s great piece of metal and glass!!but i need ND 8

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