(UPDATED) Super Panasonic GH2/GF5/GF3 deal day in USA! Up to 50% off! GH2 for $499.


And again it’s Panasonic offering a super discount on GH2/GF3/GF5 camera on Amazon (Click here to check them out). And don’t forget that not only you can save up to 50% on these cameras, you can also save up to $200 on the camera+lens purchase (Click here to see the nice deal overview). Pretty amazing that you can now get the GH2 with lens for $499 only!

UPDATE: Sandisk card deals at BHphoto (Click here).

The full overview of all (many!) Amazon deals can be seen here: http://www.amazon.com/b/?_encoding=UTF8&node=761198. And of course there is also a page with also non-electronic stuff only (Click here).

You will notice that there are no Olympus deals yet.

P.S.: Once again, no great deals can be found in our European stores :(

  • ha

    Damn. Europe too please!

    • Anonymous

      And the GH2 resale value now plummets right before I was going to sell mine.

  • Tscheckoff

    Also from me:
    1 vote for european deals …!

  • Franky S

    Truly astonishing value. What a shame it’s not available in Oz.

  • Victor

    Gf3 for 114 euro at cyberphoto.se

  • jlw518

    That is one heck of a deal on the GH2. If I didn’t already have one, I would be placing an order right this second.

  • dunsun

    Just want GH2 in Europe toooo.

  • tttulio

    I’d buy another GH2, damm.

  • macauver

    i’m waiting that the gh2 is also available at amazon.fr !!!!!

  • I buy one already. thank you for updating us.

  • fan_guo_lai_xiang_xiang

    Once again, it sucks to be European.
    And resale value of Pana stuff is apparently going down the toilet.

  • Horaciux

    It sucks to be in Argentina too.

    Used GH2 body only $2100. See detailled explanation previously posted:

  • gh3!

    sigh. mft bodies. good thing i sold my gh2 a couple months ago. lets hope gh3 body will hold some resale value.

  • iau

    Damn, all those 50% off. GF5 and GX1 is still quite expensive here in Europe…

  • Garypen

    I took advantage of the GH2 kit for $499, plus the current lens promotion of $100 off of a 100-300mm lens for a total of $900 for both. (Plus, I used a $100 Amazon gift card, as well.)

    This oughta hold me over until March, when I plan on buying a GH3 kit after the price hopefully comes down a little.

    At that time, I’ll sell the 45-175 lens I got for $199 from Amazon. I’ll probably get more than I paid, as they are currently selling for over $300, and put it towards a Summilux 25mm.

    If I’m happy with the image quality on the GH2, I can probably get by without my 60D now, as well. Maybe I’ll sell it now, too, instead of waiting until March and the GH3.

    November is the best time to buy stuff!

    • Brian

      I ordered exactly the same cam/lens combo Gary. My experience is that my Panasonics (including my GH1) don’t have the same stills color reproduction as my D5100 or my PEN, so I suspect the GH2 will primarily be for video. I hope I’m proven wrong.

      • Garypen

        My GX1 takes great stills. So, I’m not too worried about current Lumix M43 IQ.

        However, I also just found a great deal on the G5 kit for about the same $$. The G5 appears to have better stills IQ, looking at the comparison shots on imaging-resource. I will compare in person, and keep the one I like best.

    • Anonymous

      Where did you find the lens deal? I’ve seen it referenced a couple of places, but don’t see it on any dealer sites.

    • NPrincen

      Thank you, Santa, for the early Christmas present!!! Was holding out for a GH3, but couldn’t resist the GH2 at $499. Will probably still get a GH3, but now can wait until the price comes down and they get the bundle with the 12-35 zoom out there. May also wait until Olympus comes out with their professional camera. Maybe they will get the video options right this time around. After that, will put my hacked GH1 up for sale.

  • Betiko
    • Boooo!


      -5.8% distortion (the 12mm still holds the record at -5.97%)
      -1.97EV vignetting wide open, -0.72 f/4
      average sharpness

      Would be a nice entry-level lens for 200€ or so.

      • Esa Tuunanen

        At least this time they aren’t charging premium price for it like with 12mm m.Zuiko.

        Numbers of different site’s aren’t obviously directly comparable because of possibly different test chart and test routine but also Lenstip has worser results for Lumix G X PZ 14-42mm.
        Photozone which has more reviews with especially zooms has lots of bad results:
        After very well corrected for ultra zoom Leica D 14-150mm Lumix G 14-140mm has insane distortion (+constant vignetting at all apertures) clearly topped by, less surprisingly for its microscopic optics, PZ 14-42mm.
        And what’s notable is premium Lumix G X 12-35mm having distortion nearly comparable to 14-140mm, and worser than 12mm m.Zuiko.

        Lumix G 7-14mm does actually better than these despite of being ultra wide with lot stronger retrofocus design.

    • spank! Spank! SPANK!

  • end user

    Damn that’s a good deal on GH-2 too bad no shipping to Canada. Gonna have to ship it to my brother in law in the US. Hell GH-1’s are still going for $400 used here.

  • MikeH

    GH2 on the way for an Xmas present.. Thanks for the link! :) Great deal!

  • Samony

    What about us over in Asia? We don’t get any deals either! Boooo…

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